{32}…Part 23 – (1-Mami) Dec/18/2010

*{Dedicated to: MAMI, MAMA & Their Family!}*


Life is a journey with many paths to take, and to every beginning there is an end.

It was an honour and privilege to have met all of you. You have taken out the time to love and care for me. The memories will be embedded in my heart forever.

From the depth of my heart, simple words fail to express my sincere appreciation, for all that you have done for me. Thus, the debt of gratitude which I owe you is enormous and invaluable.

I am unable to repay you, so therefore, I leave your rewards only to Allah; May Allah always keep you happy, answer all your Du’aas and may your rewards be awaiting you in JANNATUL-FIRDOUS, Aameen!

I may not have another chance, so I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise and ask forgiveness for my innumerable shortcomings, and for not fulfilling your rights.

Alhumdulillah, today, on this occasion it marks the completion of My Journey on a Quest for Acquiring Islamic Knowledge.

If after today; after this separation, we are not able to meet again, then May Allah reunite us in JANNATUL-FIRDOUS…Aameen!

An Earnest Request For Du’aas,
I will always miss you…

P.S. On the night of my Jalsa after it had finished, I took Mami to my room and handed her this Bukhari Gift from me to her family. The above words were printed out on a golden paper placed in a circular glass frame, decorated with Lindor and wrapped up with a bow and tie.