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Welcome to Season Two!
To B Continued. . .

》Life is a journey on borrowed time -from Allah… to…Allah
》Live it to the fullest by engaging in Zikr & Ibadat of Allah
》Be like a rose, spreading its fragrance to all
》Be like the earth… humble & wise
》Lastly be like the suns’ rays, spreading your positivity & happiness to all.
》And keep me in your special Duaas.
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Wow Subhanallah.. Mashallah.. Alhumdulillah… these 2 notifications I got from WordPress today:

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{23} …Part 14: https://veiledprincess.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/23-part-14/
{24} …Part 15: https://veiledprincess.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/24-part-15/
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RECAP…!!! :

About The Author: Veiled Princess…!!!

“…since every1 says im too sweet…ammm wel i think i always have a smile…like to b perfect in everything i do…like helping ppl wherever & best possible i can, & being kindhearted…..always neat & smart in my dressing & appearance….love perfume & nice aroma….very systematic & organised in everything i do….dont like following others in their choices but prefer following my own preferences even if its different from the rest……ammm i think this will do…?”

{Quoted from -Hafiz Muhammed Ismail;  http://tofindabride.wordpress.com/the-archives/ } “We Are Told That The World’s Beauties Often Lies Buried Under Mountains, Deep In Oceans, And Behind The VEILS Of Women. All Precious Metals Need To Be Mined. The Most Expensive Pearls Lie Shelled In The Deepest Seas, And The Most Gorgeous Of Muslim Women Are VEILED!”

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Welcome! ”Ahlan Wa Sahlan” to my Blog!

“Veiled Princess”


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Its better 2 try & fail then 2 fail 2 try! Just carry on slowly but surely you’ll get there….as every Drop counts 2 make the ocean as well. Its amazing how people will question about all the good things they hear about us, but believe all the bad without a second thought. Beauty is in the soul; they say the pain will heal by time. With the hope for tomorrow, yesterday remains a regret and todays oppurtunity gets missed.

That’s why, don’t think hard about the past, it brings tears… Every test in our life makes us bitter or better… Happiness keeps us sweet. Stick with it and we can accomplish anything.

We should write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. So I decided to write my blog. Looking back at what life put me through. I look not at moments that passed or opportunities I’ve squandered but rather the journey that changed me. Its a waste of time to blog without benefiting, so my blog is not only about me, however, every post has a veiled lesson. Many experiences, people and places have been left as a memory in “The Journey Of A Guji Girl In Quest Of Knowledge.”

However, the name has been changed on Nov-7 from:
.~> Diary Of An Overworked Canadian Guji Gal! TO:
Diary Of A Veiled Princess…!!!<~.
Please start your read from: {01} …Part 157= Part 1 / Part One: https://veiledprincess.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/01-part-157-1-one

P.S. Your read of my blog, feedback and Duaas are highly appreciated! Now enjoy, and make Duaa for The Journey Of A Guji Girl In Quest Of L♥√ع

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