“…where art thou…???”

Yoh!! VEILED PRINCESS loves falling off the grid, but strange so, never for this LONG! I mean c’mon where are U???? “…where art thou…???” I mean I know u hav that 4 ur Prince Charming..but Veiled Princess wer u?

A week and she is nowhere to be seen on Social Media. Like Whatsapp, BBM, E-Mail, Text & not even answering calls on the HOUSE PHONE!

A week later & I finally like got to her. I told her, I thought maybe ur married or somethin’..I was scared of what she would say. But she laughed Phew! Then I said just jokin. I thought ur gone for Umrah… she said tickets booked but she will inform us before she leaves.

So she gave me the opportunity to post for her. Since it’s like holidays, she is like very very busyyyy (honestly, like seriously, she is always busy, but don’t know with WHAT!) When is she ever FREE?? SHE EVEN REFUSED TO COME MY HOUSE -SAD MUCH:'(

Anyways, So she decided to take a break from EVERYONE & EVERYTHING. She will be blogging again from Mid-Jan, if not earlier.

I told her i’m sure everyone was waiting for ur Bukhari Day. N u never blgod.

Plus to spoil it, she landed in Canada 3 years ago on Christmas Day!

I was soo excited to meet up with her that same evening & went boxing Day shopping to Toronto right the next day!

I just had to spill the beans!! (Hope she doesn’t kill me.

Well, she can continue the rest.. not to mention “The Mother” as she calls her gifted her a Jalsa Gift $300+ Winter Jacket from Danier Leather!

Wow!!! I think I like buy like $30 jackets.. but you know her.. everything has to look good no matter the price..brand name or not it must look lekker (learnt my lil African words from her.)

Okie dokie…. I should stop now. Before I spill the beans further! But hey time flew by like soooo like fast I can’t even believe it. It seems like just yesterday she llike came back…

well, this week seemed very slow cuz I’m sure like many of U.. I too wake up everyday only to read her blog post. It makes me live & fresh early in the morning.

But sadly she chose otherwise.

Sometimes she has her own beautiful ways of doing things, which I call it her ways of Wisdom. Which I never understand till she explains me.

Aswell as due to some circumstances she is unable to post. So Till then… keep her in your Duas. Don’t miss her too much. Well, im sure we all are missing her.

Oh & please feel free to share her blog with others, on all forms of Social Media.. just copy and paste the following link:

.~>Diary Of A Veiled Princess…!<~.
The Journey Of A Guji Girl In Quest Of Knowledge & Then L♥√ع

Ite.. peace & thanx for reading my post it's nothing compared to hers. But atleast I got the chance.

Love & Missing u Veiled Princess.
come back soon
-♥ur sista