{27} …Part 18

It’s soo funny when I tell people something about science… they think I’m lying & just making things up. Like seriously I’m not uneducated, thank you very much for your tips but I graduated from high school along with a scholarship into university. Alhumdulillah, Mashallah.

On this note most people have an average normal body temperature of about “36.5°C (97.7°F)”, well since the past week on & off when I woke for Fajr I’d have a fever with the elevation of temperatures rising over & above “39.4°C (103°F).” This increase triggered muscle pain, chills through the body & despite the high temperature felt cold and the hair on my body would standing. Khair. Allah forgives sins, all we can do is pray & have faith.

‘Umrah Family Trip’ is getting to my mind. Nothing is decided as yet, busy with bookings and visa. Sadly from the 7 of us I’m the only one whose passport has to be renewed. Well I’m going to get the 10 year passport then don’t need to worry can go & chill wherever & whenever I want. I believe our trip will be a Mid-2014-Spring trip. May Allah make everything easy. See this is the reason I never wanted to tell anyone. Khair. Whatever happens always happens with a reason.

Had an amazing weekend chilling with my other half family. Cousin called me up & came to pick me up in HER ‘Mini-Cooper’ yup she can drive stick… and it’s amazing cuz when US girls walk out of it… they go like ooooo.. and all eyes on us. They expect a guy to walk out.

P.S. 7hrs till 12-06-13!