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…Cousin= CN Tower

It was such a busy week, Alhumdulillah, through the grace of Allah, He accepted me & I joined in for 3 days with the England Ladies Jamat. They from proper London, near Green Street…where you’d find all the Desis. A lot to learn from the elders, did translation from Urdu to English for the Sisters who didn’t understand Urdu, May Allah accept it & make us practice. Aameen.

So today is the 24th & it’s my cousins 16th b-day… The Barber, Molana then him the CN Tower & one other brother… Eish everytime I see him I feel like he is getting taller. Btw he is the tallest in the whole family. Since he came back from 40 Days Jamat, because of the blessings of all the noor & knowledge, he keeps growing. Now he needs to put on some weight Lol.

Khair, may Allah always bless him, grant him success, happiness & well being in both the worlds. May Allah accept his work of Deen & keep him steadfast on it. May Allah protect him from Shaitan& all evils. Aameen.

This week didn’t have time for anyone. My Apologies for not replying back (1500+ MSGS). I felt like everyone was missing me. Lol. Hopefully & I pray to Allah that when I die people will remember me, in a good way & I hope they pray & send me the rewards. The truth is this world will end or we will die before that. When a person remembers US in a time of need, no matter who it is, then we are truly friends. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

P.S. I visited one Aunty, within 5mins she offered me her son-I RAN!…TBC