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Jee, Alhamdulillah by the Grace & Mercy of Allah, I’m well & hopefully you are too….?! Just busyyyy 😉

Alhumdulillah, Mashallah, Subhanallah!

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◆ Congratulations:
1- To both the HAAFIZSAABS on getting their OCI.. it’s about time you go back to Madz & finish Hifz!!!
2- To T. Moolla all the way in South Africa on his Birthday…
May Allah accept us & grant us the divine ability to learn, practise & propagate to others… May Allah accept all our Khidmaat for His Deen & increase us in all acts of piety & righteousness. Aameen! ◆

► Feedback:
✦ Masha Allah! Very encouraging & motivating….
✦ Asslm aleikm hw r u. Hp u ok,and soon ur charming Molana will b der jst by ur syd inshaAllah
✦ To Miss Veiled Princess …!!!
Wow went through the posts. They all make an captivating & interesting read! ✦ U R A Star!
P.S. Thanks again for all the blog posts…but plz don’t stop their….waiting for more???
✦ Oooh your blog is a hit subhaanAllaah! Was hooked… hehehehe.

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