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{15} …Part 6- HaafizSaabs

“Another Monday Morning

Another Day, Another Dawn

In Madressa Mondays don’t come after a weekend so it doesn’t feel the same. For us, Mondays just another day in the week now” [Family]



The day has gone by, my night has arrived…..and the day will dawn again by you……I wish this post could of been up loaded a day before….but there is always a reason things happen….

Shout outs to my HaafizSaab of WSG -in India…..who’s a year older now, a year closer to death….years have gone by, but I believe this year has been the best for you. You were blessed to be learning the Holy Qur’an on this day of yours. May Allaah always accept you for His Deen. Aameen.

Yes, we don’t celebrate birthdays, but at least we can make Duaas for our brothers and sisters on this day, to wish them the best. The years are melting away, we don’t know how long we’re going to live, we have to take each moment as it comes in the best possible way. This life is but a moment, spend it in the obedience of Allaah. 

We have to thank Allaah for every breath that we take, He has made us live till this day. We have gone through many different stages and phases of life in different parts of the world. Sometimes we may think its too difficult but always remember ‘indeed after hardship comes ease.’ 

We live each day learning about the Dunya, waking up early, rushing to get ready in the best possible way-to look nice, just to go to school -to learn knowledge…nope that’s not knowledge, learning worldly things at school is known as FACTS!!! Learning Islamic Knowledge of Deen is known as Knowledge, which can’t be attained to its highest level until taking admission in an institution. Sacrificing everything that we possibly have, spending money, leaving family & friends, and most of all we have to adjust with the atmosphere, food, people and everything else possible. Then there is the loneliness, and sad feelings of missing family at certain points, missing the AC home, the yummy food that only mum makes, and the fun outings with friends and family!!!!—– Giving up everything For Allaah, then Allaah in return will give you everything not only in this world but in the Hereafter as well. Aameen. 

We live big dreams of becoming a Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, etc. The Dunya is rushing through the mind and heart through every avenue possible, we see people with high degrees earning big stash of dough…. But ask them…..ask them how life is? They will reply to you, they have no peace of mind… That would be the answer of most of these big high status rich people, with the exception of those who have both the Deen & Dunya, than that’s different. By hearing about these big rich people, we want to be like them, we think about being like them, and even worse than that, we speak about earning these degrees, and becoming a millionaire.

Why waste time in this Dunya, earning Dunya; which is temporary….. when we can spend time in institutions for a handful amount of years, to Learn Deen for the Hereafter; which is eternal. The reason of learning Worldly Facts, is to get success ONLY in the world. Where as, we won’t even live here forever, that’s why we learn Deeni Knowledge to be successful in this world & the Hereafter. Don’t hear me wrong, I’m not saying we’re not aloud to go to school, or College or University…no no, don’t get me wrong, next thing you know you go up to your parents and say oh Veiled Princess said I can’t study Worldly Facts, calm down and don’t get happy, you will not be able to drop-out. We can study, especially basics like upto grade 12, to get somewhere in life that’s the least we need. Thereafter, to continue more studies, you can, as long as its in the limits of Shariah, we dress proper, and are modest, with piety and the fear of Allaah, being in these atmospheres in the boundaries of Islam, doing things the right way, then there is no wrong or no harm in studying further. Lest make an intention, as every Deed is judged upon the intention, we will receive the reward of doing an action based on an intention. So make the intention that whatever we will learn, we will try to benefit others and bring them closer to Islam. How do we know, when in the future with these degrees we will face people of all religions, someone, just maybe even ONE individual in your lifetime turns a Muslim- it will be worth it. How do we know when a non-Muslim would look at us, they will get a feeling of Islam, in their hearts, that oh look that’s a Muslim, different than what I thought. May Allaah accept us! Aameen. 

We can not guide anyone, only Allaah is the one who gives guidance. Yes, we can be a means of helping out another towards the straight path, and when Allaah chooses guidance for a person its never far. Allaah is out there everywhere to guide us, we just don’t seem to ask from him.

Allaah makes us hear His blessed words- The Qur’an which is a letter to us, if we want Allaah to talk to us, we just have to open up the Qur’an and there it is, read it, Allaah is talking to us. If we want to talk to Allaah then pray Salaah. Praise Him, pray to Him, and then Beg of Him- surely He doesn’t reject Duaas.

We got inspired by the blessed words/ Ahaadeeth of our beloved Habib Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), we then are struck with the bolt of guidance, that Allaah chooses us to go out in His path- in Tee Jay (Jamat). Than our thinking and all starts to change, not actually change but we become conscious of our point/ maqsad in this world, which is we’re created only to worship Allaah. Our connection becomes strong with Allaah, He puts the love of the Qur’an and Ahaadeeth in our hearts.

3 days are gone, 10 days going by….ahhh 40 days are already done, what, how?? Okie, now we don’t want to continue School, instead let’s go become Haafiz’s……. Yes, my dear readers…. 2 going to be Huffaz- namely my brother and my cousin (sorry I don’t mention names) . Allaah accepted both of them to go out to India, to became Haafiz. Make Duaa for them. 

HaafizSaab -my cousin….. I don’t have words to say for you, except that your one of a kind, your one of those that will truly be an inspiration for others, -not to mention you have already been, at such a young age. A lot of your time is dedicated in your studies -whether Dunyawi or Deeni. Once you hear of something, you have it memorized, in such a way that you have understood it. When you speak you strike the hearts of others, and trust me you probably don’t even know of it. Others are very fascinated by your speech. People don’t know much about you, they think your very quite & don’t speak much with people, if only they knew how blessed of a person you are, they’d, want to remain in your company. May Allaah accept every word you utter for His sake, may it be so acceptable that you can be a means of guidance for others -till Qiyaamah. 

I pray for both of you, that Allaah always blesses you with all the best in both the worlds, may Allaah make you a Haafiz and Alim of Deen, and a flag bearer of Islam, may He make you a guidance for the nations to follow. May Allaah protect you two from every harm, sin, whisper and delusion of Shaitan. May Allaah always keep both of you with well being, and health. May Allaah accept every action of yours with sincerity. May Allaah accept every duaa, fulfill every want and need, and make every wish and dream come true. And may every other duaa be accepted in both your favors. Aameen.

P.S. The Qur’an is full of treasures, every Ayah will be the key to unlocking the treasures. For every Problem there’s a Ayah of the Qur’an. For every question the answers are the Ayah of the Qur’an. The Qur’an softens the heart. Read it in a sweet melodious voice. Qur’an is our Guide. Hold on to it, learn it, memorize it, practice on it, fulfill its rights and it will be a means of our salvation on the Day of Judgment.