This post is dedicated to: ♥My HABIBY♥


S k I p p e d


Today is the separation between me & you

3years 1month 1week 2days {SEPT-7-2012 .~> OCT-16-2014}

{2} I loved u like no other.U were my life. My sunshine. I was So attached 2 u. No 1 can ever replace u. Ill truly miss u

.~>Comment: I know Veiled Princess but everyone has to die, every living creature. Don’t look for replacement for anyone bcuz as I say don’t compare but cherish the three years u spent with habiby.

{3} I’m sorry if ii haven’t fulfilled all ur rights sometimes I may have neglected u. I tried 2 care 4u. Forgive me

{4} i just realized that my world will b completely diff without u. Uve affected many but left me in tears &♥broken

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
On this Friday night HABIBY “My Habib” u’ve left me & this world. May Allah reunite us.

{6} U r my 1st, kiddo will mis sayin My Hublu bublu chublu I wuv u ♥
Keep HIM in ur Duas. JZK



{7} It’s sad I no but everyone has 2 die every living creature; Human or Fish
Smallest Shroud I’ve ever seen!


HABIBY in his mini shroud

{8} Buried by me.. such a great loss. Soo much of grief. But u can only live 4evr 2gethr in Jannah! I’ll mis u


HABIBYs Mini Grave in my backyard..

{9} Lets always keep the Marhumeen in our Duas, Pray&Send reward 2 em. 2day it may b sum1 else we r prayn 4 2morw sum1 will pray 4us

{10} Jazakallah to everyone for their warm condolences. Much appreciated.

— Here are some…
~>. Aww Veiled Princess c everyone is concerned

.~> Aah shame so sad 😥 .  Aah such a loss. Otw u well? Shame I can imagine ur grief. U so soft.

.~> Veiled Princess, I know u wEr attached to HABIBY even everyone else got attached to Habiby its saddening, Allahhuakbar, Sabr.

.~> Allah give you many more fish

.~> Oh no
.~> Oh no

~> Veiled Princess Habib passed away? InshaaAllaah Ull be reunited in Jannah.

.~> Nana was shocked he said shame he was sick and his time was over. They live only till when Allah has written it for them.

.~> Wow that’s very long SubhaanAllaah. MaashaaAllaah i congratulate u on being a good fish care taker. Awww lovely companion. May Allaah give u a better one.

.~> i understand u ! i kno hw u must b feeling.

.~> Oh innalillah. Don’t be sad.

.~> Awww sorry to hear that! Good job though!

The environment & creation is depicted in the Qur’an as praising and exalting Allah.

“The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him and there is not a thing but glorifies His Praise. But you understand not their glorification. Truly, He is Ever Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving.” [Quran 17:44]

I have a video (which sadly I can’t upload here, but I have on instagram: ) in which HABIBY he is saying Subhanallah (Glorified be Allah), Subhanallah Subhanallah!!! With every heartbeat, everytime I used to see him, he would be praying likewise.. The proof is right here that every creation glorifies Allah.
: Soo cute
: Seems actually habiby is saying Subhan’Allah

Do keep Habiby in your Duas. Allah grant me sabr, Aameen. Some people might find me crazy. But there are certain individuals who always stayed by my side hoping and praying for HABIBY to recover. Jazakallah, I appreciate it, it was a kind gesture!

Habiby may just be a fishy.. but at the end of the day he played a major part in my life. Not to forget he also is a part of the WSG! I’ll forever miss him.

P.S. May we be reunited In Jannah! Than InShaAllah he will be able to speak to me and answer back to all my unanswered questions… Love you HABIBY ♥.

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