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{23} …Part 14 -Beard, Hijaab, Nails, Students.

Today such a time passed us that will never come again in our whole life:

Time 08:09:10

Date 11-12-13


Thought Provoking Points:

“Before giving Da’wah, Win the Confidence of the person for him/her to be able to Positively Consider the Da’wah.

Do not expect Food to be Cooked if the Plate of the Stove is not SWITCHED on.

SWITCH on the Hearts of People through L♥√ع and Compassion before Putting anything Into the Hearts of people.”


Apologies for these few days, couldn’t post, will could of, but…wasn’t really in the mood of anyone or anything. Also, phones killing the nerves out of me, my old white BlackBerry 9700, gave up on me after more than a year, although its been in use since 2011. Al-Widaa, its almost in my Memory Box. Now this BlackBerry 9780, is also very weird. Can’t wait for my new phone, soon, Inshallah!

Soo what did I do when phone was chowing my brain? I decided to put Mendhi on, to keep me busy. Btw whoever my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا.’ will be I really do hope he likes Mendhi, will not really hand Mendhi, just Nails. I know many people who hate Mendhi or hate the smell of it. Well it is a sunnah for women. Ever since I came back from South Africa, I’m like hooked on. Sometimes its annoying, because I don’t like it yellow, so I have to put the South African Nail Mendhi for many hours so that it catches the colour well; nice and dark. And plus I like to do it neatly, like it takes me a few good hours just to put it on. No I’ve never got a manicure or pedicure done. I like to take my own sweet time to expertly and professionally, put Nail Mendhi then cut, shape and round, my nails. 

Let me tell you what I tell my students. If you want to know how dirty a person is look at their feet nails, toes watever u call them. Lol, I bet u checked your feet nails! Or maybe you did just now! Hehe. In my class, its a rule to show me your nails every Friday, before entering the class, if not cut, take the nail cutter and cut, especially feet nails. Its good then only will the importance thereof come into them. In fact they will really appreciate it in their later life & remember me for it.

Alhumdulillah, I always get feedback from many family & friends that wow, Subhanallah! I have really stunning fingers & such pretty hands, MashaAllah! May Allaah save me from Nazar. I would of posted a snap, but…Too bad Too sad, noone can see my hands (except females) because Alhumdulillah, Mashallah, without any pride I can say that Allaah has given me tawfeeq to wear gloves and may Allaah grant me istiqaamat, Aameen. At first it was easy whilst staying in SA Madressa, seeing many friends doing likewise, then after coming home, family thought I was too extreme, so I used to on and off, then some few Esteemed Aapas from South Africa came and by doing their Khidmat, Allaah blessed me and instilled in me strength to wear. I can truly say I intended since 09′ but Allaah gives Hidayah when he wills. 

♥ A head of the Sufees (Rahmatullah Alaih), from Baghdad, once said: “Stories of the pious and godly are Allaah’s special devices, which encourage the hearts of those who strive in his path.”

There are 3 stages; sometimes whenever we want to do an act of goodness, Shaitan always comes in between, whispers in our ears and makes us start doubting. We start off weak, but as the time goes by Allaah makes our Imaan stronger. First anything we do as a kid, we copy because of seeing the elders so 1st is Riya/ Showing-off. As the years go by, we keep on doing the action so 2nd it becomes Aadat/Habit. Lastly something thats acted on continuously becomes an act of Ibaadat/ Worship.

Like since a child we were always told to wear Hijab, as growing up at the age of 11Ish felt awkward to go around without a Nikaab because Mummy & Sister used to wear. Its an act of worship to follow on the command of Allaah and cover our beauty. Now in no way am I trying to show off here, please hear me out properly. I want that others get motivated to wear Hijab, And Abayah and then Nikaab too . It can be done step by step progressing as the years go by. 

I know many many girls who started Hijaab and Abaaya, and not to mention Nikaab as well, just because of seeing me & others doing so. So Inshallah, when we see others we also want to be like them. Subhanallah, I’ve seen my own students with my own eyes and others can testify to this as well.

1st Week: Hijab unpinned, tshirt and pants.

2nd Week: Hijab pinned, long top & pants.

3rd Week: Shawl tied nicely, huge bunn, dress & tights.

4th Week: Shawl pinned, no bun. Indian clothes.

A month later: Abayah and beautified with a nice pinned up shawl!

And that’s not it, Alhumdulillah, every person has a differnt way of teaching. I don’t tell them or force them, they just see others wearing and they too want to. When they love you they’d do anything to make you happy. And some wear only to madressa, out of respect. Others… Unbelievable! I have to share this, one student in high school didn’t come to madressa, I asked the next day why not, she said she just started wearing abaya, and she never even went to school cuz her Abaaya was in the wash and she didn’t want to go without it! I was like Subhanallah! How much Allaah must have rewarded her for it. 

Sometimes when we want something from others, the rule is do it ourselves first and you’ll see the outcome of it in others. Wallaahi, I have to say this, from the bottom of my heart, I feel so rejuvenated & rejoice by seeing my students in Hijaab, and Abayah. And I pray for them that May Allaah open all the doors of guidance for them to progress in Deen & accept from us and istiqaamat. Aameen. I tell them how beautiful they look, its that modest look that they have, portraying them as Muslimas. Wallaahi its like a before and after look. Its something to compliment them about. They just look stunning!

When a Non-Muslim sees a Muslima in her Hijaab etc, and sees a man with a beard and thowb and topi, the 1st thought to run accross their mind is that she/ he is a Muslim. This even is a way of giving them Dawat, we will be rewarded for that. Even Men who grow their beards, Wallah they look soo manly and handsome. I want my Man to have a beard, I mean it would be nice… Its a Sunnah of our beloved Habib Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe wasallam). We should encourage every man in our household and families to beautify their faces with this sunnah, and Inshallah we will be rewarded. Eish, men should be seen during the 1st 10th day of Zul-Hijjah….I mean I’m not telling you to look at non-mehrams, but hey the ones who are always clean shaven, you’ll see their true beauty, I mean seriously clean-shaven faces don’t look good. May Allaah give everyone Hidayah, Aameen.

P.S. After thanking Allaah, I’d like to thank and send my heartfelt warm wishes, although their have been many inspiring servants of Allaah, however to those certain individuals, who played a great role in motivating me to dress according to a Muslimah. ♥ May Allaah accept it and grant steadfastness & forgive for our short comings. . .Aameen.