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{19} …Part 10- HaafizSaab & Bhai. 

“Family & Friends are hidden treasures; seek them & enjoy their riches.”

“A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

“Its a collld world, ainnt nuthin sunny….” Noone wants to help out. Everyone’s just soo busy in their own world, caring the least about others. With the exception of those certain individuals out there, from our many family & friends, who are actually worth speaking about; they are The Sun That Brighten Up Our World!

WOW, Subhanallah! The topic for which I got the most hits on my blog, with the most views was for… “{15} …Part 6- HaafizSaabs”

https://veiledprincess.wordpress.com/tag/15/ …here is the feedback I got. Also a certain individual played the greatest role, so I felt like its worth writing a whole post dedicated to him:


“Yes I read it. All I can say is u touch my heart with what u said. Some deep stuff. I read it quite a few times too understand what u wrote. Jazakallah, u really motivated me to keep working harder, knowing I’ve got ppl out there supporting me.♥

Too be honest, I didn’t really think ppl noticed my work, ethic and habits. And I’m pre sure u were talking about my Bayaans in Jamaat in the post right?

Your the first person I’m going to tell you this, I dont like to talk much and stuff, but when it comes to giving Bayaans, leading Namaaz, giving Adhaan…I’m down every time cause this is the stuff that really shows what kind of a person, a person maybe.”


“Alhumdulillaah! Jazakallahu Khairun & Aameen!”

We are always being tested by Allaah, and we always have to try to come on topp! So yes, sorry, just been busy & sick lately, so didn’t have time to post. Also Maaf, I still need to work lots on making my point across without confusing you. But hey, read behind the words, I like my way of writing different. I like to write my posts with stories of before and after, etc. 

Half past 10am, I was enjoying bread & cream cheese (brings back memories from Jamaat; at times, this is what’s enjoyed for breakfast). I’d wish to send for you, if only we could download food, haha, lol! I can’t wait to join all the different Jamaats. Its a feeling that’s not understood without trying it out, its like a fruit you won’t know the taste of it, until you taste it… Say InshaAllah!

“No One Can Motivate You. Until You Motivate Yourself!!!”

When we’re in the 4 walls of our home or Madressa, we do learn a lot, but we can’t practice it fully and preach it until we go out in Allaah’s path, and spread it to others. So I was having my chit chat…. Until I found out the following, I thought I was the only one, but nope I was wrong others also think the same as me that: how amazing is one of my brothers. Ammm, brother, as in cousin brother, maybe younger in age, btw, age is nothing but a number, but can fit perfectly for an elder brother. I take him more than a real brother. He is someone who is always seen with a smile, down to earth, loved by each & every person who has interacted with him. When you need someone to hear you out, msg him… Although sometimes, he is the worst brother when it comes to answering you back, which can be really frustrating, but hey, when he does msg back, you know he is there listening to every word of yours, ready to motivate you and give you a few words of wisdom.

Jamaat is the reason for changing many lives. Its not because they do something to you, its cause Allaah unveils from in front of you the curtains of darkness, He makes you see the reality. Many have became and are becoming Hafiz & Alim, because of spending some of their valuable time, in Jamat, through which Allaah makes their life valuable. I remember when I used to mention to HaafizSaab, become a Hafiz, he would reply in the negative. So keep in mind when Allaah gives Hidayah, its never too late! 

“A Journey Of A 1000 Miles, Begins With A Single Step.”

“It was before Fajr around the 27th Roza (2012), after days of debating with myself, I decided I wanted to become a Hafiz, so I thought, I should tell someone before Shaitan starts changing my mind. Guess who’s the first person I told, that I wanted to go to Madressa?”

“Yo Bhai, I got to tell you something.” ” What bro?” “Yo what if told you I wanted to become Hafiz?” “WHAT!! Im so happy to hear!”

It was none other than our brother AKA, Bhai! My & Your Allaah, had made him sit there in the corner of the Masjid, Tahajjud time, must of been contemplating, whilst in 40 days, in Allaah’s path. “Be careful of what we think of others, for their link with the Almighty, could be much stronger than ours.” Bhai, is the FIRST person to convince him for Hifz. Alhumdulillaah, MashaAllah, he will continuously be rewarded for every good action and for every letter of the Quran, HaafizSaab will utter till Qiyaamah! Aameen, it seems like Bhai has earned JANNAH, Alhumdulillaah.

Let me tell you something, everyone has different characteristics, akhlaaq, etc, but Bhai, is one of a type guy, not much people got qualities like him. He is truly, one of a kind, and its soo true, every person I’d ask, has something good to say about him. Even though he may not realize it, but EVERYONE, especially the family (WSG) L♥√ع him. When you tell him something he will get soo happy and excited, he will never let you down. His qualities are very rare amongst others. When he talks to you, you feel like he is your best friend. He is chill, he goes with the flow. Bhai can adapt to talk to people on their own level. He is a very outgoing, friendly, joyful and sociable person. He is much more than words can explain, you got to be his friend to know him better. 

“Then in the morining during breakfast he told the whole Jamaat that I wanted to go Madressa.” Nonetheless, Other few individuals in Jamaat, also played a role and was like a brother to HaafizSaab in convincing him lot for going to Madressa. May Allaah grant everyone Hidayah, steadfastness & acceptance, Aameen. 

Today people might just take Bhai as a Barber, who cuts hair & does lineups! But tomorrow, may Allaah make it such, that through this profession of his, make him a means of cutting off peoples relations from this world & join them with Allaah, and to motivate others to line up for Salaah. Who knows Allaah will make others see him, and put their trust in him enough to follow his ways of Tableegh. Just the way they trust him to make them look in a different way (cuz of different hairstyles, etc.) and through his clean heart, may Allaah guide many more on the right path. He can surly win the hearts of others, through which, they will listen to him, and go out in this path of Allaah also.

P.S. May Allaah accept you always for His Deen, and make you successful in each and every step of your life, Aameen. Please keep it a habit of remembering me in your Duaas, for surly you’ll always remain in my Duaas. L♥√ع you Bhai for Allaah!