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{13} …Part 4-Death


“Subah Hoti Hai…

Shaam Hoti Hai…

Yu He Zindagi…

Tamaam Hoti Hai.”

“Why fall in love with this Dunya when JANNAH is waiting for us.”

“Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Ilayhi Raaji’oon.” 

“To Allaah :SWT: we belong, and to Him :SWT: we shall return.” 

Joburg’ News-Oct/26: “Hazrat Moulana Sulaimaan Ganchi (Rahimahullah Alayh), had returned from Brazil, was Driving to Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Just near Madressa, Moulana had a heart attack or blackout (Allaah knows best), drove into a concrete truck, rolled down the highway into a tree, and became the beloved of Allaah. ‘O Allaah, forgive him, have mercy on him and grant him JANNAH, Aameen.’ “

A sign of Qiyaamah, Ulamaa-e-Kiraam are passing away, one after the other. Truly how we live, will be the outcome of our death. Besides the elderly people, youngsters are also passing away. We’re thinking that they’re leaving too soon, but if only we knew that for everyone there is a specific time, no matter what the age is…. they will only go when the time of death comes, “Every Soul Shall Taste Death.” Today is someone else, tomorrow will be us. May Allaah prepare us for our death, Aameen.  

Lets do a reality check, think about this and ponder over it, the hair on the body will stand. The time of our death has come to us, we are lying there on our deathbed with our family & friends surrounding us. Some reciting Surah Yaseen, others reciting the Kalimah. Our eyes close away from this Dunya, and open up to the reality of the Aakhirah. We see the Angels surrounding us. We lose our vision, tongue, and sensations. But we’re still able to hear our loved ones weeping in grief. All our wealth, cars, bank balances, contacts and connections are of no use now. Our destination is our grave. And we are no longer called by our names, we are referred to as ‘Mayyit/dead body.’ 

Our near ones prepare our grave because they consider it as inauspicious to keep the dead body in the house for too long. The house we lived in shrinks in space for us. We are taken to the mosque for our final bath, whereas our bathrooms fitted with expensive bath fittings is not for us anymore. We are being wrapped in the white shroud for the travel to our grave, our money that we spent on all that clothing is left to be worn by others. Our expensive car and belongings are not for us anymore.

For what then did we amass so many worthless things?

Why did we earn the useless money; if it were to be of no use to us??? We wasted our life in vein. We forgot that our last journey is near and certain, why did we sin so much? Oh! We have lost our game… 

Now stop imagining….. this is going to happen one day to you and me, so let’s get prepared. Good deeds will make this journey and the life of the Hereafter pleasant. 

This world is just a short dream. 

                       It is certain.

                                        It is near.  

(above taken from a forward)…..

“Beware of every hour & how it passes, & only spend it in the best possible way, do not neglect yourself, but render it accustomed to the noblest & best of actions, & send to your grave that which will please you when you arrive to it.”

A Few incidents of those who have reached Allaah, who were beloved to me, and a part of my life….its worth mentioning them.

March 2010, there was a girl who just turned 16. She was speaking to Aapa, whilst saying I can’t wait for the holidays, I’m going to go home, it will be the best time ever -she was looking forward to it, little did we know what she meant. Within a week or so, she had went home—-to JANNAH.. 1st Shaheed/Martyr Student in the history of the 25 years of MMI-Madressa Mueinul Islam, Zak Park. She was a student of knowledge, who passed away, whilst studying Deen, she had a brain tumor or something, (Allaah knows best). How lucky she is. For surely her level in JANNAH and the Prophets is only the difference of one level, because she passed away in the path of Allaah whilst seeking Deen. Subhanallah!

2010-Whilst in Madressa, had a strange dream of 3 people passing away, there were 3 graves. It kept haunting -that who must it be. Few days later, got a phone call saying one old lady who was from Burma; a family friends mom, quite elderly, passed away, I used to always go visit her & take her Duaas, especially when I was leaving for South Africa. And the second was a grandfather (Aunts father) who passed away, who used to play with me when I was a kid. The third….don’t know.

October 10, 2012- our classmate of Zambia passed away, due to dehydration. Subhanallah, how beloved she was to Allaah, that after receiving the sanad/certificate of Aalimah in this world, Allaah gave her the certificate of JANNAH. I don’t know of anyone who was more dedicated to her studies. Whenever I was confused about something, or if I never knew something, I used to ask her, and without any hesitation she would right away help me. She was always worrying about her studies, she would stress so much. How maasoom/innocent she was, she had so much piety, and very god-fearing. Mashallah. Allaah accepted her, she was so loved by others, and just the best example of a true friend. I was suppose to give her a copy of my 6 points booklet, but Allaah decided otherwise, that the booklet aswell as her 6 points book, I somehow, found it in my suitcase, and couldn’t find it when I was supposed to give it to her.

In July 2012, I found out that Chota Uncle passed away of South Africa. I cried out a puddle of tears, it seemed like my heart was crying, and still till this day, thinking of him makes me cry. He was not only my uncle but he was more than a father, who used to take care of me as his own daughter if not more. He used to be the first person to come to Madressa to pick me up on Sunday’s and holidays. He used to take me shopping, take me out to eat, and he even took me for a 5 day tour by bus, to Durban, Port Shepstone, and Kokstad. Subhanallah, he was soo energetic, and did everything in a quick pace. For example, we literally would have to walk fast, more like run to catch up to him. He was soo pious aswell, in Sha’baan, he passed away. There is noone in the world that I’ve met who’s like him. He did everything beneficial for everyone that he knew of, especially his family. He traveled over 17 different countries, except Canada and America, & he loved South Africa the most…..where he breathed his last….. I always make duaa for him that ‘O Allaah just the same way he gave me shelter in his home whilst I was studying in your path, give him what he deserves -a place in the highest stages of Jannatul-Firdous, and grant Sabr to his family, Aameen.’   

I can still remember Dec, 9,2012- when, Hazrat Abdur Rahman Motala (RA) of Zambia, passed away, but for some odd reason I wasn’t told of it till 3 months later. I cried when I found out, and was like why wasn’t I told??? He was related to me somehow (cuz all Gujis are related), he would sometimes stay over. He taught me Mishkat Sharif in 2004 on Saturdays. He wanted me to do Alimah in South Africa, and Subhanallah I completed from there. One day I remember he had stayed over in Summer at my house, when I woke up in the morning I was itching because of so many mosquito bites….his voice still heard in my ears, he said a poem something to the effect:

“You are soo sweet that not only humans love you but even mosquitoes love you. You and your blood both are sweet, that’s why they’re biting you, and be careful because of your sweetness don’t let others take advantage of you.” 

Sept, 3, 2013- Abba Jaan-My Sheikhul Hadith Hazrat Moulana Yaqub Randeri (RA) who taught me Tahawi, Tirmidhi and Bukhari Sharif…in Madrassah Mueinul Islam (Zak Park, South Africa) became the beloved of Allaah. (more about him in a later post)

P.S. A sincere request for all to pray, Surah Iklas atleast 3x for those who passed away…. Whenever you have time try to do the following, but atleast first say Inshallah and make the intention, Jazakallahu Khairun. If today we will pray for someone then tomorrow, Allaah will make a person pray for us, when we die.

•Pray the 4 Quls

•Laa Ilaaha Illallah

•Surah Yaseen

•Pray Surah Mulk 

•Pray 2 Nafl

•Take out Sadqah

•Make Duaa

A duaa for all those who have passed away;

•May Allaah moisten the soil for them and may Allaah make JANNAH their destination/abode.

•O Allaah forgive them & have mercy on them & make them enter into JANNAH 

•O Allaah save them from the punishment of the grave & the fire

•O Allaah fill their graves with Noor 

•O Allaah make their Qabr a garden from the gardens of JANNAH •O Allaah grant them the highest stage of JANNAH 

•O Allaah grant their families patience- Sabre-Jameel and Ajre Adheem-great rewards. Aameen, Yaa Rabbal Aalameen.

REMINDER: I’m sure we all do, but just a qucik reminder, send whatever good we do/pray as Eesaale-Thawab…..send all the reward of it to all those who have passed away.

May Allaah allow us to prepare ourselves to this journey to Him!