Ali Ismail Jogie

The hard chairs they sat on hoping to obtain a pathway to their dreams.

Little did they know soon the hall will be filled with screams.

Innocent in thier appearance and sinless in their being

Yet they were shot, more horrific the world have never seen..

We read the twitter threads and news feeds
But yet it never caused us to take a little heed..

Taliban so says the world that is gullible
Yet the truth will always survice and be visible..

They glide through the gardens of heaven on their magic carpets..,
But rest assured they will toss and turn in their graves, that is the culprits

132 lives taking in and instant..
And so the world just stands and watch in a distant…

May Allah bring ease to the parents of the kids
And May Allah bring to justice the killers for their deeds


Ali Ismail Jogie

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