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As Mufti Mohammed Saeed Motara (DB) had mentioned before starting his speech on Sun, that to forgive him for his voice because in South Africa it was sunny and here its in the freezing temperatures the likes thereof not seen in South Africa. He mentioned English language is very funny. As he said there is a frog in my throat and my voice is very hoarse (how can you have a frog and horse both), thats why its hoarse (as in rough and croaky) and not the animal horse. And funny how plural of mouse is mice and the plural of house is houses and not hice… Khair if a person wouldn’t be paying attention to the dialogue they’d be lost and in search of explanation…

So here I am with a frog in my throat and my voice is very hoarse… Khair I was really excited today (Monday) as it was another session of uplifting my Imaan because after Isha for about an hours time Hadhrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri (DB) delivered a speech at our local mosque and one student from Toronto did the completion of Mishkat Sharif. We heard it on our Radio @87.9FM… Alhumdulillah since a few years our Masjid is able to transmit live on the Radio station, Thereby, benefiting every household. Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah. Because unlike India and South Africa, in Canada we can’t have Azan etc. on load speaker. I miss those days in South Africa that I’d wake up with the Fajr Azan, would be so refreshing. Khair once the time passes it won’t return again… take the most of every moment before the final moment.

We were soo lucky to have the presence of such great Ulama. Mufti Motara (DB) & Mawlana Pandor (DB) were here aswell. Alhumdulillah. When would we even get a chance like that ever again?. ” With sacrifice, surely Hidayat/Guidance does spread.” Not our sacrifice, we don’t even put any effort into it. It’s these great personalities who in their holidays instead of chilling and spending free time with their families, loved ones, near and dear ones, and instead of going to outings with them, they sacrifice their time wealth and health for people like us and for the UMMAH at large so that we can be benefited from them the most Subhanallah. May Allah keep blessing them abundantly and accept their sacrifices. Aameen.

Do you remember how I said in my 2nd last post [ ***** btw my convo with BABA will be posted later.. (hopefully she doesnt kill me) I’ve got a BBBIIGGGG FATTTTT SURPRISE only for her…]… here it is..

Last we spoke on Jan 11 then on-Thurs 2:29pm I got a msg:

BABA: Salaam Baba missing you!! I was so busy with school so didnt have any time to msg or anything! Just got caught up to the latest blog!! Howve u been? Luv ye ❤ :*

(Fri. 3:21pm)
VP♥: Hey…
VP♥: Slm… hope ur doing well in the best of Islamic spirit on this beautiful Jumuah. Subhanallah. My heart just told me Ud be here. I'm doing ok n u?
BABA: Good just ate
VP♥: Always eating. Women love their food. Did you read my blog.
BABA: Haha todays
VP♥: Guess what!!!!!! Okie its a surprise.. Can't tell u yet
BABA: Wat. Why u tell me then now i wanna kno
VP♥: Hahaha. Cuz u no u love me. Gtg.. ttyl8r. Enjoy ur Fri. Don't miss me tooo much n Durood.. lots. Till the nexttime. Slm ♥ mwah.
BABA: Haha nice. Okie. Luv ye mwahh Wslm.

VP♥: *music* Mere Nabi, Pyaare Nabi, Sunnat tere..*music*

VP♥: miss me

BABA: Naww. Loo. Lol* Kem cho?
VP♥: O-k-a-y. Tata
BABA: Challo chaylaa bhi
VP♥: Yea. Me busy. U no. I have a life…lol.
BABA: Aha. okaayy
VP♥: But not telling u ur suprise.. U can guess. I don't no what to post for today..
BABA: Hmm my brother in law is around the corner? Anything jus typ
VP♥: Lol he lost his way to me.. His work n career is more important. He will regret It..
BABA: Ahahah. Umm everything ready for umrah?
VP♥: Nah.. maybe it might even get cancelled…besides the point.. keep thinking
(Then BABA went a little overboard with her guessing. Maaf can't mention it)
BABA: What Noo!! Umm u goin India
VP♥: I wish. Yea in my blog
BABA: Umm is someone getting married?
VP♥: U
BABA: Wooow really
VP♥: Haha. U wish
BABA: U finished ur scrapbook
VP♥: Wow. None of the above
BABA: Chaal
VP♥: Phone froze… It's slow like u.. Lol Just joking. Not. Lol. I have a big surprise tomorrow wish me luck. Kk. What u all upto ttimorow. (BIGGEST HINT)
BABA: Umm me goin work in afternoon. Wat big surprise? And aapi is going out wid friends. Mom n sis at home
VP♥: What time u going?
BABA: Around 2ish
VP♥: Cool Enjoy urban dayyy. N edit for the surprise
BABA: Wats urban dayv ?
VP♥: Ur* Wait* Phone is slow
BABA: All ur phones r slow
VP♥: That's cuz they not fast like me. Imagine Writing soon many lengthy  posts
BABA: Aha aapi was also askin wer u been
VP♥: I came 2 weeks ago yaar. How can I keep on coming..(hint)
BABA: I kno but just
VP♥: Can't wait to tell u the surprise. It's like on my fingertips. Wanting to type but CAN'T
BABA: Hmm eh. Chaal slp
VP♥: Kk Mwah..I think I'm gonna eat ice cream. Nyt. Surprise.. . . . .. Nyt nyt.. n Mwah. Slm
BABA: Mwah eat some 4 me 2. U 2. :*
VP♥: :* ❤ (rose) n all the sweet dreams

(Sat. 12:24pm)
VP♥: Wakey wakey. Rise n shine sunshine

BABA: salaam. Been up since 10:30. Goin work now.

I was soo happy.. inspite of all the hints.. she didn't know the SURPRISE. I had a late breakfast, after freshening up prayed Zuhr and got ready…

I wore my new long blue dress… knowing me I don't actually where all that kinds of stuff. But felt like dressing up. And plus Im not a fan of the colour of blue but felt like I should wear it as blue didn't do anything wrong to me. Lol. Khair went simple on the abaya which is a plain silk abaya with red sleeves which was covered with my new black long winter jacket and my plaIn black shawl and to top it up my nikaab and gloves that I wear always wheather winter or summer. Alhumdulillah Mashalllah.

Knowing me as a person who loves wearing nice fancy colourful shawls.. yea I cut down on that. I like sticking with my plain shawls that come with the abaya. But don't forget I love to dress very well in a dignified manner. And mind you. Not to impress others. Just for myself. But I thought yea I'll dress like wise till I get married then can dress up all I want, as I know no-one will dare to raise an eye up to gaze at me or hubby will have to take care of him. Won't be pleasant. Talking about hubby he really is lost… in this program I made soo much Dua for him to come soon. Inshaallah.. I waited this long.. why not a little more… 'Allah is with the patient ones.'

I called my aunt to see wheather they home or not and when she told api..she got soo happy… TBC. . .

So the evening came after 9:30ish.. BABA made her entry in the house.. well aunt kinda spoilt it.. she made It obvious.. BABA came in the living room .. and SURPRISE…I was her BBBIIGGGG FATTTTT SURPRISE. . . TBC.

P.S. What I'm soo busy with, My Ring..etc up next…. followed by the Proposals…

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