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Come Join Me. . . !!!

Shopping Spree…anyone???
Join me at THE BAY!
This Saturday!
2 Gift Cards…
Worth $70.00;
Wait. . . Maybe more!
Jazakallah Mummy!!!
L♥√ع you!

Maaf….I really can’t type today. . .and here’s why…!!!

So today, still attempting to cook, I decided to make Fried Tandoori Chicken for Iftaar, which I marinated the night before. I absolutely don’t know where my mind was wandering….(well I think I was praying for my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا.’)

As a typical Guji… I too L♥√ع tea, but very strong (qaraq) & very sweet too… So I made tea on the small front ring of the stove-removed it and opened the lid of the fry pan which was on the back ring, & placed it by the front ring, and screamed INNAA LILLAAH!!!

I placed my left index finger on the front stove ring & burnt my self… I thought to my self. Oh Allaah save me from Jahannam….how in the world would that punishment be bearable. “Oh Allaah save us from the Fire.” Aameen.

Khair I got a 10 out of 10 for the Chicken. So it rubbed off the pain! Will not really but everyone enjoyed it. (rubbed ZAM-BUK)

Oh and I also baked Cheesecake.! It didn’t taste bad. I did try it & ate most of it already & NO! I never passed out. Cuz I’m still typing here, unless its my JINN- haha, that’s a whole new story to blog of-later!

Although I was inviting anyone who wanted to come eat- except that you’d come at your own risk- cuz you know Nana would of swore you- midnight isn’t the best time although he was sleeping you’d have to face Nani- even worse-you know cuz she is the BOSS! I L♥√ع her! Alhumdulillah, Mashallah.

Oh and so we suppose to spend more on our family right??? Which also includes making atleast an extra dish. So mom told me not to cook & decided to bring over not only Haleem and Naan. But also, she brought for me: 2 types of Chicken, Gosht, Falooda, Sweet Milk, Khamri, Malai, Paaper..and much more…..

She wants me to gain weight, for don’t no what reason. Maybe she should eat all that and gain weight on my behalf! Although she knows I barely eat- I usually have to put things in the freezer. Like she bought me food last week-sadly it was still in the fridge.

So Nani said to me: watch if you don’t eat then… & then we both just laughed! Alhumdulillah, MashaAllah!

Oh and Mummy, gave me a Kitaab to read- only at this moment, I can’t tell you what its for. . . Which I did return back to her… Your gunna have to wait for me to blog of the Kitaab, later on. . . W A I T- have Sabr! (hehe)

And yea, BEST of all was the 2 gift cards she gave me!!! So again Nani goes why are you giving to her! Mummy said she can go buy what she wants!!!!! I mean come on what are moms for??? Lol.

P.S. Waiting for you to come join me this Saturday! (its so Guji like, cuz I’ll see you all at The Bay! But hehe, u think I’ll share the cards with you!) lol. Shame.