{1} “Healing Hearts. . .”

I reached home at 11:27pm, freshened up, and decided to put some new Nazams & Nasheeds, Quran & Bayaans on my phone. Note that I have over 1160+ (excluding Quran & Bayaan). I’m not stingy, I want to share with all, if anyone knows anyway I can upload & share let me know. I’ve been collecting since 2007, but being a human we never get satisfied cause ‘Humans are greedy by nature.’ So I’m always in search for new ones.. I think I have made over 50+ MP3 Cds (200+tracks).. 2 kinds, 1 with Arabic & Urdu & the 2nd with Arabic & English & gifted it to my whole class (40girls) +frnds as a end of the year Bukhari Gift.

To the main point, here is how I ended up typing todays post.. just by seeing ONE word… here is how it went..
So I just took out my notebook laptop.. it’s a red “Acer ASPIRE one” and I just thought of Shaykh Suleman Moola (DB)… his voice echoing in my ears.. his wisdom beyond the depth of the ocean… his choice of words keeping me in bewilderment… his magnificent knowledge capturing my mind and heart… ‘ASPIRE to inspire before you expire.’

Words can’t describe him… he leaves us in dust… as the young lads would say after hearing his speeches ‘Mawlana Moola killed it”.. I’d say “He ignited the dead hearts with the spark of knowledge.” The Imaan level he boosted up…sometimes that’s all you need.. I can go on and on, but more about him some other day.. but for now suffice to say: May Allah grant Mawlana Moola (DB) Jazaae Khair, & the best in both the worlds. May Allah Grant him a long happy healthy life so that we can be blessed by his presence time and again. AAMEEN!

I want to apologize… but I’m not sure if it would be worth it as I was busy with Deen… let me tell you why..  short example with a lesson I learnt: once, years ago, I was offering my Salah & I got a phone call from a close friend & when I called back the first thing I said was an apology saying: I’m sorry I never answered because I was praying Salah.. and that was the end of it. I got a shouting with a long lecture as to nothing is more important than Deen,  especially Salah. So anyways, I think I learnt my lesson, and indeed it’s something to ponder about.

On this note, I’d like to mention that I was really busy Saturday & Sunday with the “HEALING HEARTS I’tikaf Retreat.” It took place at Abu Bakr Masjid in Toronto. A 3-Day Program in which Honorable, Pristine, God-Fearing, Full of Piety Ulama came from India and South Africa to deliver their words of wisdom. They did Nafl I’tikaf as well as fasting. More regarding them in the next few days. Inshaallah. All I can mention is that Alhumdulillah they have had an uplifting spiritual rejuvenation on this lost soul, in quest of Knowledge, guidance & forgiveness.

I want to also say my heartfelt Jazakallah to my family for not only accommodating me but also accompanying me in listening to the refreshing talks. So not only was I the only one listening but Alhumdulillah, Allah gave the Tawfiq and ability to 20+ & probably even more that I don’t know of to join along through a little effort. May Allah accept, make us do Amal & keep us steadfast on it. Aameen.

The reason I’m saying Jazakallah to them all though I wanted to listen to the lectures. But when Allah guides who is there to deviate?. As Mawlana Moola (DB) said rich is that person who if one slips off the track the other one still continues.. they assist each other in the work of Deen. So by others listening and joining in along with me there was no loss for me only gain cause they made an increase in my ‘Book of Good Deeds.’ Because honestly a sinful person like me needs a heavy load of good deeds. So help out a sister in need.

Congratulations to my Cousin who is going to be completing his Hifz; memorization of the Qur’an today (Mon) after Fajr, Jan 20th… He is soo lucky because the completion along with the Dua will be done by “Hadhrat Mawlana Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri (DB)” who is none other than the big well esteemed scholar who has travelled all the way from Dhabel, India for only 6 days… to be present amongst us. As Mawlana Moola (DB) said I’m astonished and surprised as to how Mufti Saab is present amongst us NAALAAIKS (people who are not liable and don’t deserve to of have such a great personality amongst them).. as we are nothing compared to him. He has been teaching in Dhabel Madressa for 42+ years.. ever since he finished becoming Mufti at the age of 22 after Hafiz & Aalim. Khair. More later.

Where was I??.. oh right… Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah my Nana is very happy and thankful to Allah as someone very close to Nana proudly told him a few things at the end of which Nana was crying with tears… that I as in Veiled Princess-(Nanas Granddaughter) is the first Aalimah in the whole entire family not only amongst the grandchildren but in aunts and going upwards to grandparents parents, relatives & ancestors no-one was an Alimah. Alhumdulillah, Mashalllah. May Allah keep me steadfast. Everyone make Duas that may Allah make me spread the knowledge to all, make me a means of hidayat, guidance to all & that may Allah accept it all. And make me a role model for ever family member and the UMMAH at large. Aameen.

(On what is mentioned above as a note I do want to mention something else that I’m really busy with.. but maybe next post. )

That person also said Hafiz as in cousin-(Nanas grandson) is the first Hafiz from all cousins. Alhumdulillah Mashalllah.

My heart is full of Duas. I really wanted to be there for his completion as he is only less than 3hrs away… but due to circumstances I wouldn’t be able to.. as it is life. And life goes on. . .  Khair, but I’ll be making Duas, as I had told him when I spoke to him on Saturday. I also told him to make Dua for me. May Allah make him always remember the Quran and may it be a means of salvation for him and our families. May Allah accept him and make others follow onto his footsteps Aameen

As mentioned in Ahaadeeth something to the effect. On the day of Judgement the parents of the Hafiz will be made to a wear a crown so bright that if the sun were to be put in the houses it would outshine it.. so imagine what the Hafiz himself will be made to wear. Subhanallah.
He will be told to recite every ayah that he had memorized and by each Ayah recited, one level of JANNAH will be elevated.. so every ayah=1 level up, and when he finishes reciting that will be his final level of his destination to abide therein forever.
He will be able to save and take out of Hellfire a certain amount of people from his family who will be destined to go to hell forever.
Khair.. May Allah grant him the best in both the worlds & accept every Dua of his. Aameen..

P.S. OKay enough for today, cause one thought after the other keep comingm… I had to type this post for my readers, I owed you all.. its 3:34am.. so mind the typos… now i need my beauty sleep cause no sleep after Fajr.. More wisdom of the retreat lectures will be added in every post of mine Inshaallah. As I’ve mentioned before there is a ‘Veiled Lesson’ to be learnt from every post. As we have to ‘ASPIRE to inspire before we expire.’

Shukran♥ for all the hits, shares & comments!!!
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