Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

‘Mun Jadda Wajada’
Whoever strives for something. Gets it.

Knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim.

May Allah grant us the perspective understanding.

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~ I bleed poetry ~

I have heard that laughter is the best medicine but I have found that tears are the only remedy for the illness of my soul….                                                             

I have heard that we only live once but that can’t be true! Don’t we live everyday and die only once?….                                   

I’ve heard that nothing makes a woman feel more valued than a set of precious pearls or stones encrusted around her neck but I’ve come to learn that the arms of a child are more valuable and precious and they make me feel most valued….                                                         

I’ve heard that wearing hijaab and niqaab is almost like a “death sentence”! I’ve heard women say “wow you look masha-Allah but its not for me”… I’ve learned that wearing niqaab made me feel like a “newborn”. Perhaps its not for everyone and only for Allah’s selected one’s….                   

I’ve heard that in order to succeed in the world you…

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