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{16} …Part 7-Ta’leem then Janazah.

Sunday, as mentioned before, is: “Ta’leem Day”; Alhumdulillah, MashaAllah, I’m always attending the Ta’leem, and noone comes in between us. May Allaah accept it! Subhanallah, today is such a beautiful day, I feel soo rejuvenated, enjoyed my morning soo much! Then I got a phone call from my Mama’s son in Grade 1 -who said he is looking forward to seeing me today. My Mama (moms brother), lives around 3 hours away in the far east end & has 10 kids Mashallah; 6 Boys and 4 Girls. Some becoming Alim, Hafiz and Alima, all along with schooling, and work aswell. Eldest is 20 & youngest is 4. Got the cooking & cleaning done & left for Ta’leem, with Mummy.

Ok, so what’s Ta’leem? Ta’leem (for females) is a one hour gathering, every Sunday, at someone’s house, it keeps changing, only females attend, there is a separate section for those who know Urdu and those who don’t go to the English section. Whereas, Ta’leem in the Mosque is only for Males, which is held daily. In the first halfn hour, 1 sister prays various Ahaadeeth from: Fadhaail-e-A’maal, Fadhaail-e-Sadqaat & Muntakhab Ahaadeeth. The remaining halfn hour another sister gives the 6 Points (to be discussed in later posts). 

When we reached, we were told there will be a Bayaan today. What is Bayaan? Bayaan is a lecture given by a Male Scholar or Worker of Deen, they sit in a differnt area. Alhumdulillah as usual, I set up the Mic and Speaker. I sit in the English Section for Taleem, because at times I read or give 6 points. But when it comes to Bayaan, I sit in the Urdu section with the ladies, not to mention who will stare you down. Khair, I usually jot down the main points in Urdu, or then in English, even if the bayaan is in Urdu. Sometimes I get the opportunity of translating from Urdu to English for the crowd of girls & women, who don’t understand Urdu. Its a great pleasure. 

When the Bayaan started, my mind wandered away, I just got lost somewhere, thinking and praying that one day my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا,’ will also be giving a bayaan, and I’ll be sitting there hearing the words flow out, and then thank Allaah for blessing me with such a person. Inshallah! (ok, come back from cloud 9!)

Today I didn’t put pen to paper, instead I decided I should memorize the points by letting my brain concentrate and process the words of wisdom, and maybe listen not with my ears but with the ears of my heart. It was soo ajeeb the way I was doing this, when I’d hear the sentence in Urdu, my mind would take the gist of it and translate it to English, Alhumdulillah. Many heart touching, and soothing ideas, and stories were mentioned, all relating back to the Qur’an and Ahaadeeth. Alhumdulillah, MashaAllah, I always want to be a student of Knowledge from the cradle to the grave! As its said about Hazrat Colonel (Kernal) Ameeruddin Saahib-DB: that when he passed away on His ID under occupation it was written “STUDENT”. (I’ve mentioned him on my other blog, will post the link/post later)

By the way, we have a Men’s Jamat here from Palestine, and we are soo blessed to be getting a Masturaat/Ladies Jamaat from Zambia. When Mummy told me, I was soo happy, I jumped out of joy, and thought to myself, if only my friends from SouthAfrica would come along, so I can do their khidmat, maybe one day, Inshallah. -Ibaadat Se Jannat Milti Hai, Khidmat Se Khuda Milta Hai/ We get JANNAH by worshiping, and we get Allaah by doing the Khidmat/service of others. {Shaykh Zulfiqar DB} Inshallah I want to go for Masturaat Jamaat with my ‘Prince Charming/ مولانا.’ Never say Never…! Oh Subhanallah! I just found out one ladies jamaat, from England is also here in Canada, and one local ladies Jamaat is also going around. I’m soo excited, can’t wait to spend quality time from them all, Inshallah! (2 B continued…) 


“Some people have passed away, but their character have kept them alive, others are alive, but their character has killed them.”

“We should live in such a way, that when we die if anyone should speak badly of us… noone would believe it.”

At 11:00 am, an elderly Muslim lady/grandma, from around Thailand area or somewhere, who was on life support from before Eid, passed away. “Innaa lillah….To Allaah :SWT: we belong, and to Him :SWT: we shall return.” May Allaah have mercy on her, grant her JANNAH and grant her family patience, Aameen! After Bayaan finished we found out that the Janazah Salaah was going to be at 3:45, we went to the Masjid, they had just given her Ghusl/Bath and the men read Janazah Salaah. Then the women were aloud to see her face, before they took her to the Graveyard.

I personally wanted to see her face, so that I can be reminded of my own death, wrapped in her shroud, there she lay, leaving all her family and friends to weep over her for few days, then back to normal, everyone will forget her. That in reality is what happens, once a person is gone, noone will remember, except those pious slaves of Allaah, who pray and send the reward to those who passed away. Let’s be from amongst those, please pray Surah Iklaas (Qul Huwallaahu Ahad) 3x whole surah, for those who passed away, today we pray for someone, tomorrow, there will be a somebody who will pray for us. 

As I mentioned I went to see her, when I passed by, the hair on my body stood, I paused for a second and thought if I were to die now, what will my state be? Do have good deeds? Or am I full of sins? Let’s ask Allaah for forgiveness. Let’s do good and prepare ourselves, before the time comes, when it will be too late. The wisest are those who keep death frequently in his remembrance and remains ever engaged in preparations for meeting his death.

I was taken back into the year 2000, when me and my classmates used to learn the Qur’an in the evening madressa, in this same Masjid, with this same Imaam. Is that her? Maybe? No? Ok, I’m not sure, let me ask someone! Subhanallah, I went up to her, greeted her and yes it was her! My classmate, whose grandma passed away, I told her “I’m soo shocked & amazed to see you, its been over a dozen years.” I was so excited & happy to see her, but yet again I was sad and felt for her, because it was her grandma who passed away. 

She has moved on, and completed her high school along with her Degree in University. I spoke to her for a bit, encouraging her to come to Ta’leem, we agreed to stay in touch & meet again. Today’s Death, along with meeting my classmate is a big reminder for me, that today its my classmates grandma, tomorrow it could be my grandparents. I’m planning so much for the years to come, but who knows I just might die now. May Allaah make us prepare for our eternal life, and when the time comes, may Allaah make us die with Imaan, and the Kalimah on our lips. May Allaah give everyone Hidaayah, and make these deaths an eye opener for everyone, Aameen.

P.S. Next post will have some points of wisdom from the Bayaan.Z