Busy with. . .?!

Busy with family? Busy with work? Busy with hobbies? Busy with cooking and cleaning? Busy eating? Busy with Khidmat of grandparents? Busy with Zikr, fikr, Ma’moolats? Busy with completing scrapbook? Busy with no mood? Busy with wasting time? Busy with … busy with… the list can go on n on. . .

‘Keep your tongue moist with the Remembrance of Allah.’

So as regards to what I’m soo busy with that I don’t post so often and keep disappearing.. and you all keep missing me too too much.. lol.. okie jokes aside well its the truth, but still. Actually I do post a lot but some days are just bad wherein I don’t at all.. Khair.. well all of the above but here is my story.

It started even before I was born.. I have an older sister exact 4 &1/2 years older than me.. before I was born, Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah ‘The Mother’ went into Purda, she stated wearing the Veil and started changing her life, as well as she started Taleem at Throncliffe in Toronto.

Khair, she once heard a lecture in which it was mentioned of the Great Imam, Leader & Pioneer of Sufism etc. and thought to herself and told others that if I give birth to a boy I’ll name him that same name..(the name triggers a spark through my body, makes the hair on my body stand.. so I’d rather not mention it, maybe another time) and Mother was like dreaming that I’ll make him a Hafiz, Aalim, and a great worker of Deen, and the list carried on. . .

Fortunately, Taqdeer, destiny had it such that I was born as a Veiled Princess… therefore invalidating half of her thoughts. Will not half mainly the name.. Mothers Duas are such that reach straight to Allah, she had a clean intention…if the mother is happy Allah is happy. You can see that Alhumdulillah, Allah accepted her intention and fulfilled her dream and I became an Aalima & may Allah keep me steadfast on being a worker of Deen. Aameen.

As a kid, when I started to go to SCHOOL & EVENING MAKHTAB… I was always in the company of our Imam & one & only Mufti (DB) of our locality who lives 40 houses down in our complex, till today. I’d go school and Madressa with him, and his kids would be in my class and we were close friends. I was known as “The Nutella Girl” cuz I’d live off of that, don’t get me wrong I still can live off of it, we were also bike buddies. Miss those days. Muftisaab is down time earth by seeing him you can tell how humble he is. In the sight of Allah he is the best one in our locality, cuz he is the only Mufti. He is a vast ocean of knowledge.

Muftisaab & my mom would have turns in giving us a lift to school and Madressa. When my mom would be at work & out of town I’d stay many nights during the years, at Muftisaabs house and his kids at times would come over for lunch. We were like one family. My sister and his daughter went to a Madressa in USA together. Khair. I used to love to go to his house for one main reason.. just to see his collection of Kitaabs. That room would always be closed, he had about 6 full book shelves top to bottom full. And every day he would sit and read.. I heard its still his habit till now. May Allah preserve his knowledge and grant him a long happy healthy life. Aameen.

My point here is that whoever we are surrounded by, our company of friends and families and people we deal with daily.. slowly & gradually their characteristics will forever be embedded and engraved in our hearts like how something is engraved in a rock. Maybe not at that point but Some time later in life you’d realize,  just the same way I did as I’m sharing it today.

Let me share a beautiful story. My mom would pick us up for lunch, me & 3 of Muftisaabs kids.. my mom usually would just say ‘Bismillaah’ and close the door without locking it. In a mere 10mins we would be home and till today the community we live in is safe. Alhumdulillah. So we reached home mom told Muftisaabs son.. open the door and go in I left it open. He tried opening it and said I can’t it’s locked.. my mom was astonished as she never had locked it & you need a key to lock it.. she said bismillah and turned the Door knob. And Subhanallah it was open.

You know they say mothers can do wonders with the help of Allah.. I mean this was her Yaqeen, certainty in the Almighty Allah.. that I can still visualise that day when this incident took place it must of been 15+ years ago.. but some things you just can never forget. Subhanallah.

So back to topic.. What Am I Soo Busy With?! Amm your probably thinking, I’m busy with wedding preparations..you know nowadays people prepare from months if not years in advance.. whereas, we suppose to prepare for our death from in advance. Weddings should be simple and most blessed is with the least expense and simple… oh and we suppose to prepare for one other thing. Viz.

-》Ramadhan Coming Soon《-

The Sahaaba used to prepare for Ramadhan six months in advance. So if we really want to make the best of this Ramadhan then we need to prepare for it now, not food but spiritually!

InshaAllah Ramadhan will be around Saturday, 28 June 2014
159 days, less than 6 months,
remaining till Ramadhan.
Oh Allah make us reach Ramadhan. Aameen.

So not only our family and friends have an effect on us. But our teachers also have an impact on us. Especially Islamic Studies & Quran Teachers. We want to be like them in every manner possible. Not to forget to mention, in Maktab-evening Madressa, Muftisaab (DB) was my teacher aswell. He taught me Quran. Specifically Memorizing Suras, and then before I left Madressa in April 2001 he taught me tajweed (So I have some kind of a liking for people who are Mufti.. TBC).

*Flashback* I’ll never forget.. one of my favorite Surahs is Sarah Alaq…”Iqra’ Bismi…”  I think in Grade 3, whilst praying in Muftisaabs class. He told us to memorize Surah Alaq, I have a habit till today, of always having something in my hand, it makes me concentrate. So in my hand, I had a pencil upside down sharp end up and I was looking down in my Quran memorizing Surah Alaq in a low voice. And he had left the prayer hall and entered he was thinking I was whispering to the girl next to me.. and he put his hand hard on my head and the tip of the pencil pierced the tip of my nose.. I never realized till I saw my blood flow down leaving the stains on Sarah Alaq. I put my hand over my nose not to let it fall more on the Qur’an. Eventually it became better after a long time. That blood was shed…for memorizing a Surah. And when your teacher hits you, the fire of he’ll won’t touch that part of the body. I tried wiping off the blood from the Quran. But till today I still have that Quran, with my blood stains. It was a big lesson learnt. Till today it freshens up the wound. May Allah accept it. Aameen.

In Grade 4- 2000.. I had a Mawlana (DB) as a teacher he was a fresh graduate from England Madressa. He had an accent & every Friday his mom would trim his long zulfa hair.. that’s why I love long hair on men..zulfa to be specific. And as I mentioned our teachers have an effect on us. A few years ago Mawlana had a brain tumor got 2 operations done and Alhumdulillah is much better now.

Subhanallah he would teach soo nicely. Except he would make us write lines, when you give to him he would rip them right away like seriously what’s the point. So one day one boy put tape all over the paper.. and eish the boy was in for a shouting… all things aside he left an effect on his students. However the student is, he/she would be referred back to the teacher. So Alhumdulillah Mashalllah we were 16 Students, 6/10 girls became Alima..all from USA except me (from SA) & 2/6 guys became Hafiz, one being Mawlanas brother who also became Alim & still studying in SA.

P.S. I meet his mom every Sunday at Taleem and ask about Mawlana. The least I can do is ask about him and make Duas for him and thank Allah for having him as my Mawlana, cuz what I’m busy with is all because of him…and WHAT I’M BUSY WITH IS UP NEXT.. TBC. . .