Direct Line & [3] Jumu’ah

*******Lonely mode ********
Whenever you are alone…
Just remind yourself that
the Al-Mighty Allah has sent
everybody away so that
it’s only YOU and HIM!

Life is Tough. Handle It With Prayer.

Sometimes some people just have their finger on the trigger about to pull it off any second. And boom that’s the end of it.. likewise sometimes so much just gets built up inside of you and people just are pushing for it. And that’s it…One word said and kaboom! A flood of tears just roll out. Then you have no-ones shoulder to cry on.

Yaa Allah what a way to start off a Friday.. and that to right at maghrib time. What do people want from me. Can’t they just leave me alone. At Times like this no one to turn to. No father no mother no sister no brother no friend.

Wait a second, what is Shaitan doing to me. Why am I forgetting the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, why am I taking Soo long to turn to Him. He will answer me without being put on hold. It won’t cost me a penny to call Him. The line will never get cut. He will never hang up. Sometimes Allah tests us because He wants to hear our voice calling unto Him and to beg from Him and Him alone.

Yaa Allah. Yaa Rahman. Yaa Raheem Help me!

Oh Allah! The night is no good unless spent in communion with You, the day is no good unless spent in worshipping You, this life is no good without Your Zikr, the next life will be no good without forgiveness from You, and Paradise will not be enjoyable without beholding You.

Whose number is never busy?

Who is always waiting for our call?

Who is anxious to hear our voice asking for what we need and want?

Each of us have a direct line straight to our Sustainer, our Maker.

He loves to hear from His loved ones when they call.

We are Allah’s loved ones.

He loves us to call Him 24/7.

Anytime, day or night!

He is waiting for us.

Therefore, sometimes we go off track and shaitan starts acting all smart with us.. but We should all be thankful that Allah Most High, has given us specific guidance through the Blessed Quran and Beautiful Sunnah (Ahadith) on how to specifically call on Him.

“Call on Me and I will answer you” (Quran; 40:60)

The Companions (RA) asked the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), “Where is our Lord?” At this Allah sent down the following verse of the Quran: “When my servants ask you (Oh Muhammad (SAW)) concerning Me, I am indeed close to them. I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls upon Me.” (Quran; 2:186)

Note this emergency number for all our needs:

Dial code: 24222 (42)

Telephone Number: 244343

How desperate do we become when we phone someone in dire need and the phone is constantly busy? We experience a feeling of hopelessness and despondent. We also make it a point to give them a shouting for not answering. And for a future time we make a note to get an alternative number for a direct line for emergencies.

Remember the direct line for all our needs to be fulfilled is 244343.

This is the telephone number of Al-Mighty Allah.

We can talk to Allah through our 5 daily Fardh (compulsory) Salah and build our hopes in Allah Ta’ala.

The dialing code 24222 represents the Sunnah-e-Muakkadah Rakat of each Salah. Viz.
2 rakat Fajr,
4 rakat Zuhr,
2 rakat Zuhr,
2 rakat Maghrib,
2 rakat Isha.
The Sunnahs before Asr (4) and Isha (4) salaahs are also encouraged.

The Telephone Number 244343 represents the Fardh Salah. Viz.
2 rakat Fajr,
4 rakat Zuhr,
4 rakat Asr,
3 rakat Maghrib,
4 rakat Isha and
3 rakat Witr.

In our challenges of life why do we feel despondent? We should Communicate with Allah Ta’ala directly and present our needs before Allah through Salaah and Dua.

He is the One to fulfill all our needs at all times.

His telephone line is direct and never busy.

Be rest assured we are heard by Allah Ta’ala!

PIZZA… Always confuses us… It comes in a square box… When you open it… It’s round… When you start eating it… It’s triangle!
Life & People are also like Pizza… Look different… Appear different… & … Behave absolutly different !!

When you treat people well, those same people might not treat you the same, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice that Allah has sent OTHER people who treat you well!

Sometimes we get so surprised as to what’s meant to happen next. With every hardship comes twice the ease. We wish, we hope, we dream, we pray… and vala.. so as people say to me: “your soo busy, that we need to book an appointment with you.” Haha, yup only 30min appointments…lol.

So it’s been really really long since I had spoke and met up with my BFF… {BestFriendForeverAndEver} distance may keep us apart but hearts are very close.. I was soo happy and elated to be in the high esteem presence of my BFF after ages. I can’t remember the last time that’s how long its been. Ok that’s over exaggeration.

Im sure your parents were as happy and joyful to see me as I was to see them and spent some valuable precious moments with them. Although, they little bit disappointed me by going against my Hifz Journey. Khair. Still, I felt like my surprise forgave all of our sins. As I mentioned before when you surprise someone sins are forgiven.

I think it was leas than thirty minutes in which I was blabbing away with my boring life story and you just kept silent, nodding in affirmation to my bakwaas… Wanted to spend more time, but I had to go and cook. Thanks anyways. Every moment was worth it. Sorry for flooding you, I just had to fill you in of the gap of my life. but I felt like u released and relieved me of my burden.. I felt so much better. Surprise me by your presence again.

Jazakallahu Khairun Ahsanal Jazaa for always being there for me. May Allah always bless you, keep u happy, smiling, and grant u the bestest today tomorrow, everyday, and forever. Aameen. keep me in Ur pious n precious Duas. Luv u like no other. Mwah ♥ Remember you’ve lessened a burden off of someone today, may Allah never burden you. Whatever is kept in ALLAH’S care remains intact. May you and your family be kept in HIS care throughout your lives Aameen.

Tongi Ijtema-2014
1st part Update:

1st step Khuruj /Tableegh Jamaat Details.

Arab=300 jamat
English=320 jamat
Urdu=36 jamat
Others=40 jamat
1 year=1 jamat
3 Chillah (4 Months)=321 jamat
1 Chillah (40 Days)=2206 jamat
10 & 20 Days =70 jamat

May Allah Ta’ala accept their efforts and spread the light σƒ guidance in every nook and corner σƒ the world, آمــــــــــين


THURSDAY after Maghrib or whenever you get a chance on Friday recite:

》1} Surah Dukhaan (S.#44)
.~>70000 Angels will ask for forgivness for that person until morning.
2} Recite: Suratul-Kahf (S.#15)
3} Surah Jumu’ah (S.#62)

》.~> Send a lot of Salutations/  Blessings/ Durood.
✿Rasulullah (SAW) is reported to have said, “Recite Durood upon me in abundance on the day of Jumu’ah since they are presented to me.”