Alhumdulillaah…. I’m in LOVE!!
My postman finally decided to deliver me my new love!
Welcome home: Samsung Galaxy..
Oh & Jazakallah to my friend for my lovely gift..I can cherish my new phone without paying a cent for it… you’ll always be in my Duaas. May Allaah grant you eternal success. Aameen.

Nov. 16-after Isha 100 people from the family was invited to an ENGAGEMENT / SHERBURT as Gujis call it. Ammm… I’m totally against it. In Islam there is no such a thing. There is no basis for it in the Shariah. And let alone having an engagement party, how lowly can we as humans get to keep such a gathering in a Masjid!!! Khair, may Allaah grant everyone Hidayat. Aameen. May Allaah also bless this couple with success in both worlds and make them the means of happiness for their families. AAMEEN.

Inshallaah, when I get married I want a very sweet and simple wedding according to Sunnah, in order to set an example for all those to follow after me. The most Blessed weddings are those which are simple and less costly.

Just now, Nana was saying to his friend “let’s take care of ourselves we have to get our grandchildren married.” Shame the whole family is on my case. I don’t blame them but hey they got to do some more patience.

Nana & Nani & others want me married the reason they say is that when you will get married it will bring US happiness, because you are a means of happiness for us. Alhumdulillaah, Mashallaah.

P.S. Making Duaa for my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا.’ Do Duaa too!