{25}…Part 16-Depressed

I’m so fed up so I barely blog. Till I was sent a message:
“Yeah Start blogging again. Do it. Jazaks for ur moral booster.”

Sometimes when your friend is going through exactly what you went through or are going through. You wish u can send them a far away yet close warm hug along with kisses… Eish u know the feeling of it can travel fast. And the debate of wheather it’s MWAH or MUAH should be left on the side.

‘Sabr ke phel meethe hote hai..well bfor they go bad.’

We feel stressed & depressed for some reason. We feel fed up. We get BORED. We don’t feel like doing anything, especially anything Islamic. Our piety feels finished. What is happening to us? Why do we feel this way?

This is a test from Allah. As a Muslim we shouldn’t be depressed, pray 2 Nafl, make Duaa & have Sabr. Khair, Aallah aasaan kare. Aameen.

‘What goes around comes around.’ I once was told few months ago not too be depressed, because Muslims don’t get depressed & now they themselves are depressed. As a friend I’m here & I’ll help, being far away in distance doesn’t matter as long as we are close to heart & we know how to help because we’re going through the same situations. I sure can be a moral booster.

So smile my friend…it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a feeling of loneliness, especially because we want togetherness. I think it’s a normal feeling for an unmarried individual even more because society is always pushing for the need of marriage!

Our parents are too slow in finding our spouse. They either want someone more than a HAAFIZ OR They find Non-Islamic ones, which is such a clash everytime. The comparison of a Wife in Hijab is likely to a Husband without a beard. Well that’s in my own opinion.

We keep debating, but its difficult & not sure as to what we really want. It’s a daily battle fought within ourselves.

I dont even know anymore. Do u think we should just marry a normal person as in Hijabi only or without beard. Whereas, we always looking around for the likeness of a niqaabi or to a man with a beard.

It’s hard to find a spouse who is willing to compromise. If we find a normal spouse who is non Islamic… then we have to make them Islamic. Either a Hijabi to Niqaabi or obviously would want a man to donn himself with a sunnah beard.

Honestly speaking don’t even know what we want in a spouse. People are just nagging and forcing. We got people from all sides pushing us… It’s that time now that all limits have been crossed. Its that feeling in the heart. So it’s just like Eish, someone anyone just come now whoever it is & wherever.

But i guess at the end of the day, think about it, maybe we shouldn’t let anyone do anything to us. We should just relax and shouldn’t feel or think in this way.

I mean if we know what we want from a spouse & then search accordingly than that would make a big difference. Someone in Niqaab or with a beard with a positive thinking. Nothing else tbh. But its so hard to find that apparently. It is.. its a cold world. But we’ll find that spouse.

On the attempt of matchmaking, my cousins keep telling me they want to put my Ad on http://www.muslimmatrimony.com or http://www.shaadi.com …like really. Get out of here. Btw, I heard all those sites are rubbish & they not even real. Whatever!

I’m just an individual trying to help those inneed. Coz our roles in society are to console yet we forget ourselves and need someones help too. Because the people these days are soo Matlabi. Hope it makes you feel better.

P.S. I guess we will Just have to wait for our potential spouse… who will hopefully come soon. Inshallah.