Al-Widaa, Farewall & Jazakallah…

{Post 4/5 for SAT.APRIL.26.2014}
Twitter: @1veiledprincess

Salaam, so I’m in an extreme rush, last min goodbyes and alwida farewalls to all.

You’ll all be in my extra special Duas.

Jazakallah to all the readers from these new countries:

New Zealand
Russian Federation
Sri Lanka

Whilst I’m gone please do spread my blog to others. Just copy and paste:

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Jazakallahu Khairun for the support from all these bloggers.. everyone please do check out their blogs:

Everyone make dua for me and forgive me for all. In an hr and a half my Limousine will be here. It’s actually raining. The mercy and rehmat of Allah is descending.

Please do forgive me for my short comings.

May Allah keep you always happy and successful in everything you do.

You all made me continue my blog.
Jazakallahu Khairun.

One more post whoch is post 80-written a while back, and than I’m gone.

Off to madinah Munawwarah.
Than makkah mukarramah

Till we meet again.

With tears rolling down.


Fee amaanillah.

I place you all in the trust of Allah

P.s. one special dua I’ll be making Is for a hubby so the part of my journey in quest of Love gets completed. This is why Allah is granting me he ability to go so I can go and ask from Allah and Inshaallah the fruits of my Duas will be visible when I am back. Inshaallah

As salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh.

Do remember me in you Duas. Make dua Allah accepts all my Duas.

-Veiled Princess