So Nana went for Janazah, the uncle had a bypass & in the hospital since a few months on life support.

Nana came home wearing someone elses shoes, apparently someone stole his from Toronto and Subhanallah the next day at Asr he found them in our Masjid, in his own reserved spot on the shelf-btw, all his shoes have his autograph. Jokingly, I said to him Jinnaat must’ve put them there. So he was Like no the Farishtas did, cuz they saw me searching for them. Subhanallah.

As usual I had Nanas SUV all to myself. So was planning to go shopping & to chill, but decided to be a’ BO HAARI POIRY’ lol.

So why am I always speaking about Nana & Nani & not my parents. Well, Sometimes you just get fedup of life & just feel like running away & family just gets soo much to you & on your mind. I deny this, You know what they say, if you don’t come right by your parents- there is always Nanis place… whereas, wrong, I’m living my life to the fullest. So it was actually like hey that’s it I’m going to Nanis, because the sky is always blue under Nanis house. 😀

So Alhumdulillah, its been over a year since I’ve been enjoying my stay at Nanas. In other words I’m staying with them to do their Khidmat, they 75+ yrs old, been in Canada since 40 years. Very active & we cherish each others company together. When I’m gone to chill for the weekends, they express the emptiness they felt.

P.S. Mashallah, I have the BEST GRANDPARENTS in the entire world. If you’d know them you’d smile in agreement.TBC..