Beautiful Msg & Hifz Tips.

Shukran♥ Z…S.A. {13/09/13}
-May Allah grant you eternal success to reach into JANNAHTUL-FIRDOUS. Aameen.

✦ Stay away from Anger…
It hurts…Only You!
If you are right, then there is no need to get angry.
And if you are wrong then you don’t have any right to get angry.

✦ Patience with family is love.
Patience with others is respect.
Patience with self is confidence &
Patience with ALLAH is faith.

✦ Never Think Hard about the PAST,
It brings Tears…
Don’t think more about the FUTURE,
It brings Fear…
Live this Moment with a Smile,
It brings Cheer.

✦ Every test in our life,
makes us bitter or better,

✦ Every problem,
comes to make us or break us,

✦ The choice is ours
whether we become victims or victorious.

✦ Beautiful things are not always good,
but good things are always beautiful.

✦ Do you know why Allah created gaps between fingers?
So that someone who is special to you comes &
fills those gaps by holding your hand forever.

✦ Happiness keeps You Sweet..
But being sweet brings happiness.

✦ We sometimes rely on hope for everything.

✦ We live in the present and rely on hope to mend what’s to happen in the future.

✦ Although, we don’t realise that hope cannot fix everything.

✦ Effort and responsibility is essential and that is what will lead us to success.

–》Hifz Tips by Z…-S.A.♥Shukran.
May Allah keep us steadfast in continuously helping others. Aameen.《–

Just a few tips about remembering the Hifz & Dour…

1) Always read the relevant duaas before starting such as Rabbi Zidni… & Rabbish shrahli sadree….etc

2) when learning & revising always have a clear & attentive mind.. do not allow any worries or any other scheduled tasks or any1 to disturb u at that time….. coz an inattentive mind cannot really absorb anything….

3) Repetition is important & vital to memorize the sabaq or dour according to the level of one’s memorizing capacity…..

4) Mark mistakes & repeat it as many times until the mistake is cleared…. remember the mistake in the verse & place of that mistake so as not to repeat it when coming across it again….

5) Sabaq dour (previous days learnt sabaq) is very very important to do everyday… recite it to sum1… otherwise it will be fogotten in 1 or 2 days if not revised thoroughly…. And the important factor is….if sabaq dour is weak then automatically dour will be weak….

6) when memorizing the new sabaq, try & first go over the intended portion at least 5 to 7 times looking in from start to end.. then begin memorizing. Alternatively u may also listen to the portion e.g. The 1 page or 2 pages u intent to memorize for that day, on cd/mp3 of a well renowned reciter such as imaams of haram etc…

7) regularly eat badaam & drink badaam milk………

8) Try & fix such a portion of ur time to learn & memorize etc when ur mind is fresh, alert & attentive as possible….preferably before & after fajr, early morning, also immediately after maghrib etc this differs among people….

✦ Hopefully the above will help InShaa Allah….

Note: There are specific duroods that are meant to be recited before the recital of Quraan, hopefully u r able to read it, recite it always before u start, its very very effective in memorizing as well as retaining whatever has been learnt by virtue of the blessings of these durood. Its a copy of my own which i used throughout my hifz…& alhamdulillah there’s lot barakah in reciting these before learnd throughout my hifz…& alhamdulillah there’s lot barakah in reciting these before learning everyday…i recommend this for any Hafiz…! Allah bless us all with true & beneficial knowledge. Aameen. (If you want a copy of the Duroods, comment me your email & I’ll send you)