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Khair, so who passed away? One of the two persons who passed away is from my family; as I had a dream but didn’t know who it was. So now the dream came into reality and she is related to me in two ways:

1- My Nanis* older sister

2- My Dadas* older sister.

*Nani= mom’s mom. *Dada= dad’s dad.

= So that makes my Nani and Dada brother and sister, which in turn makes my parents first cousins!


I used to call her MA (grandma) or BYE (older sister in Guji) – you see, many call her BYE because she was the eldest in the family. At about 83 years of age, she lived in India with my Dada (her brother) her entire life. She was married and had a baby boy who passed away at birth and soon thereafter, she was divorced. Now, that was over 55 years ago. She, instead, spent her entire life raising her nephews and nieces- that being my dad and his siblings and she raised them as her own. My Nani told me that BYE would purchase sweets (methai) and feed my dad and his sibling’s morsels at a time. She used to freshen them up, bathe and cloth them, look after their needs and tend to their care- etc. My Dadi didn’t have to do much. By the way, Dadi passed away around a decade and half ago.


There are two people who were really affected by the death of BYE.

1- My Dada- ‘cause they spent their entire life together.

2- My Dad- ‘cause she was more than a mother to him (more on my dad later).


I mean, of course others were affected too- like for me, for example. The only thing I kept thinking about, the only think that kept running through my mind was what will happen to me if my Nani or Nana were to pass away. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. I’ll be broken and torn away. My life will fall apart. My grandparents have been there for me more than my own parents. They are my pillar of support.


Nani told me recently, “As long as we are here and alive know that we will always be here for you. You need not to worry and fear about anything or anyone- so whatever you need, ask from us.”


Khair, as I was saying: so for the past few months BYE was feeling sick however, she had gotten better. BYE and Dada used to be accompanied by my cousin in their small village, where barely any people lived. My cousin would help her cook and give them company.


On Friday, March 7th, she felt sick and was taken to the hospital. She had told the family, “Don’t admit me into a hospital.” But the family didn’t have a choice, they had to. I believe if they hadn’t admitted her, they would have regretted it their entire life. She was diagnosed with PNEUMONIA.



Pneumonia Definition –

1- Pneumonia is a serious infection in one or both of the lungs that can make you very sick. You may cough or run a fever etc.

2- It is a breathing (respiratory) condition.

3- Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli.‎ Alveoli gets inflamed, irritated and swollen.

4- Pneumonia can be caused by many different types of germs, fungi, bacteria, but most commonly viruses.

《— (^Shukran to Sheikh Google. Lol)


She was constantly in the wait for the arrival of my cousin who is married in South Africa. He was really close to her and always spent time with her. When he found out that she was sick he even stopped eating for three days and Subhanallah, his father-in-law booked an instant ticket to India for him, his wife and his daughter. He was surprised, immediately he caught the next flight out of the country.


Whenever anyone was on the phone, BYE would say: Oh tell him (my cousin) to call me in the morning – although it wouldn’t be him on the phone. But as I said, she was awaiting his presence. She also mentioned to my cousin who used to accompany her, to leave her hospital room as there were some people who wanted to come visit. When my cousin looked around she saw no-one and she said Ma there is no-one here she said just leave the room- Allahu-Akbar. Definitely, she saw the Angels. It is said regarding the pious people that before their death they see various signs.


I heard this only after she had passed away. And the hair on my body stood and a shiver went down my spine. Truly, she knew that her time was near, but no-one really realised it. Ahead of time she had also made her, and Dada’s Kafan (death shroud) and kept it in a suitcase. Prior to her trip to the hospital marking the end of her life, she gave the key to the locked suitcase to my aunt (dad’s brother’s wife).


My aunt was saying that she, always, before going to the hospital that BYE would come to my house to have a snack and then leave. Today, she didn’t do that. It meant that her rozi/sustenance had come to an end.


She had also mentioned to my aunt a while before, that my mom and grandma have come to get me. Yet again, we fail to see all these signs and only realise and replay every incident after it is all done.


Doctors also said she might have had a minor heart attack- as her heart was really weak. She was put her on oxygen. If they took her off the oxygen-supply, her heart would not have pumped.


My cousin from S.A. went to the hospital directly from the airport. He went in the ICU room- in which only one person is allowed- BYE was on oxygen so she couldn’t speak. But he called out to her, she opened her eyes, she recognised him and tried to lift her hand in acknowledgement, but she couldn’t. And soon thereafter- everything started deteriorating. My bhabi (his wife) also went in- she said to me that she didn’t know if Bye recognised her or not.


It was as if she was just waiting for my cousin, and after he came- the coolness of eyes was met and she was then in the process of leaving this world.


They were about to do kidney dialysis because they said there was ‘water on the kidney’- which is the literal translation of the medical term hydronephrosis. This ultimately progressed to the destruction of functioning kidney tissue if it is unrelieved.


Whilst doing kidney dialysis her heart stopped and they tried to pump it but lo-and-behold, she became the beloved of Allah. Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajioon. Indeed we belong to Allah and to Him is our return. She was never Moh’taaj (in need) of anyone in her entire life and nor was she in need at the time of her death.


I remember telling Nani that the last time I spoke to BYE, she said, “Beta, it is time for you to get married now, or else it will get too late. Get married in India- if not then in Canada. I told her make dua. She said, “Yes, that’s all we are doing for you.” Now thinking about it, it was her farewell nasihat/advice to me. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it. The final time she spoke to me, the final advice is something I’m looking forward to fulfilling. May Allah accept her Duas and make me reach her goal.


There is no inheritor after her- not in wealth I mean, but rather someone who will pray and send her the rewards. She did more than enough for our parents, if not for us. We ought to have a right to fulfil. We have to be the ones to pray and send rewards for her. If it wasn’t for her, our parents wouldn’t have been brought up so nicely and surely wouldn’t have survived till today.


May Allah fill her grave with Noor/Light and continue to shower her with His infinite mercy. May Allah forgive her, fulfil all her unfulfilled Duas, and enable us to pray and send the rewards to her, Aameen.