Excitement at its peak…

{Post 3/5 for SAT.APRIL.26.2014}
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It’s exactly 3:26am.
I’m leaving in my white paradise limousine at 8:30am.
I haven’t had any sleep yet.

Been awake since 5:30am on Fri. So the night before I told Allah yaa Allah wake me in a few hours for fajr. Alhumdulillah Mashalllah I don’t need to put an alarm but I feel scared not to get up if I have only a few hours of sleep but again thats my norm.  Khair so at 5:30, I heard someone knocking soo loud on the front door and it was heard with 2 doors shut. I jumped out of bed. Sounded like something that happens in south Africa. Lol. And it was my uncle who came to meet us and to give me hadyah. I thought to myself yaa Allah I never meant waking up like that. Lol Khair!

The phone is like a hotline… a phone call comes in and goes out.
This one and that one says make dua for me! It’s hard to remember so I have a small book/journal in which I wrote down everything that everyone requested me to make dua for. I ligit asked people what dua shall I make for you anything specific and when they told me I wrote it down. I believe when I will make dua for another that dua will be accepted in my favour as well. There is an Angel hearing you making dua for the other person and the Angel says Aameen and same or even better for you. So I’ll make all those specific Duas people requested me. I feel our friendship comes with a cost and to repay is impossible so why not make dua. A little effort on our part but the reward is eternal.
May Allah accept all the Duas. Aameen.

Today Bhai & Haafizsaab came in the red tuned up Mini-cooper , and nani never recogniZed Bhai-Amm obviously Bhai if you don’t come over she won’t know you, hint hint come visit me more often 😛

After Maghrib, BABA, Author of http://giventhislifeofmine.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/the-duas-of-my-heart (check out her blog), my uncle aunt and cousin all came over. And then Molvi Cheenku and his Baba came over she Is soo adorable Mashalllah.

On Sunday she scratched me with her nails on my face under my eye that I started tearing, cuz she got upset but she felt bad and before she left she gave me a flying kiss. She is not even 2yrs old as yet. Khair when I went over to her house she came to see the place where she scratched me and she even asked her mom about me the day before. She told me in her cute language to make dua for her. May Allah preserve our future generations and grant them knowledge and make them workers of Deen and a means of guidance for others Aameen .

Family & friends gave me soo much Hadyah-meaning money. Eish I can’t even explain to you. Now I need to use the money wisely. You get rewarded for spending money in Haramain Sharifain. Sadqah/charity as well.

Suitcases were all bought to Nanas house to the living room. 12-suitcases. We tied ropes around them. That’s how we do it the Indian style. My suitcases weigh less than everyone’s.

Funny how we overload suitcases for a temporary travel and that to from such a time in advance. Yet we fail to just merely pack our suitcases of good deeds for our eternal life in the hereafter. May Allah prepare us. Aameen.

Everyone is feeling soo jelly & jealous that I’m going for Umrah. I pray from the bottom of my heart that may Allah take each and ever single person over and over again.

You all must make dua that Allah grants complete health to all of us. Been sick lately on & off. I’m granted the great opportunity of a lifetime. It’s like I’ve hit the jackpot (once someone heard my last name and thought it was jackpot and so go that nick), I’ve won the lottery-obviously its haram but here Allah accepted me, firstly, I thank him for allowing me to take care of my grandparents and to do khidmah of theirs,now I can make Nani do her tawafs and her Umrahs in a wheelchair and I’ll hold her hand and take her to offer salam to Habib alayhis salaatu was salaam.

I told Nani no-one is allowed to touch your wheelchair but me. So she agreed. She said I’ll get double the reward. Oh Allah I’m soo happy I can’t thank you enough. And secondly I thank Allah for accepting me. I’m soo sinful and yet Allah is soo forgiving. He called me to His house, not alone but with others so I can take care of them and be rewarded. May Allah accept with sincerity. Aameen.

Okie I’ll stop here I have only an hour and a half to sleep Oops only an hour. I can already hear the birds praising melediously -Go to slyp and let Me sleep lol. I haven’t even touched the topic of Madinah and Makkah as yet. But that’s for when im back. I’m soo extremely excited very nervous too, I have the whole zoo erupting in my tummy.

Make lots of Duas for me.
2 more post left till al-wida

Will write after fajr. Inshaallah.

Forgive my typos etc. -no time to edit, and others are too busy, I just wrote what came to mind.