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Rasulullaah {Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Salaam} has stated when one cannot repay another for his actions, then he should say ‘Jazaakallaahu Khairun’ and it’ll be sufficient.

So here I’m saying: “May Allah give you a better reward and the best of rewards, in this world and the hereafter…”

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“Switch on the Hearts of People through L♥√ع and Compassion before Putting anything Into the Hearts of people.”

The author is sweet, perfect ,neat, smart & kind hearted.This blog is special, its all about the Veiled Princess, its a layout of her ability, courage & strength.

“A friend is one who mention’s Allah to us & us to Allah in our absence”!

It is well written, captivating & it is a beautiful read. The author shares with us some interesting, inspiring, islamic and encapsulating stuff. She sets a wonderful example through her many experiences, influencing delight of a true servant of Allah. She shares with us fabulous tales of her Nana & Nani they are simply the best. The author has a sparkling wit of humor. I really enjoyed her blog, she’s a talented writer, who strikes a chord of perfection with every chapter.

After every chapter there is a lesson to be learnt. Verily with every word mentioned in this blog, it touches the heart streaming emotions of nostalgia, blessing one with a strong islamic outlook of life through the eyes of a special “Veiled Princess”

” The happiness of the believer lies in loving Allah, and love for the sake of Allah brings deeper happiness whose taste is known to a sincere believer, who doesn’t accept any substitute for it.”