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Many merits of Surah Yaaseen (Surah #36) are mentioned in Ahadith:

“Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Glorious Quran is Surah Yaaseen.”

“Whoever reads Surah Yaaseen, Allah Ta’ala records for him a reward equal to that of reading the whole Qur’an 10 times.”

“Whoever reads Surah Yaseen in the beginning of the day, all his needs for that day are fulfilled.”
—–》& Many More. . .《—–

This is something that I love about my Uncle, Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah not a single morning passes by in which he doesn’t recite Surah Yaaseen, and he tells all of us especially in Ramadhan that daily he prays 1 Yaaseen which = 10 Qur’ans x 70 (cuz of Ramadhan)= reward of 700 Qur’an daily… Subhanallah!!!

Inshaallah, let us all make the intention of praying Surah Yaaseen daily.. say INSHAALLAH! Jazakallahu Khairun ♥ Kindness Costs Nothing, But Knowledge is Power…

My mind was still thinking that where in this house is thee lovely Uncle of mine.. so I was still engrossed in talking whilst a bit upset and enraged, when suddenly I saw my aunt make a weird face as if *hey I’m hiding something* -you know that look that just gives the answer, she makes things too obvious, not only her but my cousin also was smirking while getting out of the Pantry after putting the groceries whilst trying to close the door, but it was like an instant reflex-I just knew it and before a second thought I flew out of my seat into the Pantry and jumped on my Uncle… I was Soo happy to see him words can’t even explain and I hugged him kissed him and said Happy Birthday!!!! Oh the joy!

The happiness of that moment can’t be captured by technology but surely will remain in the hearts as an engraved memory… my Uncle is more than a father to me I even call him papa… I always tell him he has 4 daughters n 1 son.. me being the eldest. When someone does so much for you, cares for you, always wants your company, wants you to be there in every moment to make it memorable together. Even if it was just a weekend ago that we met, everytime we meet as if we haven’t met in ages. . . Then that’s something and someone never to forget & I can’t thank him enough. I leave his rewards with Allah, may his rewards be awaiting him in the eternal JANNAHTUL FIRDOUS..Aameen!

May Allah Ta’ala grant him the best in both the worlds. Keep him happy and steadfast on Deen. May Allah Fulfill all his dreams, grant all his wishes and accept all his Duas. May Allah relieve him of all his difficulties and afflictions. Aameen.

My Uncle decided to sit with us for a while. We chitchated away, laughing & giggling for a while then he went up to pray…

I also followed him up and told my cousin that go get his wallet and we will switch everything from the old one to the now one. We also did that last year. I feel that there really is nothing else to get for him as a Gift as he already has everything. But a wallet is something that he needs. Let me tell you why. He loves the cardholder wallets where you have 24 clear card pockets to put 48 cards. So me and my cousin both tried to take out the cards most are business cards-they were stuck to the plastic and the result was the ink from the cards were transferred to the plastic… now you know why he needs a new wallet. Oh and between the plastics we had to put other papers and cards.

The ending result was the same as last years that me and my cousin both had to hold down the wallet and button it. Luckily it had two buttons and we were scared it would pop open but Shukr it didn’t.

My hands were behind my back holding the wallet and I walked into the room, he was sitting on the Musallah/Prayer Mat waiting for Asr time.. it was nearly 4:00pm. So he said to me with a confused look on his face ‘why are your hands behind your back??’ I said oh just & I put the wallet on the ground while sitting on it and he said move that way I moved but I still was sitting on it. Lol

I changed the subject and said to him do u like my cloak he said yea it seems familiar.. I said obviously because you bought it for me from India.. and I went on saying, the watch you made the band smaller, the bracelet you bought as a gift for me from Turkey, cuz you know I love things with my name on it. And the ring in my right hand your daughter bought it from Paris, cuz she knows I love rings .. I said it’s your big day so I decided to wear things you bought so you’d be happy. He was just smiling and then again he was like ‘what you hiding from me.??’ Oh no there he starts again.. ‘well. Ammm, make Dua for me first then I’ll tell you.’ So he said ok after Asr.. and I quickly turned around whilst picking up the wallet & ran out, without turning back.

One thing my Uncle loves to do..-is sleep actually not even sleep but whenever he gets an opportunity just lies down on The Chaise.. (however you spell it, it’s like a sofa, you can sleep on it cuz its a long chair-looks beautiful too-just ask Sheikh google for more details, lol)

So after praying Asr he lied down.. hey in our Madressa, we were NEVER allowed to sleep after Asr.. so I was yelling around like ‘Uncle what you doing??’ so instead my aunt said he is sleeping I was like OH REALLY… so me & my cousins went to his room and I yelled out ‘hey are you sleeping!?’ and then I started laughing whilst saying ‘when you know someone is sleeping and you ask them are you sleeping and expect them to answer..’ and he laughed with his tummy moving & we laughed even more cuz when my cousin laughs she moves her chin so he was copying her..lol.. I again had the wallet behind me he said again ‘why are your hands behind you..’ I said ‘oh Amm just my tissue is in my hand’ and I showed him my tissue cuz I had a runny nose, he was like eww.

My cousin took the wallet put it away and came back, we all sat & spoke & spoke..  I said let’s go somewhere.. so uncle phoned on the house phone from upstairs and aunt was just down stairs she picked up and I was like you never bought my Uncle a gift..so she said oh I was going to buy flowers for him and we were holding our tummies laughing..*flowers*seriously?? Khair so I said let’s go somewhere like Niagara Falls.

My cousin is a “TUBELIGHT” she took Uncles old wallet and put it where he originally had it. And the new wallet I took it downstairs. Uncle was leaving for Maghrib, he was in his office, I said ‘Uncle where is your wallet?’ He said ‘HERE!’ He took it out of his jubba pocket and I laughed Soo much, he had a priceless look on his face like WHAT!!! WHERE IS EVERYTHING???

I went into his office placed his NEW wallet on his desk, turned around and walked out.. he was so happy he came out and gave me a hug… I said now make Dua for me.. I was Soo happy that he loved his wallet and all I asked for in return was Duas but no he wasn’t satisfied with that only. Instead he gifted me with a ‘New White Guess Purse.’ He said use it when you go for Umrah & Inshaallah, I’ll get reward for it, ‘Jazakallahu Khairun♥’

Khair, our plan of Niagara Falls was a flop, cuz I guess they don’t have the lights on so we said we will go some other time. Not only that but the weather, I mean It’s freezing cold outside with the degrees in the minus with the snow that hasn’t fell like this since the 70’s.. btw uncle turned 44.. brilliant cousin said oh he was 20 when you were born.. yea I know I’m old need to get married.
Chalo.. fine next post (when i get a chance) will be a list of proposals…

SUNDAY-We sat whilst holding our tummies out of laughter while telling each other our past experiences of driving… too too funny… (will share another time.) I feel like I’m in a different world at moments like this when I’m with my Uncle and his family, I feel like my fresh wounds get healed in the matter of a blink of an eye. . .

P.S. I love my Uncle as a father for Allah’s sake, may Allah always safeguard it and save from nazar, increase it and grant everyone the worlds bestest uncle like mine. Aameen!