20131215_231519-1{30}…Part 21 – Dec/16/2010

***Disclaimer: Maaf for the long posts. There is soo much to write, I think I’m only getting to merely JOTTING down ideas..but something better than nothing.. I want you to enjoy my last few days I spent in Madrasah. A feeling that words whould never be able to justify. So keep reading. Here we go. . .***

As the evening dawned upon us… we were all soo busy with packing up our suitcases.. cuz on the morning of the 19th we were aloud to leave. My suitcases were full to the max. I had soo many Kitaabs, that I had to leave a whole box behind at my aunts which I got only after 2 years. I made this one girl busy with autographing each and every kitaab of mine except it was with my name and not hers. She lived in the room next to mine, used to be in my namaz row originally from Thailand & with beautiful writing. I love her and will visit her. I tell you these Thailand girls are gifted the talent of calligraphy…ish I can’t even write good enough for others to read. It’s more like only I can understand what I write.

I had to make sure my room was clean and spotless. The best part was my roommates cleaned it all. I barely would spend any time in my room. Let alone now, even on normal days… I probably would be there at afternoon nap-except wouldn’t be napping and at night to sleep and weekends only for few hours. Don’t get me wrong I loved my roommates. It’s just I’d be soo busy with other people that wouldn’t have time to be in my room, except at the required times-afternoon nap and night.

However, since last few days everyone was doing their own stuff & really no restrictions of sleeping etc. Catching up on the last bit of convos with friends, roommates, classmates and Khandaan girls. Surely we were happy to be leaving madressa to go home but indeed we were sad.

The truth is.. its really difficult to be away from home sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot but at the end of it, It pays off. Allah will give soo much reward. Everyday is a new day, with new things to learn, but that feeling of missing home kicks In sooner or later. You start feeling home sick. You have a thought in your mind and speak it out loud with others too telling them and they will agree too, that we just want to go home now, we can’t take madressa anymore. We just want to leave. But let me tell you this, no one ends up leaving. And at the end of the 5years journey… and you finally come to the end and are about to leave you will regret what you used to say.

Today after 3 years of finishing from madressa I wish I can go back. I miss every bit of It. I miss everyone, the unity, the friendship, the hatred, the laughter, the joys, the tears, the sadness, each and every moment was soo precious and valuable but we failed to realize… if only… if only we had taken every moment as precious and valuable as it ought to be.. but nay we surpassed our desires and lavishly spent our time in things that weren’t of any use.

May Allah forgive us. May Allah accept whatever little that we did, continue to reward us for it and keep us steadfast on it. Aameen.

The night flew by its like we slept but barely slept. We were up for Fajr quick enough… rushed to the “Jamat Khana” to offer our Salaah, sadly only few more days to offer our Salaah here. Everything was our last.

Some went for breakfast… some got so busy and caught up with other things & didn’t end up having breakfast… like for example me. I think in these few days I barely got a chance to eat. Not to forget to mention I’m Not a fan of eating much. I eat very limited amount of food, which is more than enough for me.

But don’t get me wrong I love going out to restaurants to eat I think I know pretty much all the fancy ones in and around Toronto and vicinity, and also been to most with friends and family.

On this note, we have an upcoming event for June 2nd: 9am-12.. (really that early, what Guji wakes up that early and goes to eat & that too on time. Lol) It’s when the two HaafizSaabs return back from India for Ramadhaan breaks. All the WSG-West Side Gujarat cousins are planning to go out to eat @ Affy’s Premium Grill. Hopefully, everything goes well. Can’t wait! Than that will be something to blog about.

I also love to COOK. Only problem I got is I don’t got anyone who will eat the food. So I’m hoping my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا,’ is a big fan OF food. Because you know the saying that goes: “The way to a mans heart is through his stomach..” it’s either because she cares to satisfy his hunger or to get him fat so that no other women will fall in love with him. hehe.. I like the end part of that.

As Desi people are never on time. Surprisingly way before expected time I was called quickly to the front with my group to start doing Istiqbaal/Welcoming the honorable guest.

The Kitchen Hall was getting filled up at a very fast pace. You can see the women all dressed up in exclusive Abaayas, with their Corresponding black shawls… all different variations of colours, styles, sequences, diamonds, stickons, swarovski crystals, & different prints etc. Their Shawls were also in all sorts of styles. It seemed like they were in a fashion show, each one trying to outdo the other. I’m not saying anything in the bad way. It’s just that nowadays women have the tendency to show-off it’s no more wearing Abaya for Allah. Khair, I’m no one to judge. But many will agree with me.

Khair.. all talks aside, the sessions started one after the other. As per schedule. Sometimes one would be delayed but all went really well.. soon the day was over. It included lunch, supper..the Salaahs, afternoon & evening sessions. With Qira’ah, Nazams, Ta’leem, Bayaans, flashbacks, plays, & much more. (See attached Pamphlet pic)

P.S. Met a pioneer of the Madrasah..amazing DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation).. enjoy your next few days down memory lane. Especially Bukhari Jalsa.