Happy birthday to you,
But are you sure if the date is true,
Maybe you’re an orphan,
They just found you by the fence,
Do I make sense..

Well happy bday to you,
But Im not sure if the date is true,
Maybe you’re an adopted child.
When you’re born, you were so young,
How could you have known this.

Hey happy bday to you,
Cmon look a little happy,
get in the mood,
I don’t mean to create a scene,
But looking at you, I kept thinking.

Well happy bday to you, 
Maybe the nurse forgot your birth,
And picked a random date,
So this birthday could be fake,

Happy bday to you,
But your mom n dad dont resemble you,
Happy bday to you,
Hope you didn’t mind,
Am I too rude,
Happy bday to you,
Im your best friend,
so I’m concerned.
What if they lied to you…

Hahaha…. someone has to break the news to you!!!

Wow your 16!!! Finally!!! Hopefully you get your G1 .. well we did say we will pitch in $10 each and an extra $10, if u fail. Lol. Better get your licence soon, and start driving the Mini-Cooper..lol. I don’t think you’ll be trusted on that for a long time.

So today is my other better half, my cousin, ‘My Baba’, sisters “Sweet Sixteenth Birthday” she is a year older now.. hopefully her brain will also become older.. I mean you know she can mature up a little more. Oops Im wishing that she won’t beat me up. Okie I’ll take my words back.. she definitely doesn’t look her age.. she looks more like a dohima.. hehe Lol. Just kidding. Not.. lol. I can feel her big Hoore-Ain eyes.

“If eyes can kill then I’m a serious killer.”
Those big eyes Mashallah. I mean it’s good to have big eyes, but sometimes they are scary. MWAH baba, luv u don’t be naar with me, cuz u no u love me.

Khair. There is soo much to say about her… but cant explain it all in words. (Hehe, that’s what you say when you don’t feel like writing) I bet you laughed. Or you just did.

So this bday girl is like another me. I mean c’mon her name has half of my name in it. And the name always has an effect on the person. Our thoughts, ideas, feelings, choices, style, personalities, emotions, behaviours, characteristics…etc. are all the same. Alhumdulillah, Mashallah.

If I ever need anyone to talk to she is as far as a msg away. Although now she is a nerd, even though she always has fantasies and dreams of dropping out, yet she is forever busy with school work. Unless that’s just an excuse of not speaking to me. Who knows.

But all I can say is whenever we speak we have endless conversations of anything and everything. It’s like all the missed times and gaps of not being intouch is all discussed within hours. If we don’t meet for a few weeks it feels like forever. As I’ve mentioned before, her house is my house too. It’s my Ramadan Sunnah to stay at her house.

Togethet we go chill to malls, go out to eat, bike rides & even my attempt of running laps on the field.. oh and not to forget illegal driving, I think twice.. shhh c’mon all of you must have drove bfor 16, or ur missing out.

Ever since we were younger, we would always be around each other every now and then. Since 01′ we used to meet occasionally, a handful amount of times a year.. since past few years our bound grew to the the height of friendship, which will always be cherished. We always have each other’s back. We tend to look out for each other. We are indeed very close to heart and also in distance. When we speak to each other we have a spark of happiness that seems to ignite to its max.

We feel soo lonely when we get busy and don’t have time to communicate. But it seems like we never get tired of running in each other’s minds.

Today whilst typing this I’ve got tears in my eyes. I don’t know how to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. There is always a piece of my heart that you’ve been residing in. Non can take your place. Your such an amazing, wonderful, awesome, comforting sister. Know that if I didn’t have you, than at many stages of life I would of been lost, and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Whenever I’m in any difficulty or going through some sort of stress or through problems I know youd hear me out and help me.

I can’t promise to be as amazing to you as you are to me. But I’ll surely help you as much as I can.

If tomorrow I’m married and gone far away from you. I’ll count on you because You know you have to make the condition with your brother-in-law to bring me to visit you and you only..even if not anyone else. (I can see youth smile)

The life and thought of marriage sometimes seems scary. It would be a next chapter of my life. People tend to forget their family because of being so busy, But I’m sure I won’t forget you.. cuz I know you’d haunt me down. Lol.

I know that you might have already thought about me getting married and leaving you. It will be 99.99% harder to leave you then it would be to leave my own family. I will surely miss you lots.. but you’ll have to promise not to miss me. It will be bad for your health, u’ll goin weight lol. And you have to always come and visit me.

Khair, let me stop here… I have soo much more to say. But maybe another time. Times running short& its a long post. I love you lots like no other.

May Allah grant you Aafiyah, well being, good health, success, wealth, Deen, Dunya, a Prince Charming, pious children.
May Allah save you from all hardships, calamities, difficulties, Shaitan, sicknesses, trials, stress.
May Allah grant you the best in both the worlds.
May Allah make it easy for you in the Qabr, Hashar, pulsirat, and give your book of deeds In your right hand without any recoking.
May Allah accept every Duaa and fulfill every dream and Grant every wish.
May Allah enter you into JANNATUL-FIRDOUS.
May Allah accept every Duaa in your favour.
Aameen, Ya Rabbal Aalaameen.

…Your always in my Duaas, keep me in your pious & precious Duaas.

I leave you with this:
Life is a journey on borrowed time from Allah.
Live it to the fullest by engaging in Zikr & Ibaadat of Allah.
Be like a rose, spreading its fragrance to all.
Be like the earth… humble and wise.
Lastly be like the sun rays, spreading your positivity and happiness to all.

P.S. Please make me Maaf for all my shortcomings. Tc. Mwahugggs…love ya always. ♥