{31}…Part 22 – Dec/17/10

We heard the Fajr Azan…remember that the boys Madrasah is a few mins away. Nigtly, in the dead of the night at Fajr the Azan breaks the silence. It’s the echoing sound of the beautiful Azan that makes you throw your blanket off & get you soo active up & running in no time to the Jamat Khanah for Namaz.

Again it was one of the last times I’d be hearing Azan on loud speakers…because here in Canada we can’t hear the Azan outside of the Mosque. But one good thing is here in my town we can hear it on our Radios. Alhumdulillah.

So I had a DMC with a pioneer of the Madrasah. This is how I met her.Although, I was supposed to remain standing in the front but after a certain time, I didn’t need to. So I made my way down to the Kitchen Hall to catch up with the others. I met a lady who I decided to help out. Got her a chair to Sit on.

And soon after we started making a conversation she asked me where I was from, a little history and background check on me. For the first time I actually didn’t mind.. she seemed very motivating. I asked about her. She said she now lived in Durban but once upon a time 25years ago she lived here nearby and helped build the foundation of the Madrasah.

She was old and every bit of advice she gave me I listened to it attentively. I felt like Allah sent her to me to give me some lasting advice. Her words of wisdom were flowing out like the flow of water. Little did I know that I’d still keep in touch with her after 2yrs.

(Whenever anyone gives me advice I like to jot it down sooner or later before Id forget.) She told me since I’m leaving the 4 walls of the Madrasah, I must hold steadfast unto the Deen That I’ve acquired. As it will be a shield against all evils & disbelieves. She told me that I have a very different personality that will lead me to helping and motivating and encouraging people to follow on the right path of Deen. She said I should teach kids for they will develop a desire for learning more.

She said that she is like a grandma to me. She doesn’t know how long she will live. But she said to me that I’ll turn out to be like her. She said I’ve learnt that in life you have to go through a lot of sacrifices and with a lot of Sabr, Allah will give Deen it will be spreading far and wide..and then you’ll just have to sit back and Allah will give you all the rewards.

I was confused as to what she meant, she said teach people Deen in such a way that they will continue following on it. And in your later years you don’t have to do much. When your old and fragile, you can’t teach and do all you used to. So the teaching you did they will continue practicing as they get older and your book of deeds will keep on getting full of rewards. Sad indeed you will only realize and see the rewards in the hereafter.

Also she said this.. don’t expect anyone to repay you for what good you did to them. But always keep paying them back. Keep smiling and help every individual as you have helped me.

I was moved to tears. We spoke many times over the few days. I felt like I knew her forever. Then when I was busy I made a girl from my Khandaan to her Khidmat. She gave me a little gift which was really cute as well as some chocolate…btw I loveeee chocolate…especially Lindor.. I think I’ve ate Lindor of every kind and festival… ish the memories are so freshly jumping around in my mind.

Back to the grandma. She said she would love me to goo visit her in Durban. I said to her I was soon to be flying back home.

What was the reason why she said I was going to turn out like her…I mean she is old, and these old people I tell you have a way and say in everything. She said even though she spoke to me for few days & spoke for a while. Allah just put that thought in her. And Wallah by looking at her you can see the Noor glowing and shining. Alhumdulillah, Mashallah.

I loved her soo much. I’ve never met anyone the likes of her before. She wrote her number for me on the Alumni Reunion pamphlet, which I found after 2 yrs.. and I started speaking to her, I can speak to her of anything and everything. She even took my address and said to expect something. Despite her age, she remembered exactly who I was. She now is a widow. May Allah grant her immense reward and Sabre Jameel. AAMEEN!

The day was flying by soo quickly. I had soo much running on my mind. I was to finish up packing. I had to iron my Bukhari Abaya, New Uniform & Bukhari Shawl… hey Patel where you at? DMAF…

DMAF- Do Me A Favour… Patel??? she was my Bestie..Bharuchi..hehe thats a whole new story for another day… she was from Venda-aka Bharuch in southafrica. She very much reminded me of my older sister.. the way she walked, dressed, talked etc. So she was the only one I trusted with ironing.

So I gave her my exclusive expensive exquisite Abaya/Cloak to iron. It was Black silk fabric, it was a tie in one which you tie from the inside around your back & when you open your arms wide it’s the shape of a butterfly. Also it’s got silver diamonds more like swarovskies beautifully in a line like a belt along the middle with silver chain dangling down.. It’s just soo beautiful Mashallah. I can’t even describe it.

This Abaya was my gift for Bukhari from Mama & Mami, a big heartfelt Jazakallah to them. They bought it for me before I went to their house near Durban for Ramadhaan Holidays. It’s the most expensive one I’ve ever had! More than 1,100 Rands maybe around $160.00 Canadian. Ish. I think I’ve only worn it 3x in the past 3years.

Todays sessions went on one after the other, sadly I couldn’t stick around to listening to them. Soon night fell, tomorrow is the BIG DAY, I had no time so I ran to Patel…she didn’t have any place to iron so she took it into “Gate Aapas” room. She told me she will turn it inside out and iron it. I told her if she burns it, I’ll kill her even before she can graduate. As it is I was already sad because it was really long so Mami got it cut by some lady who cut it a little tooo much. but oh well everything happens for a reason. I can still wear it with flats. As it is that’s what I usually wear nowadays along with socks.

P.S. stay tuned for the BIG Day (18th)!
1) Mother & Daughters Birthday
2) Bukhari Gifts
3) Bukhari Jalsa
4) Bukhari Nazams
…..and way more.
Maybe even a DMC with Nana, today on a beautiful 14th Moon day with snow-flurrries along with breaking the fast…then why wouldn’t Duaas be accepted !