Eish, my fingers got silicone… Nana isn’t home, so decided to put the vinyl-floor in the washroom. Silicone is used to keep things in place -used my fingers & worst while washing I rubbed them, so tried with different soaps then lastly put oil & soap. Well that’s what happens when you try to do things the Guji-way.

Well, don’t ever underestimate the power and ability of women. Especially someone who has experience in every field. Alhumdulillah, Mashallah. Painting, installing windows, floors, Carpet, installing other things. I was suppose to be gifted a whole tool box, just because I use it soo much. I keep telling myself this is the last time I’m doing something in my house. But I guess it’s a never ending job. It’s like I’m a personal handy-woman. Shukr,will NEVER have to depend on anyone.

Oh & Home Interior Designer, is just a habit. I can give a makeover to your home, by making holes in your walls, etc. Just link me up, for anything& everything. I’ve learned from elders that we should be an expert in ever field. As is beautifully said: do things for Allaah & Deen & Allaah will make Dunya come to your feet Khair.

So where did Nana go?
I bet he was so excited for a sleepover after 5+ yrs -to his sisters house. Although he ended up staying at his cousins, in Toronto. Ok well, he was a bit happy but sad cuz he went for his sisters-brother in-laws Janazah- which will take place after Zuhr.

P.S. Nani was too cute telling Nana, he should go tomorrow! But sadly he left:'(