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{20} …Part 11- Death, Mmi, MUFTI…

Today is such a blah day….not in the mood of posting, but here is something, nice & short, hehe, hopefully….. Eish there is soo much to share, but just soo lazy.

“Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raaji’oon.” 

“To Allaah :SWT: We Belong, And To Him :SWT: We Shall Return.” 

Moulana Yunus Vahed (Rahimahullah-Alayh) of Maktab Azaadville Madressa and Jamiat Office has passed away. We lost another asset of South Africa. Another Aalim left us. “Mautul Aalim…Mautul Aalam/ Death of an Aalim is the death of a world.” So many big Ulamaas/Scholars are going from this world. Recently we have lost many people; my heart is crying and aching to hear these people leaving us one after the other. Day in and day out the signs of Qiyamah are being exposed to us; Qiyaamah is not far. Let us seriously check and change our lives. Please atleast recite 3x Surah Ikhlas and make Duaa for the Ummaah. Ya Allaah forgive us all and make us realize and prepare for our day as well. Earlier we heard about Hazrat Shaikh Ebrahim Mia Sahib (Rahimahullah-Alayh) of Khankah Zakariya (Lenz) who passed away in INDIA. Oh Allaah forgive them have mercy on them, fill their qabr with noor, grant their families Sabr, and give them residency in the highest stages of JANNAH! Aameen.


So the other day my classmate was messaging on our group asking regarding each person with their names (about around 20girls), I never thought that she would ask about me (#13), I felt soo happy…she was like: “11/4/2013 8:34 AM: Classmate: veiledprincess, bring z looooooong page naseehats.” I met her in MMI, and we go back long in the years before, we were also next door roommates for a year. “Room 7” The South African girls are so lucky they can go to MMI whenever they want!

MMI- Madressa Mueinul Islam-Zakaria Park…the Madressa I went to in South Africa for 15 months to study the final year of my Alima Class-Bukhari year. Alhumdulillah, MashaAllah (Bi Fadhlilllahi Tabaarak).

Few times I got a chance of giving water to drink to Muslim Sharif Ustaadh, other times would give the hot water bottle to Abba Jaan. But mainly there would be other specific girls who whould do that for the Ustaadh, may Allaah reward them well, Aameen. We just wish we could of done more Khidmat for them.

One day I remember after I came back in Ramadhan of 2011, I called Abba Jaan (Rahimahullah-Alayh), to ask how he was doing, and Wallah, he got soo happy and gave me soo many Duaas. Just because I called and spoke to him. He was like you are a true Beti Jaan. He was so happy that I was teaching. May Allaah grant him Jannatul-Firdous, Aameen. I never thought that would be the last time I’d get to speak to him. I regret it not calling my teachers. I feel like I’m not at that level that I can speak to my teachers, never have I fulfilled their rights. A few days back I had a dream with my MuftiSaab in it, and I feel like its been 4months since I’ve last spoken to him, and now I have to call him. its the bond we have to build with our teachers.

We can never fulfill the rights of our teachers, they are next to our parents, but yes one way to try to fulfill is that make Duaa for them, in every Duaa of ours we should include them, and whatever Nafl we pray we should transfer the rewards to them. Whatever they taught us we should teach to others so it remains Sadqa-Jariya for them. Last but not least ask Allaah to give them a better reward. Now we can just continue with Duaas and strengthen our Imaan. As one of the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu-Anhu) would say a person who has taught me even a single letter such as (an alif) he will become my teacher and I will have to fulfill his rights no matter what age or who it may be. 

Each teacher had different characteristics, they maybe silent but the vibe of their Imaan, and the manner of uttering each word and way of teaching, is worth mentioning. Words are nothing. If there could be anything so worse it would be words compared to reality, its like while taking a snap/picture, you miss out the moment. The actual beauty isnt captured. So until we aren’t in the presence of these teachers we cant experience anything. Words fail to explain. May Allaah reward each and every teacher around the globe abundantly. Aameen.

Today I heard this, and wasn’t really suprised, you know what people say regarding MuftiSaab, (our MMI principal) in springs, they say, he is so pious that even if there is no petrol in his car he just says Allaah Allaah and his car moves. No doubt it is only becuase of these valuable precious veiled gems that traverse the earth with their strong bond with the AlMighty Allaah, through which the punishment of Allaah is not hovering over us. It is because of the love these Scholars and pious God-fearing bandaas of Allaah, who are constantly in the Fikr of improving their relation with Allaah, and trying to save the nation from falling in the traps of shaitan. They help out in the Madressas, only leaving their reward unto Allaah. What more whould they want except that Allaah be pleased with them and enter them into JANNAH! 

P.S. There is much to say on this topic, which I will in a later post. InShaaAllaah…but do remember, keep it in mind that I have some unconditional bond and some sorta extraordinary L♥√ع for those individuals who are not only a Hafiz & Aalim, but also a MUFTI…..to be continued…..