{29}…Part 20 -Dec/15/2010

And I flashed back to the night where it was all happening

Today is Wed. DEC 15/2010… (3 years ago)…I was reading the pamphlet…
Madrasah Mueinul Islam

Alumni Reunion

16-18 December 2010
10-12 Muharram 1432

1 Mustard Drive, Zakariyya Park 1827,
PO BOX 10529, Lenasia 1820,
South Africa
Tel: +2711 859 1367

Tomorrow is the “Grand Alumni 25 Year Reunion for M.M.I. wait a second our final exam was today… I’ll never have to write an exam for Aalimah ever again. Inshallah…. for girls especially in last few years there is no such a thing as failing. Yea maybe in first few years you might fail. And on this note. I think in the first year there were 90 girls on n off. 5th yr ended up with around 30 & a lot of girls including myself joined in afterwards.

Back to the topic…We are expected to have women from all across the globe. All the ladies, well back then girls whoever came to the madressa even for a while and didn’t complete were also invited. And all the Aalimas who completed were no doubt invited.

There were to enjoy themselves while us here, bichara US , we had to sacrifice for them I mean come on with final exams of the final year… 3days before our Bukhari Jalsa.. we running around cleaning up, packing up.. oh talking about cleaning… I’ll tell you what happened behind the scenes but a little bit later.

The Ameera of our Madrasah, who was none other than my classmate, made me incharge of doing “Istiqbaal”

I was fortunate enough to be the leader of the group that does Istiqbaal, because they saw me as a very sociable individual, who gets along with anyone & everyone even if I don’t know them. So my job was to greet them as soon as they pass through the gates and past the red heavy velvet curtains..oh how I miss seeing that sight.. it’s like I can visualize it right infront of my eyes.

I got a love note from the Ameera.. (I have it infront of me right now) it was a small paper folded up into 6. I unfolded it. It read:

Morn 9:00 Arrival 8:45
Afternoon: Not sure Find out
You need plastic Bags, smiling face, more place for women , first row free for special guest so keep free (Apa will let you know) (colour scarf)

And a list of 9 girls
2 from class 4
7 from class 3

Soon after I folded the paper and put it in my top pocket of my uniform.yes you heard me right.. white uniforms.. white Namaz Burkhas.. love white but come on who likes uniforms. And the worst is the washing part.. and ironing.. yup.. Apa will yell you if Apa sees unironed uniforms. Khair, it’s a little thick material, the dress is below knees. With slits from below hip on both sides that have a green thick lining. And pants have to be ironed with the line going straight down. Like dress pants.. (or like how Guji dads or granddads wear their everyday pants, trust me nana does, and he makes sure the line is there).

I quickly rushed to gather the girls. As my favourite colour was purple we all wore purple shawls.

What my duty was to just stand there greet the women who were coming in with a smile from one ear to the other. Welcome them, then offer them “Zam Zam Water & Khajoor” that’s right it’s the M.M.I. Sunnah that even every year at Bukhari Jalsa as soon as you walk in and are greeted your offered “Zam Zam Water & Khajoor.” And Subhanallah we never run short. And mind you it’s original “Zam Zam Water” not like typical Indian people who feel scared to run short so they mix normal water with it. Khair.

So after they had that, I would send them Past the 2nd gates to register. I was really surprised with these landscape sized pages. On it they had to fill their info, Name, Address, Number, when they attended, etc and a small box with their room number. That was to be filled by one of my 9 girls who whould escort them to the room they’d stay the night in.

From there they would be taken all the way through ‘Block A’ & Block B’ and into the kitchen where the sessions were taking place. It can hold over 1000 people. And around thats how many people we had altogether more or less.

The actual cooking kitchen area was closed and sealed with black plastic or something because we had hired Male Cooks to make us breakfast, Lunch and supper for 3 continuous days. I’m telling you some men can cook better than women..other’s can’t cook to save their lives.

On one side before entering the kitchen there were few brothers incharge of the Mic and sound systems along with recording the Moulanas.

P.S. Next few days are filled with lots of excitement, and tears…as this journey is about to end… I mean Madrasah life.. to be continued… btw remember this is exact 3 years ago.