“My heart was naar (angry)! It was so sore as though a lump of salt had been thrust into it!

So how would you feel when you want to give someone a surprise and someone else just thinks they are soo cool and they spoil it for you. they just want to show-off to others… and when you try to tell them WHY are you going and telling others.. you get the answer oh they will find out anyways.

Sometimes there are just some things you cant tell everyone.

Wallah I was soo excited and I was planning to even blog about it. I felt like I got whatever I wished for. Until I heard someone telling someone else on the phone.

I wish I never was around. I wish my secret would of stayed as a secret.

I love you soo much… but why would you spoil it why would you burst my bubble.. its like in Madressa we would say you got popped. Well that’s exactly what happened to me. or even worse.

I feel like I got betrayed. We had a small negotiation where as we wont go tell anyone till things are perfectly in order and ready…

Well here it is my friends, family and Loved ones…

MY NANA… promised me in 2009 that as soon as I become an Alimah he will take me for Hajj or Umrah.

So I graduated in Dec 2010. so we decided to go for Hajj for the past few years, but nana was too weak.

Nana & Nani however built up the courage and Inshallah, we will be performing UMRAH in a months time.

Nothing is ready as yet, however the intention is there. we are just booking tickets and visa…

I was mad excited I was at the height of ecstasy and so fascinated and overwhelmed until it was spoilt.

I didn’t want anyone to know until we actually got our visa… so now everyone make dua we get our visa etc.

If its in our Taqdeer than we will surely visit Makkah Sharif & Madina Sharif…

We as in.. me, mom, nana, nani and maybe aunt (moms sis) along with her son and daughter. Family trip for the first time ever.

Again, I’m not sure if I’m as excited as I was before, but hopefully, things will set right.

Make Dua for me & my family that may Allah fulfill our intentions & make everything easy for us & may Allah accept it…Aameen

P.S. maybe just maybe Allah wants to take me so that I can go there and ask and beg of Allah and Inshallah when I return He can grant me my ‘Prince Charming/مولانا.’ Aameen.