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{18} …Part 9- Am/Pm Duaas [Invocations]

People only see our outer, whereas, Allaah is our only source of peace, who sees the outer & inner. One of my favorite verses: “Ala Bizikrillaahi Tatma Innal Quloob, Verily, in the remembrance of Allaah :SWT:, do hearts find peace/rest/tranquility.'”

“Indeed the land of JANNAH is fertile, so plant your seeds & grow your gardens in JANNAH with Zikr & the remembrance of Allaah…

P.S. The following post is a reminder first to myself than to you. Its not said with any pride, but instead, a lesson for us all. Say InShaaAllaah, and also try to practice on it.


Aaah Choo!… “Alhumdulillaahi Alaa Kulli Haal!” Aaah Choo!… Not once, not twice but I sneezed 7x…crazy, Eish, 1st the neck along with a crazy week of pills than “shame….. Yip strong medication does have many side effects.” It got me eating 3x, knocking me off to sleep, left neck pain, now a sinus-cough & cold along with other sicknesses, with a rising temperature! One test after the other, its like something new everyday, Khair, but do remember, Allaah forgives sins, when a person is sick. InShaaAllaah, May Allaah give complete Shifaa, Aameen. Jazakallahu Khairun for your pious Duaas.

I thought to myself, medication has so many side effects, especially if its really strong. So I decided why not I try praying -Salaah & Duaas. After Maghrib, prayed 2 Nafl, made Duaa, whilst making Duaa, I got soo frustrated because I couldn’t remember one of the Duaas properly. Thereafter, as per Madressa habit, although I slack off at times… so this is my main point of this post, so I can become regular. In Madressa after Fajr & Asr, we would pray our ‘Morning & Evening Masnoon Duaas/Ma’moolaat.’ But again everything can be done in that Maahol/atmosphere without any hard work. The real test is once your out of the 4 walls of Madressa, how much do we continue our regular Ma’moolaat??? Let’s look at ourselves and ponder over it, and make an intention that we will continue. Say InShaaAllaah…!

In an hour, I used up over a dozen tissues, emptying my tissue box, because of a non-stop runny nose & sneezes. However, to Nani, it was different, she felt like I was wasting it, these old people I say, eish, if only she knew.

Quickly I took out my Kitaab; small in size, easy to pray and magnanimous in reward. Its called: “AD DU’A, Divine Help” ‘ written by Ml. Yunus Palanpuri (DB). The English translation of ‘Momin Ka Hathiyar/Weapon of a Believer.’  

Alhumdulillaah, from it, I prayed: •7 Ayaah of Munjiyaat/Invocations to Remove Difficulties •Easy Masnoon/Sunnat Duaas for Evening •Manzil •6 Ayaah for Sakinah/Peace & Tranquility of Mind • & 16 Ayaah for Protection. I left the best to the end which I was looking forward to: •Ayaah for Shifaa/Healing.

-I prayed all the above, blew it on myself & water and drank it, having Yaqeen/ Certainty in Allaah to cure me. To tell you the truth for the next few hours I never sneezed, and not to mention, I think I only used a few tissues… Nani must of been happy. She always says we never used to waste, that’s how we saved up soo much, now you younger generations only know how to waste, and not to save. I love the way old people think, so I tell her ‘Nani look, whatever you saved is what I’m using, so I don’t have to waste money, instead I save it.’ She gives me that look, and we both just laugh! MashaAllah!!!

That wasn’t it, I got this 1 Kitaab from a South African Family Friend Sister, although, I met her in Ta’leem, whilst I was residing in Scarborough in 08′, every other week or so she would make me give 6 Points. Khair, when I graduated from Aalimah, she sent for me this Kitaab as a Hadyah/ Gift. I love it into bits & pieces. Its called: “KEY TO THE TREASURES OF JANNAH/ Miftaahu Khazaa-inil-Jannah.” It has everything that a person needs to pray and do in their daily life. Words fail to explain the beauty of this Kitaab. The amount of reward the compiler and people passing it on to others will get, is nothing but JANNAH. I told the sister who gave me, that truly, you’ve gained JANNAH. I need all of your Duaas, InShaaAllaah, I’m in the process of getting this Kitaab, from India, or South Africa, and InShaaAllaah, either re-publish it/make copies of it, if not then maybe get 100’s of copies to gift to others, if it goes successful. Make Duaa may Allaah fulfill this wish, make everything easy, and May Allaah accept it all with sincerity, Aameen!

Now from this Kitaab, prayed the remaining •Evening Duaas, then I turned the pages, it opened up to: •Munajaate’ Maqbool (Duaas from Qur’an & Hadeeth, compiled of 7 sections-1perday), which I usually pray later, but decided to pray it first. With tears in my eyes, I managed to pray that same Duaa that I was frustrating over whilst making Duaa, “…Yaa Ra oofur oof bi…/O The Kind One! Be kind to me.” Alhumdulillaah, after thanking Allaah, I continued, came across a Duaa, but was confused of the meaning & was too lazy to read the English. I turned back few pages to pray: •Al-Hizbul A’zam (comprehensive, Masnoon brief Duaas-also 1 section per day)….and Allaahu Akbar, the clear meaning of that Duaa was kept there separate just for me, “O Allaah, grant me a protection which is extended to a baby in arms/ O Allaah, I do seek your care as the care is taken of a child” Benefit of it is: This is a mode of making Duaa while expressing one’s extreme helplessness and feebleness…..”

This all explains to us, that Allaah has the answers to every problem of ours, we tend to turn to Dunya, forgetting about Allaah. Whereas, Allaah says to us: ‘Ud’uni Astajib Lakum’ ‘Call unto me, I will respond/ I will give everything you want.’ Thereafter prayed 99 Names of Allaah along with some Miscellenous Zikrs, short but weightest in reward. Wallah, at the end of all this, I felt much better than before. Let’s take a lesson from this all, and don’t despair from the mercy of Allaah. InshaAllah, let’s make a habit of praying & making Duaas in times of happiness & Allaah will help us in times of Distress & difficulties. Aameen.

Note: I hope this post was of benefit to all. I’m sure every home has Kitaabs with Morning & Evening Duaas, make a habit of taking out time after Fajr & Asr. Say InShaaAllaah… May Allaah accept it, with steadfastness, Aameen.


P.S.S- Btw near midnight, it was getting cold & rainy, after Nana went to sleep… I ate a whole bowl of ICE CREAM! Okie, a lil less than a full bowl 😛 I thought Nani would say something; cuz I know you would! But hey, she just smiled & said I’m crazy! That’s why I love her, Alhumdulillaah, MashaAllah!