I thought I was having some technical difficulties with my internet, only until I realized that my internet/data got finished in 10 days instead of 30… unlike South Africa & other countries.. it’s kinda costly here in Canada.. no I’m not being stingy but really they don’t got any good plans for prepaid/without contracts. People do shukr for Wi-Fi or as we call it WeeFee..lol. don’t need to pay a cent.

I Wouldn’t ever understand when the mother would say to us when we were kids, that when you will earn with your own hands you’ll know how to spend it wisely. So it was a young age since I stated working, I enjoyed working, cause that time I’d just waste on food and clothes and spend like no tomorrow. But when I started teaching I realized its not easy earning money.. there is a lot of strength and effort needed. Its like getting paid for every drop of sweat. Khair. I’ve been telling my cousins that I need to start working/teaching again cuz I’m running out on cash.. lol. But busy with Hifz so I won’t bother. I’ll just use what I’ve saved up. May Allah put Barakah in it. Aameen.

Moreover, I use my data mainly for Blogs, Dawat & Preaching purposes. How will this life of mine hold any weight if I cannot make an impact on someone elses life. A life well lived is one lived in helping others. I would love to help. Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how hard the situation may get.

It’s like driving a BMW or Merc to the Masjid for Salah or using a Rolex watch for determination of the time of Salah, it will no doubt book you a place in JANNAH! May Allah guide us all into utilizing our gadgets for Purposes of Deen. Aameen.

Shout out to “MY BABA (I♥U)” & to the others writing exams. May Allah make you all pass with red checkmarks, wishing you all the best! It’s the exam of this world, you pass or you fail, it won’t make a difference. The official exam & test is of the Hereafter. May Allah make us realize & make our preparations before our time comes. Aameen.

However, we should start making preparations for our death. No SOUL knows their hour, yet believe it or deny it, it’s very close, the tick tock of every second of the clock is telling us that a second of our life has gone forever-never to return again. It’s like our life is a tree, leaves being our breath, once they drop to the ground they’ll never be placed on the tree again.

We forget what we came for. Somethes we forget the list that Allah sent us with. We start strolling in the aisles of our life, we do this and we do this and this, and when we come out we realize that we have done everything that we weren’t suppose to do. And honestly this is how Our life is ticking away, we are probably doing everything that we aren’t suppose to do and we’ve barely done the things out of the do list that Allah sent us with, the list we are suppose to tick off.

How strange and foolish is man. He looses his health in gaining wealth. Then to regain health he wastes his wealth. He ruins the present while worring about his future. But weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him. But he dies in a way as if he were never born.

Nowadays, the most common sickness that everyone is getting diagnosed with and it’s spreading like wild fire is non other than CANCER!!! As they say there really is no cure for it except an amount of time given after which you will eventually die. May Allah save us from all such fatal diseases that lead to death. Aameen. So on this note, Uncle Kazi of Scarborough passed away. May Allah grant his family Sabr & May Allah grant him JANNAH. And May Allah forgive all those who have passed away and grant them JANNAH! Aameen!

BBM Msg- FM: “Where’s everybody? Besides the obvious 2 back in Madressa 😉 ” {aww, soo cute, misssing your bro?}

…Sometimes there are those certain individuals that just liven up everything with their presence even If it’s with their Bakwaas/useless talk. Sorry to Haafizsaab-no offence. It’s not my words… I believe Sometimes we need people to talk DEEN, and I’ll keep my ears open to listen to you. Alhumdulillah Mashalllah both gunnabe Haafizsaabs- my bro & cousin are back in Madressa, and both groups on whatsapp and BBM are so dull. We need some ILLUMINATI ACTION. Lol. Khair. Everyone please make Duaa that may Allah make both of them and me memorize the Holy Quran and to practice & stay steadfast on it. And may Allah also make them Ulama and Callers towards Islaam. (Everyone say) ALLAAHUMMA AAMEEN!!!

I think we should start a countdown till you two and Gunnabe Mawlana from S.A. comes back. A little more than 4 months. You all must come..

Check once they were talking on BBM. And saying if I get married than 100% they will come. Look at them. It’s like they forcing me to get married cause they know I want them to come.. well you guys are the ones in Madressa and if you take out some precious time in making Duas for your sister in need then it will definitely be accepted. Inshaallah. Aameen.

I changed my PM on BBM from:
“…where art thou???” ‘My Prince Charming’
only after I read the following two convos.  I was Soo happy. I can’t even explain in words. Believe it or not I was Soo surprised that Bhai got BBM… and remember one thing when you surprise someone your sins are forgiven.. Subhanallah!!!!

1-Group: Family-Whatsapp edition
@11:18PM JAN 28
BHAI: (BBM Barcode) -_- add me

2-Group: Family-BBM edition, WSG
FJ: Bhai finally got bbm!!
thought that day would never come haha
Why’d he change his mind?
TM: ya, Mayb sum1 forced him to get it.
Or mayb he was bored n just thot let me chek it out
FJ: VeiledPrincess prob forced him 😉
Knew it was gonna happen one day haha
VP♥: Yup Told him today get BBM
FJ: Well your wish came true
TM: Bbm welcomes our latest member to the family group;)

Jan 11
VP♥: I haven’t been on WhatsApp since a while, don’t really go on it, get BBM.

BHAI: Hahaha yur not anywhere!
How yu doin!
Im surprised yur on whatsappp!
Misss yu foreaaal!

Jan 24
VP♥: Slm… sup bhai… whatsapp.. hows Ur sunny Friday going.. hope everything is well..
Missing u.. keep me in Ur Duas. ♥

Beautiful as always
Kinda cold today stylll
Same heree! Watchu been upto!!

Jan 28

BHAI: Yoyoyoyo

VP♥: Slm… Maaf.. really bad at replying to whatsapp msgs.
Get BBM… get it only for family…
anyways me I’m just busy busy.. doing Hifz and blogging.. may Allah accept my blog as a means of guidance for others. Aameen.

BHAI: Hahah say wordd!

Iiite im gettin it rite now
For yuu

And thats too dope
And its time for me to dedicate some time towards yur page
Welll catch yu on bbm

DREAM: Today I had seen in my dream that he had got BBM and I told him to get it for family only. But he was like I got more people to talk to now on BBM. I know he still doesn’t like it. And even if he would like it, he might simply hide it lol. Luv you Bhai!

Cousins are Connected
Heart to Heart
Distance & Time
Can’t break them apart. . .
Two types of love wont cause you sadness.
Love for Allah and for the sake of Allah.
All praise is to Allah for such amazing loving cousins.
I love you all for the sake of Allah ♥
May Allah increase the love and save WSG from Nazar. Aameen.