Our Eternal Abode!

The JOURNEY on a Quest to Our Final Eternal Abode!


“You the peanut to my butter,
The star to my burst,
The pop to my tart,
The fruit to my loop,
But most importantly,
The love of my life!
I wouldn’t trade my family
for the world!”

Other things change, but we start with Family which is a gift from Allah that last forever. As every family has a story, this blog has ours, cuz together by loving, sharing & caring we make a FAMILY!!!… Welcome!

Family isn’t only parents & siblings. It’s the people in your life like COUSINS, who WANT YOU in theirs; the ones who ACCEPT YOU for who you are; the ones who would DO ANYTHING to see YOU SMILE & who LOVE you no matter what.

Family is a circle of strength, founded on faith, joined in love, blessed by Allah, together forever. Family is where LIFE begins & LOVE never ends. I love you all for the sake of Allah.

Family is like branches of a tree. We all grow up in different family’s yet our roots are one.

You can pick your friends but you can’t pick family. You end up getting stuck with them. Lol. That’s how we can cherish our memories of fun and laughter.

We can say all sorts of things and rubbish to family but the second someone else utters a single word we boil up inside because of our utmost love. May Allah make every family like our family and protect us from Nazar. Aameen

Ammm…where do I start!
A heartfelt Jazakallahu Khairun for taking all the takleef & complexity in ensuring that my quest & persuit is retorted.
If it wasn’t for family support, I doubt this blog would’ve been anywhere near success..

Aameen to the cordial, beautiful Duas & well-wishes which you reverted in my favour.
As the noble Hadeeth explains that when you make duaa in favour of your brother in his absence then the Angel proclaims ‘may the same be for you.’
Hence, I am hopeful by you extending so many duaas in my favour, you have likewise achieved the same, Inshaallah.

…Jazakallahu Khairun for reading my Blog, I have to always remember my family, so I decided to include you’ll in my blog, so that it will always be a memory in written format, not forgetting that you are always in my heart.

However, I feel elated knowing I have a special place somewhere in your precious heart!

May Allah accept this blog as a contribution towards the upliftment & propagation of Deen & make it a means of our najaat/salvation, isaale thawaab/passing rewards to others, khaatimah bilkhair/ending with goodness & high stages in JANNAHTUL FIRDOUS… Inshallah! Aameen.

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten… so here is feedback from every one in my family. “I wish family commented, so I wouldn’t have to blog this. lol”

♥ Veiled Princess You Are One of A Kind! I think that this Family would never be complete without you! I dont think I would be the same person either aswell! You always Brighten Up My Day With Your Kind Words And Your Messages! My lips spread into a smile everytime u msg or call! You are more than just a cousin You My Sister 4 Life! U also kno me better than anyone else Mwah Love U & Keep me in ur Pious Duaas! I make Duaa that InshaAllaah Ur Prince Charming will come for you Soon And I hope he doesnt whisk u away too far across the globe or I’ll miss u too much!!!  :* ♥

♥ Well your blog is really true to who you are- it really represents you in that, the way you write is how you speak, it’s heartfelt.

♥ Jazakallah :D. Finally all caught up on your blogs 🙂 Mashallah, So crazy eh, I feel like it was just yesterday you were asking us what you should name your blog, & now look at it, so happy for you Veiled Princess

♥ Toooo doppeee! I read like 6 last nitee. Im so happpy for yu. I could imagine all the people benifiting.
VP♥: ‘Remember you told me I should just write and not bother about who will read it.. so I can write whatever I want…’
:Well im real glad yur doin that Veiled Princess

♥ Btw u killed it on the post “This Is The Separation Between ME& YOU. . . !” If i read it a few more times woudve made me cry 😦

♥ yo i never read the blog, Oh except on my b day, I’ll read it ighhtt

♥ I dont celebrate b/days. But u do. U should stop that lol. Mwahh kidding. I always read Ur blogs

♥ Really enjoyed reading your blog ({}), Very inspirational, Mashalllah. And so happy to hear your doing hifz… Mashalllah 😀 May Allah take you from strength to strength, Aameen

♥ Btw I love “Diary of a Veiled Princess”

♥ Oh damnn the blog still going on. I think I gotta chek it up. Been a looong time x_x . Sumtyms it gets abit too lonng.

♥ Read it few mins ago. About ur blog and all the hits. Maaad indians read ur blog 😉

♥ I did start reading da blog from da beginning, A huge south african maaf for not readin it earlier, I guess I shud try harder to keep in contact or keep in tune wid u! So once again plz try n understand if I’m to busy or not paying enuf attention its not intentional ({}), Tc luv ya!, I Love u too Veiled Princess for the sake of ALLAH (SWT) always.

♥ I am so touched!!!!! ♥, I dunno wat to say, n I hope u know how special u r, Ppl like u, r really rare, n I’m glad dat I know u Aameen to all ure special Duas, Its everything dat my heart makes dua for, My only dream n dua for u is to c u get married to da person ALLAH (SWT) has written for u

♥ I luv da way u rmbr every1, N da way u think of each n every person u meet!!!! U shud write a book now lol. So where was I wen u’ll used to guji talk…..n den I rmbrd lol!!!, Oviously in da kitchen wid my bestie sortin out da meal for da day…story of our life lol,

♥ Wen I read ure blog it requires a lot of attention, sumtimes confusing n sumtimes I’m dying to know stuff we’re ders blanks, I hav lotsa questions lol, But most importantly its touching me sumwer deep deep inside my heart n softening it.

♥ Ders been lotsa changes in our lives islamically, N ders stuff about u I understand betta now, Wish I cud hav learnt more from u while u were here, ALLAH (SWT) has blessed u wid so much knowledge n understanding,

♥ May ure blog be a means of hidayat for many, N da part I’m enjoying da most is all da deeni knowledge u hav to share, n da feeling dat ure words r not just from u but from ALLAH (SWT) Like how all da pious aalims say dat ALLAH (SWT) puts it in der hearts wat to say

…I’ve actually got tears in my eyes. Jazakallah to all Veiled Princess readers -especially famil for all your suport.

Khair, We may be far in distance, its life… & life goes on! At least in Jannah, we can just think about our family & friends & vala.. you’ll appear right in front, before a 2nd thought, that will be so awesome…Inshallah. May Allah keep us as ONE UMMAH & enter us in JANNAHTUL-FIRDOUS & into His Gardens of Eternal-Delight. Aameen.

Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “Surely the people of Jannah when they enter Jannah & they do not find those companions of theirs who were with them upon good in this world, then verily they will intercede for them in front of Allah Ta’ala & they will say: “O Allah! (Save) our brothers (for they) used to pray with us, fast with us and also do good deeds with us.”

Allah will say, “Go and take out (of Hell) anyone in whose heart you find faith equal to the weight of one (gold) Dinar.” (cont.) [Sahih Bukhari & Muslim]

P.S. Maybe, just maybe, If you don’t find me with you in JANNAH, then I am requesting you… that ask about me, don’t leave me to suffer, ask Allah about me, perhaps only because I might of reminded you of Allah Ta’ala just even if it was only for one moment.

So you should say: ‘O our Rabb so and so slave of yours used to remind us about you.’ Maybe you can come save me & take me hand in hand into JANNAH!

-♥Veiled Princess