{33}…Part 24 (2-Mami) Dec/18/2010

June 2009… is when I met Mami, Mama, & their 2 daughters. They came for a visit to Canada for the first time from South Africa. They currently residing at Kokstad, it’s few hours further away from Durban.

Mama’s whole family is here. Parents & siblings along with their families. Technically, in Guji terms they’re my Mama and Mami. Besides my aunt is like my mom so her brother is my Mama! This Mami is the same one who motivated me to start writing my own blog.

When she came, she would make amazing desserts; cakes and food. But you see Indian people are not used to fancy foods. They forever want their Daar Chawal and Curry Khichri. But Mami used to out do the cooking and baking. Which not only looked good but tasted good too.

I had a few long conversations with her regarding my teaching and studying Aalimah along with high-school. I remember clearly we were in my auntys kitchen. And I expressed to her my thought and idea of coming to South Africa for my final year of Bukhari. It was just something I had thought of on the spot.

Therefore she encouraged me to try to fulfill my dream of coming overseas to graduate & get my degree as the Madrasah was a really nice place and infact its counted as a University. So Alhumdulillah, I graduated with 2 Master Degrees.-1 in Arabic as Language & 2nd in Islam as Religion.

So I was telling Mami that I’m not sure, I still have final exams & then graduation for Grade 12 & 4th Yr Alimah on 27th July.

We went few places together. I remember I couldn’t go many places because I was finishing up Grade 12, 4th Yr Alimah and I was also teaching at Nugget. So whenever I had a chance I’d join in with them. We went to Ontario Place and We went to CN Tower on June 29.. I still have our ticket for it in my scrapbook.

Yup you read right. I’m making my scrapbook… I might post pics of it… many many years of memories. It’s just that I’d keep every little thing that I’d be given by anyone. So I decided to make a scrapbook. From my baby feet on the day I was born to Banaat to India to Bowmanville to Scarborough to South Africa… etc. It’s taking very long to make but shall be done in a month or so.

Okie so back to Mami… I’ll never forget her birthday!!!! Because on Dec 18, it was her birthday my Bukhari Jalsa and her older daughters birthday as well.

I was expecting 2 people at my Jalsa.. ‘The Mother’ & ‘Mami’ well ofcourse with Mama. Lol. So mom was secretly preparing her journey for my Jalsa, from months in advance, so much that she was residing in Toronto to work, ish so much she went thru for me.. and even renewed her passport. But sadly I mean really sadly she never came. Me being me cried a lot cuz my mom or dad never came. Oh well whatever, call me a crybaby but it really hurt then.

But instead of them I got Mama and Mami and 2 Haafizsaabs, my Fuvajis brother & wife & niece. Aunty who’s house I used to stay at.. with Marhoom Uncle..may Allah fill his Qabr with Noor. Aameen. Along with her 3 kids. And my cousins wife who is my bhabi now came with her sis and mom. So I had 15 individuals coming for my Jalsa so I was really happy but sad.

Okie so once again the train is going off the tracks. Sowwriee, make me Maaf!!!


I want to say Happy birthday to you and your


I bet I was the first one to say it to you. Mami, I’ve never met someone like you. You are too cool to be my Mami. You are more like an older sister to me. You are always there when I need advice. Especially the wedding stress which is killing me. Cuz you know I hate the topic of marriage. It’s like till today as in Dec 18/2010.. I tried avoiding it as best as possible as I was able to in my capacity.

I feel though I need to move on in life. I know that it will happen when it’s best and the right time for me. But I need to putt the effort in to it which totally I’m not. Khair. Jazakallah, for all your advice your motivation your ideas and words of wisdom.

Btw, I’m not going to wait for my recipe book till it’s done in order for me to get married… if you know what I mean. So it’s been 3 years now & still you haven’t got it done! What are You waiting for? Cuz you have mentioned to me that by the time I’m married it will be done.

Let me tell you this.. everything, every decision, every step of my life I take it happens very quickly. Like when I told you I want to come to southafrica within months I was there. Even my ticket only got booked few hrs before.

Khair… I know that in life if I ever need anyone older to talk to, I know I have you. I love you lots for the sake of Allah! Mwahugggs..

May Allah grant you & Tas the best in both the worlds. May Allah make her successful & grant her knowledge in both Deen & Dunya. May Allah save her from Nazar. May Allah make your children the coolness of your & Mamas eyes. May Allah make them steadfast on Deen. May Allah save you & your family from all of Shaitans whispers, ways and actions. May Allah accept every Duaa, fulfill every dream and grant every wish of you all. May Allah make it easy to practice on Deen. May Allah always keep you all smiling. May Allah make it easy in the Aakhirah aswell, and make us do such actions that will grant us entry into JANNATUL-FIRDOUS without any reckoning. May every Duaa be answered in your respect. May Allah give you all a long life on Deen. AAMEEN.

P.S. Jazakallah for everything and forgive me for all and remember me in your pious Duaas. ♥