Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh.

Hope everyone is excited to read another blog post after what it’s been ages since I’ve last typed up a post.

It’s soo nice having my brother and cuzin back from India. I can’t believe my dad let my brother drive to my uncles house and he just got his G1 otherwise known as his learners just on mon. Love you bro, may Allah grant you full shifa. Aameen.

Btw, this post is dedicated to “ikeepitreal” cuz even before we sat in the car at the airport he told me how I’ve not been posting lately. Well he also owes me a post.

So I’m in a very big rush at the moment, ligit I’m sitting on my Musallah/Janamaz/Prayer mat (whatever you call it) whilst typing this post. I was just finishing up Isha salaah-time starts at like 10:57.

So anyways what’s the SUPRISE??

If you follow me on Twitter you already know, if you don’t than follow me @1veiledprincess

So NO the SUPRISE isn’t what you thinking or well not what some people thought:

No, I’m not getting married.
No, I’m not going on a Samosa Run!
No, I’m not a Hafidha yet.
No, I’m not starting to teach again.
No, I’m not coming to South Africa.
No, No, No!

I’ve got about FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. . .

UNTIL I get onto my road trip!

CHICAGO, here I come.

Subhanallah, 2nd trip of 2014.

But 1st Trip since Our New Book of Deeds have been recorded on 15th of Sha’ban.

“Maybe my name is written in the list of those people who shall get married this year. InshaAllah”

It’s amazing how time flies. It’s been a month since I’m back from Umrah and I’m already on my way for another trip.

So why am I going to CHICAGO?

WELL, you probably are a little familiar with ‘The Mother’ well she started the Alimah course with me & my elder sister back in 2001, she was continuing on and off and than since few years she was studying over the phone & online. With some struggle, hardships & sacrifices she finally completed it.

So I [Veiled Princess], The Mother, Aunt & Cousin are driving down West to CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Me & cousin will drive half & half. We will let aunt and mom rest in the back seat. Making sure they put their seatbelts on and keep their hands and heads in the car at all times. Lol. They will laugh when I’ll tell them that. I’ll say it’s pay back time. “KAMAA TUDEENU TUDAAN” ‘WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!’

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
“Allāh’s pleasure is in the parent’s pleasure, and Allāh’s anger is in the parent’s anger” [At-Tirmidhi]”

Wallah, there is no way to pay back our parents for what they did for us. Little things we do makes them happy. Like my mom thought I wasn’t going to attend her Bukhari Jalsa. She had no hope in me. But I assured her I will attend for her pleasure. She was over the Moon. I can’t explain how happy she got.

May Allah always keep her happy and smiling. May Allah never make her in need of anyone. May Allah grant her a healthy, prosperous, successful life. May Allah alleviate her of every pain. May Allah grant her twice the ease after her difficulties. Now May Allah blossom her days, fill them with love and happiness. May Allah make me the coolness of her eyes. May Allah accept every dua of hers in my favour. Aameen Yaa Rabbal Aalameen.

We shall talk about ‘The Mother’ on another day. Right now I have to sleep and wake up for fajr around 4ish and it’s nearly 1! & we leaving at 6. So I told mom that cousin must drive 1st than after we cross the American border, I’ll drive.

So this is the second time I’m going to ‘United States of America’ 1st time went for a road trip in 2003 -that time there were 8 of us! (Lots of memories.tbc)

I’ve still get lots of things to do before I leave. I don’t know if it’s just me but when it comes to getting ready and going somewhere, and also in other things I’m a very very last minute person. But Subhanallah, so to say Allah just helps me out.

You know what plays a key role? 2 Nafl Salatul-Hajat. Nabi (ﷺ) used to pray when any need arises. Try it out for yourself and let me know if I’m wrong. I’ll guarantee you. Hey wait a second I’m not telling you to sit around busy on social media’s on your phone. No,, no, do your work and than have complete faith in Allah. Put Deen & prayer first and all Dunya/worldly affairs on the side. Basically give preference to Deen over Dunya, and you’ll see how Allah eases out all your worldly affairs.

Khair, I’m happy yet sad. I had over 12 different occasions to attend in these 4 days Thursday June 19- Sunday 22.

19th-today I have Mom’s Bukhari Jalsa and both my cousins Grade 8 Graduation. So I bought them both gifts and I’ll attend mom’s Jalsa in CHICAGO.

I bought chocolates and filled them in a bowl with Claires gift card for both cuzzies wrapped it up and gave to them today. And for mom a guess purse and a frame engraved and with words printed out in it that I wrote in 2010 for my Bukhari jalsa but she didn’t end up coming so I left it and I’ll give it now.




However, I also got about 5 other Jalsas to attend in different localities and than few friends parties and a Nikah and Walima. All these in these 4days. I cancelled all and will attend only one. I’m not a Jinn that I can attend more than one lol.

So I think I should pen off now.
Leaving you all to make dua for me.
That I safely return back home.
Oh and not to forget for that Hubby of Veiled Princess, to make his appearance soon. Funny how my family thinks that I’m going to Chicago to find a Hubby.

Well if my 2-be-mother-in-law will be present at the Jalsa she might just see me and I might just be the ONE! Allah knows. But as I told them It’ll defeat my purpose of going to Chicago -as I’m going for a jalsa, BUT, it’ll be a plus bonus of I do end up getting liked by a mother-in-law! InshaAllah.

Never lose Hope in Allah.

“Our Lord, bestow upon us from our spouses and offsprings comfort of the eyes, (Literally: the coolness (when) the eyes settle down) and make us an Imaam (Leader) of the pious.” [Quran/25:74]

A beautiful Hadeeth I’d love to share:
“Islam Began as something Strange and will Revert to being Strange as it Began, so give Glad Tidings to the Strangers (GURABAA).” [Muslim]

So as I was saying. Eish I love going off track eh. Actually I only speak what comes to mind and if it’s good it’s from Allah, so no harm in speaking it. Right?

Okie so I’m off to bed in a bit so let’s say I’ll get 2/3hrs of slyp. Should be enough!? Oh no BABA will kill me, she will say that’s NOT enough.

I LOVE YOU BABA & I’LL MISS U. I wish you, Pir, all your friends and all those writing exams around the world best of luck. May Allah make you all pass with excellent marks, make it easy for you all and only make those things come that you studied for. Aameen. So study kay! My extra special Duas whilst travelling etc are with you all. ♥

Know that these worldly exams are nothing compared to the exams of the hereafter. May Allah save us and enter us into JANNAHTUL-FIRDOUS! AAMEEN.

Everyone please remember the UMMAH in your Duas. They are soo innocent. They indeed are in need of our Duas. What do we have to lose? It’s only going to be our gain. We making Duas for our brothers and sisters that we don’t know of and in return the Angels Subhanallah! YES the Angels the pure creation of Allah made of Noor/Divine Light they are making dua for us, who are sinning day in and day out.

Let us open our eyes today before its too late. Death is hovering over us, one command of Allah can make us taste death. we should also thank Allah for everything, we could of been in the place of someone else in one of those countries. Alhumdulillah. May Allah alleviate them of their pain and grant them sabr.

Oh UMMAH, our heart aches for you, our eyes cry for you, our hands are raised for you, our tongues, heart and mind pray for you, stay with sabr, do not despair, be hopeful of the mercy of Allah, be calm the help of Allah is near. InshaAllah, Aameen.

I’ll leave you with this.
Ramadhaan will be knocking at our doors soon.
Increase our worships to get in the habit.

P.S. wish me luck, might have to sing an Urdu Nasheed on Mothers, -at The Mothers Request, on her Bukhari Jalsa today in front of maybe 500+- ppl. (Hide)

Till we meet again, spread my blog.

-Veiled Princess