"Jazaakallaahu Khairun to DOAVP Readers...!"

“Jazaakallaahu Khairun to DOAVP Readers…!”

“Jazaakallaahu Khairun…!”

Assalaamu Alaikum Honorable Readers and Dearest Followers of DOAVP…!!!

Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah, I’m so amazed at the ways of Allah. I had never thought that my blog would be read internationally, forget even that, I thought maybe only friends and family would become a part of my journey. Nay, to my utmost surprise and shukr to Allah, Subhanallah, everyone is reading this blog far and wide around the globe. Jazakallah to the followers of these countries:
#South Africa
#United Kingdom
#United States
#Saudi Arabia
#United Arab Emirates
#Mayotte &

Wait… that ‘s not all the Countries, here are the new-comers… Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhabah (WELCOME) and please do enjoy your Journey! A very warm welcome to the readers of the following Countries:
#United Republic of Tanzania
#Bahrain &

Dont worry you haven’t missed THAT much, lol.. Just follow up at any time and continue your thrill read of my journey, just read from The Archives: https://veiledprincess.wordpress.com/the-archives/

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: “The one who does not thank people does not thank Allah.” (Abu Dawood)

If we fail to thank the people we see, meet, come across and interact with, how will we ever become grateful to Allah Ta‘ala, who we cannot see in this world. Thanking people is a stepping stone to becoming a grateful servant of Allah Ta‘ala.

Thanking people is indirecly thanking Allah Ta‘ala. It signifies our acknowledgement and appreciation of the bounties of Allah Ta‘ala. So a heartfelt Jazakallaahu Khairun /Thank you for your support towards my blog: .~>Dairy Of A Veiled Pincess {DOAVP}<~.

.~> A Walk Down Memory Lane<~.

.~> A Walk Down Memory Lane<~.

That's my Scrapbook… its called .~>  A Walk Down Memory Lane <~. Really it's full of memories from since I was born- hey no joke I've got my foot prints on the day I was born. Itsoo Cute-say Mashalllah 😉 And this scrapbook is Soo full & stuffed can't even close properly.. I have memories of all the places I lived in.. Etobicoke, Bowmanville, Scarborough, South Africa, etc… memories of all the wonderful people I met along my journey. The last piece of memory I have is from Feb 8- wrappers of the dozens of Lindor me and my uncle devoured half n Half one after the other …(more later)

Moreover, at this point, I’d like to say:
I am a bad speller.
My grammer needs ICU.
My punctuation is currently in Urgent care, but
Alhumdulillah I’ve received positive feedback from people around the globe.

True say, we don’t write for stats although in 4months .~>Diary of a Veiled Princess<~. got 20,000+ hits, Alhumdulillah, Mashallah. So its not for stats but rather just to reach out to others regarding Islam in a unique way through the medium of blogging.

Time & again, I'm Soo busy (in reality too & at other times just an excuse) to post. So if anyone wants to share our memories we had together or anything else Islamic & beneficial, send me an e-mail and after I add my masala to it I'll post it up: urveiledprincess@gmail.com

Its been a long 4 months of posting, but I'm still not sure what you readers think of my blog. Your feedback is highly appreciated and worth Duas from the bottom of my heart.  I wouldn't be able to tell besides the number of hits and to all those who have liked and/or commented btw Jazakallahu Khairun, keep them coming. And those of you silent readers please take out a few moments of your precious time and please comment. Please let me know what you think of my blog-not only today but let the comments coming; Jazakallahu Khairun.

Nanas Uncle Passed away...

Nanas Uncle Passed away…

Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raajioon… My Nanas Moms Brother (so thats Nanas Mama/Mamu) (Sehri Dada) at Thorncliffe, Toronto, who was around 93 Years-old.. peacefully passed away today at 9:45am on a blessed Friday at his own home… May Allah forgive him, have mercy on him, grant him JANNAHTUL-FIRDOUS and grant his family Sabr. Req. For Duas. Pray 3x Surah Iklaas. Jazakallah. (More on him later)

P.S. Won’t be around for a few days due to the Jaznazah.. so here are some blogs.. (I’ll add more later) click on the links (they are individual post links but do check out the whole blogs) then click on “Add Bookmark” and “Add shortcut to Home screen” :p







..Till we meet.. Req. For Duas. Wa Salaam.
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