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{24} …Part 15 -Classrooms; Student & Teacher!

Quick Reminder: Try to fast on Wed. 9th of Muharram and Thurs. 10th of Muharram-if not then 10th and 11th. & on 10th spend more on family. Say Inshallah.


Every STUDENT In Our Class Is a GEM…That Will Make Our Name SHINE On The Day Of Qiyaamah, InShaaAllaah! ♥

TEACHING: You laugh, you cry, you work even harder than you ever thought you could. Some days you’re trying to change the world. Some days you’re just trying to make it through the day. Your wallet is empty, your heart is full & your mind is packed with memories of kids who have changed your life.


Can’t type proper, kinda got cut on my thumb with a sharp knife, eish, so much for my attempt of cooking. Khair. (more latEr)

Sometimes we feel soo lazy to teach. Its like we can’t bother anymore. Tawbah, I mean to think this way is not good. We have to stop Shaitan from coming to us. Allaah will reward us soo much for teaching. So its time to pull our socks up and continue teaching. We know all this but its hard thou. But where there is a will there is a way. Allaah made us learn Deeni Knowledge for one simple reason. . . To teach it to others. May Allaah Accept!

Alhumdulillaah, MashaAllah, through Allaah’s grace He had enabled me to teach in Various Deeni Institutions around the Globe, namely: •1)JAS, Bowmanville. •Scarborough-2)Huzaifa, 3)Nugget & 4)Abu Bakr. •South Africa-5)MMI, Zak Park & 6)At-Faalun Noor, Kokstad. •7)Guelph. •8)OMA, 9)Evening Madressa & 10)Conference Calls.

Alhumdulillaah, students from all different Countries. Viz.; Canada, America, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Somalia, Afghanistan, Thailand, etc. Oh and not to forget 2 reverts; one American Christian & one Hindu. Various Ages, anywhere from ages 3 to maybe age 50+, but more of ages 10 & under teenagers.

One day I was asked as to how many students I’ve taught. I mean I’ve never imagined it to be such a big number but Subhanallah & Mashallah! Let’s put it in this way, I’ve had over 30+ Deeni Teachers (Alim, Alimas & Muftis), and as we know every good deed is multiplied by 10, so through their blessings for whatever they’ve taught me…around 300+/- students. So in about 10 years along with studying Alima Course, taught for about 7+years (from 07′). For the 1st time ever, I finally decided to take a break. As well as family is not so supportive; they just want me married. (as if he is standing at my doorsteps, I wish..bichaara would freeze-last night felt like -11). I wish I can start teaching again, I stopped before Ramadhaan.

I wish I can say that this post was a hopes high for me to start teaching again, but instead its a motivation for others to continue to teach and to learn. I know my students are all scattered everywhere. I’m sincerely apologizing for that. Before Ramadhaan I had about 50 students. Now only maybe 10 go elsewhere to pray and rest don’t go to any Madressa. I feel bad for that, because if I were to continue teaching they’d all attend my classes. Khair we plan, but Allaah is the best of planners. I pray that everyone can continue studying & learning Deen, and practice on whatever is already learned. Sadly, now do we only realize how important it is to go to Madressa, even for an hour or 2, we only miss it when we have stopped attending it. Madressa is very important. Its incumbent for every Muslim to learn knowledge. The true value is only realized now.

As being a teacher being moody is normal, but we should be the happiest in our classrooms. Yea, as Imam Bukhari (Rahmatullah Alayh) has presented an interesting chapter in his book that its Jaaiz to get angry if you see anything you dislike. But so to say to blame Imam Bukhari and not oneself is not valid. There’s nothing to be pious about that. Everyone has their own Unique method of teaching. Let me tell u a key point, as being a good teacher, we should teach how we would like to be taught. Pyaar se, you know what I mean, with love. (BTW, I’d rather write things in Urdu than Guji, its more understood) I believe the 1st step of teaching a student is to be nice and kind to them, with the limits and not so soft either, that they walk all over you, but be firm and not harsh. As its beautifully quoted: “Dil Dough…Dil Low…Phir Deen Dough! /Give Your Heart…Take Their Heart, Then Give Deen.” Ajeeb Indeed.

“. . .I blew a kiss to you tooooo” is felt the same way as “. . .I want to punch you tooooo.” why??? Because supposedly, I’m being a Badtameez and Badhmash for not only quoting but including people on my blog. I like to include special people in my blog (without name of course) majority won’t know who I’m talking about, so why not???. I don’t know why, but when I tell people I’ll blog about them, they are so negative about it. Like on a serious note, If I blog about you, you should be happy that at least someone around the globe remembered you & PLUS, I’m not saying anything bad!.. Then I’m like given answers like: “Theek hain, ja kar jo karna hain.” Then apologies flood in one after the other. I’m not only speaking about anyone specific, in general, this is how I feel, many people tell me if not they feel likewise. So if you don’t want to be part of my blog. Well & Good! Let me know. I’ll be happy to save time…hehe, for those of you who know me, this is my evil side-not to mention I can’t be serious or mean for too long. So I don’t mind, get upset, serious or mad over petty issues-UNLESS if I’m not in the mood. Haha, maybe I should stop.

P.S. Okie so back to teaching. I hate EXAMS! (arrgh too lazy to type). To Be Continued…!!!