{35} …Part 26


“Life is a Journey with Many Paths to take & with Every Beginning there is an End. ALHUMDULILLAH Today Marks the END of MY 10-Year Incredible Journey of Threading the Luminous Pathway to my Creator by means of the Illuminated Knowledge of His Beautiful Deen -with NO Regrets; for Allah has Chosen me for a Path I can’t Forget. Simple Words Fail to Express my Sincere Appreciation for it is Only YOU who Played the Greatest Role & made it Possible for me. By far, it Struck me at this Stage, when I Reflected & Realized that indeed My Sacrifices, Striving & Stress was Insignificant compared to YOURS. Thus, the DEBT of Gratitude which I Owe you is Enormous & Invaluable. Your Loving Care, Compassion & Support has Assisted me throughout my Life & Allowed me to Grow into the Person I am today. You NEVER fell Short in Fulfilling my Requests & at ALL times you Placed my NEEDS before YOUR own. It is my Heartfelt Prayer that you are Blessed Abundantly for your Efforts & Sacrifices in this World. I Leave your Rewards only to ALLAH & May it be Awaiting you in JANNAHTUL-FIRDOUS for making this Dream of mine become a Reality. TODAY, The ANGELS Honour not ME but YOU for Encouraging me to Accomplish my Goal; An Inheritance of The Prophets (Alayhimus Salaam). I would also like to take this Opportunity to Apologise for not Being the DAUGHTER you Deserve. May ALLAH Make ME the Coolness of YOUR Eyes,  the Contentment of YOUR Heart & Make me a Means of Guidance to Our Family & the UMMAH. I Conclude with an Earnest Request for DUAAS & FORGIVENESS for my Innumerable Shortcomings. I Hope that Today I have made YOU Wear Crowns of Joy & I Hope your DREAMS Regarding me have been Fulfilled. . .”

Love Your Daughter,
Veiled Princess
Eighteenth of December, Twenty Ten

P.S. Sad much since THE MOTHER didn’t end up coming for my Jalsa. . . Likewise, I didn’t end up giving her a golden glass plaque with these words written out on gold paper. . . Khair, everything happens for a reason. Right?  SO I decided I’ll get it reprinted with some additional words added to the above and gift it to her on the day when I get MARRIED (on my WALIMA)…!!! Perfect idea eh..  Inshaallah… Now make Duaa. . .

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