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{21} …Part 12- Aunt, Growing Older, Uncle, 

Days are going by on the wings of a butterfly, each breath we take is being deducted from our life… Today someone valuable to us is reaching Allaah, tomorrow it’ll be us. We say we are getting older day by day. But we don’t realize no one grows younger. Just like how we are getting older so are our Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles and not to forget our Grandparents. These people play a great role in our life. Don’t know how fast the years are going. Seems like just yesterday I was 13, how 10 years went by. Everyone grew up too fast, not only age wise but height wise as well. Many people are dying with sicknesses, others are battling within themselves for every breath. We should thank Allaah for every breath of ours and ask him to protect us from every sickness, Aameen. 

Just made 2 phone calls; 1 to Aunty and 1 to Uncle. Sadly in English Language they don’t have specific words, both whould be known as Paternal aunty and uncle, whereas its Kaaki (dads bros wife) & Fuvaji (dads sisters husband). Both have turned a year older. Don’t worry its their real birthday. For some odd reasons most Indian people have two, one real one -and usually fake one on passports. Khair, Aunty was happy that I never forgot. And Uncle was making excuses of how we don’t celebrate, and then 3sec later, all he wanted was a gift. I said we don’t give on the same day, he said NO what will you all get me, ok will you get me tomorrow. Lol. Aint no body got money to buy, I aint working, n I get pressies myself, so why bother. Ok I didn’t tell him that but I was like my Uncle has everything what does he want, he said you have to get for me something.

Some people in life they maybe very closely related & would have the most right on you. But don’t really appreciate, care, cherish, honor, love about you, etc. There are others like Aunty, who I called earlier, who not only does the above but takes me as her own daughter. Its like my sunnah, every Ramadhaan, is a must for me to stay over at her house along with her 3 daughters. Each one is a jewel on her own. (let’s not get so happy, not going to write about them, hehe) I love Aunty like a mother if not more, both her & her hubby are like my mother & father! I’m never rejected away from staying at her house, in fact she makes sure I go over and she won’t send me back home. We go places together, and I feel like only Allaah is the one who has instilled this love in our hearts and the hearts of the families. There is noone in the world who can be compared to Aunty, as her characteristics, Akhlaaq, manners, clean heart, manner of doing everything, is UNIQUE and EXQUISITE, typically extremely beautiful. I love her for my Allaahs sake. May Allaah accept every Duaa of hers, and grant her eternal success in both the worlds. Aameen. She will forever be in my Duaas. 

Uncle who I called on the other hand, doesn’t have any daughters, so he loves all us daughters as his own. We have a very nice bond, Alhumdulillaah. He is well respected and is the eldest from Uncles & Aunts in our family. He is very chill, always up-to-date in his appearance, home, style, phone, etc. He has certain rules and ways of doing things, and everyone knows it should be done in the like manner. He has lots of respect and akhlaaq. He loves traveling places, not to forget, when he went to, Jordan, Dubai and India he bought me a Cloak/Jubba each time. He is short & simple in his speech to the point, very stern, and hot-tempered also. But hey, he is down to earth, especially when it comes to going out somewhere. And his 1st wifey is his iPhone, its like he is extremely in love with her, will never leave her. When it comes to locking doors, you’ll learn that the only person in town with unlocked doors is his house, any given time of day or midnight, it’ll be open. Giving dawats is #1, Subhanallah, every few weekends, there is always a guest over. What I learned from seeing Uncle is that open your heart and give to others, be happy and never hold back, Allaah will give soo much in return, so much love and you’ll never be sad. Each of his 4Sons also have their unique qualities from their father like Akhlaaq and respect (gunna-b-Alim & Barber are mentioned). May Allaah always keep uncle happy, successful and keep sicknesses away from him, Aameen.

At the end of it all, both Aunty & Uncle, have only one concern for me which is none other than to get married. Aunty just recently came from Hajj, and she made soo much Duaa for me. She said she made Duaa that Allaah, make me get married to a Hubby who is Pious, Ulama, Handsome, Wealthy, Akhlaaqi, etc. InShaaAllaah, Aameen. Every time I visit Uncle he says to me, shall I find you someone. Only people who have love in their heart for you or care for you, will truly be concerned. They will always listen to you and wish only the best. 

P.S. I pray that may Allaah get me married soon enough so that I can be a means of happiness for the growing old people especially, so I can see the spark of happiness in my grandparents, who have been here for me my whole life. You also pray for me. And Eish…don’t know where my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا,’ is lost, but I feel that soon he will be headed home! InShaaAllaah, Aameen.