Alhamdulillah to our creator for granting recovery & cure to one of Allah’s beautiful creation….!!

We are told that the world’s beauties often lies buried under mountains, deep in oceans, and behind the VEILS of Women. All precious metals need to be mined. The most expensive pearls lie shelled in the deepest seas, and the most gorgeous of Muslim Women are VEILED!

———»»»» ««««——–

Therefore, once again I can say:

Welcome! ”Ahlan Wa Sahlan” to my Blog!

“Veiled Princess”


———»»»»» ««««———

Feeling much, much better, All praise is to Allaah, thereafter, Jazaakallahu Khairun for all your precious Duaas. Now I decided to continue my blog on wordpress.com! My blog is up & running. ((Start reading from the bottom to the top; {01} …Part 157 then {02} …Part 156… {03}, etc.))

-will post on it daily, if not then whenever I get a chance. Just keep on refreshing, lol!

BTW, I got to say I’m LUVIN’  the responses I’m getting… A warm Jazakallahu Khairun to all… Here is some feedback I’d like to share:

“Wow went through the mails. They all make an interesting & captivating read!”

“You wrote a good joyful post.”

“Wooow a Blog!” “Mashallah” “Ahhhhh, I loved reading this.”

“That was very enjoyable to read.” “Your blog looks really good.” “Sounds very interesting.” “May Allah increase ur knowledge.”

“I was hooked on once I started reading it…..I hav lyk a million questions, u telling us really interesting stuff……. n wen da really juicy bit comes u don’t say anything!!!!!!!!!! Da suspense is killing me!”

“I cant wait for the next ones.. I’m really excited & happy that u decided on doing this. Please, u better continue, Can’t wait!! :D”


…Part 157- my 1st blog post was written on October 10th, 2013. 

So we came down from Part 157-150, I want to be a little different from the other blogs, now I started from 0/Zero & I’ll continue till end of 149. I’m not planning to do more than 157 at the moment, but we will see, let me fill in these first. Whenever I get married I might stop blogging, so I was told: “Then u can write a separate different blog after u get married; Next chapter of ur life.” Its called free writing & that’s why its a blog and not a book. You never know maybe one day down the road, I might turn it into a book. As I was told regarding my blog: “That isss tooo dope, they’re sikkk! I swear I’ll always read yur blogs. And if yu ever write a book shotty buyin the first one!”

As I mentioned I want my blog to be different from the others, it still needs a lot of work on it, especially the spelling, and the flow of ideas. As a matter of fact, when I do spell check, some words are not even in my dictionary, so to make my life easier, I just click the option button and then click on “Add to Dictionary” lol. Bicharo Phone, I’ve got it for almost 3yrs now, I shall keep it in my treasure box as a memory, when its completely dead! ‘Old is Gold’ its been with me in every situation & phase of life -well, since 3yrs & we shall blog together about it too! lol.

Sometimes I think that its a waste of time, so whenever your free, and bored, then just read it. I don’t want my posts to be formal, I want it to be some what slang and fun to read in different formats. Sometimes lengthy posts as well. I want to write in such a way that it can be visualized. It is a diary but I’m not writing in the order that the events took place, or in a specific way as other bloggers, but I want it to be my way, just something different than the norm. So either you read it or get off of it…lol, just kidding, ok I’m not that mean, please stay on it, give me your feedback, and I’ll try to compromise.  

“As a good writer we should be able to take criticism, to make us stronger.”

I’m open to comments & opinions, well, we use the comments section -to comment. Plz don’t be desi and use it for other things, other than its right use. Sorry not answering questions….keep reading on. ‘Key point: read behind the words.’ You might get confused at some places, but you have to wait & find out what’s next; its called suspense. As the time goes by I’ll get the hang of writing better & I’ll improve, but hey, I’m writing for my own self, and for others who want to read, I’m not writing for something soo professional. Its supposed to be a means of a stress reliever for myself. 

You can laugh whilst reading it, because its funny & your suppose to laugh, but laughing otherwise, well…I’m not really bothered about what others say, because we can’t make everyone happy. Honestly, people will always have something to say. Its already chowing my brain, every now & then I’m thinking about what I should write. 

“Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire!”

Its not only about me as mentioned few times before, I want that at the end of every post each individual can learn a lesson, or a moral or 2, can learn from the mistakes, or even just pick & choose a few characteristics, or have a zeal for doing a certain Islamic action. I just don’t want to type away, without benefiting others, than there is no point, it would be a waste of time for us all. From my blog there are many things to learn, its all from experience, all these things had happened in reality. Here & there I’ll post some interesting facts, articles, etc, whatever is relevant to the topic. So basically my blog is everything that I’ve been thru in my whole life!!! Till today’s time, all the different experiences, places & people I’ve met & came across.     

Hopefully, my blog will have some really nice things. Many nice people who have left a memory in “The Journey Of A Girl In Quest Of Knowledge,” will be mentioned; don’t worry no names will be used. Its an amazing feeling when you read something and when you can actually relate to it. Then you’d really want to continue your read, as well as I’d love to continue my blog. I was told:

“I feel like I relate a lot to you!  The way ur personality is. How u look at people and everything, Loving, Caring.”

I don’t have much time to write, whatever moments I get I blog, just really busy, its fast to type, but to make the ideas flow out proper it takes long. But I guess people are demanding for more posts, so I have to try to spend more time on my blog. I need to be in peace, whilst listening to Nasheeds (sometimes I post what I’m ‘Listening To…’), and first of all, I need to be in the mood of bloging. I usually just jot down all the tiny bits of facts/ideas & everything that comes to mind, whenever or wherever I am, then I elaborate on it. Other times I just sit there with my lips zipped and let my fingers type away… 

P.S. So Now u have to be careful at what you say and speak it will become a part of de blog….next thing you know I’d be saying to you:

“Hey, I feel like this convo of ours shud be a part of my blog.”