• This is an amazing way to start off Part O-N-E , we plan, & Allaah Plans & He is the best one who Plans. I was not going to write this post, I was going to write something else but ended up sharing my painful story!!!

    “….where art thou…?”

    Words are such that they can make a person or break a person…Our friend is one who mentions Allaah to us in our presence, and us to Allaah in our absence. A strong person knows how to keep their life in line, with tears in their eyes, still manages to say: ‘NAH, I’m FINE!’

    Took a pain killer, got knocked out for 2 hours, all of a sudden woke up with severe pain in my neck, it was getting worse & worse. Then I was told I should get my neck checked by a doctor who can stabilize me, because I couldn’t just leave it like that, I couldn’t stay in soo much pain. This is when I wish to have ‘Prince Charming / مولانا’ right by my side to ensure to do his best for me, a shoulder to cry on, a nice massage, a soothing word, etc…My heart is also aching for you to be here.. I can’t swallow anything, talk, sit, lie down or even walk; whereas when I do, everything pains, its like soo much pressure in my neck! 

    I decided to call up my doctor:
    Secretary: “Oh, Miss Veiled Princess what are you coming in for?”
    Me: “I can’t move my head, neck is killing me.”
    Secretary: “Ok, you see, doctor is almost done for the day, I can book you for Tuesday.”

    Man! What in the world, I feel so paralyzed and here she wants me to wait for 5days! Forget going to the docs. Nowadays, some of these, docs, nurses, etc. don’t really care much about others, I was thinking I just might die today. So I waited till nana got back from Jum’ah, it seems like time just won’t pass, they say the last moment takes the longest to past. Especially when your waiting for someone or something, you just wait & wait. And guji people they come on their ‘DST -Desi Standard Time’ basically they tell you the time and you just have to add at lest half n hour to 1 hour.

    Nana: (in guji, with that painful look on his face) “Oh poor girl, does it hurt a lot, did u take a pain killer, did you massage oil and balm on it.”
    Me: “Jee, I did all that and much more, I put everything possible I found on it, but nothing is helping.”

    When sick or in some difficulty we tend to remember Allaah, & do everything possible..I mean its a good thing, but we should remember Allaah at all times. When we are sick we should always still remain steadfast on everything we used to do, and ensure to do it no matter how much pain there is. Especially, we have to be conscious of our Salaah, pray 2nafl Hajat, take out Sadaqah, pray Surah Yaseen, and best of all make duaa, and tell others to also make for you, who knows, because every time we rectify our thoughts, Allaah will rectify our circumstances. And every time we wish good for someone else, goodness will come to us from where we did not expect.

    Ish, whilst nana was driving every bump on the road made my vein in my neck bump. It felt like a rubber, u pull it then let go, or the ripple effect. Sadly, Urgent Care was closed & we went to walk-in clinic-closed, then I ended up at the hospital, after 7 years! The last time I went was in Bowmanville, I had a really bad high fever and cough, and couldn’t even walk because my whole body was weak.   

    I registered myself, then the nurse interrogated me for like 7mins.. She checked my weight, couldn’t believe it, finally I’m actually back to the same weight I was 4yrs ago. Not to mention that I gained more than 10 pounds when I went to SA, can’t miss out on their yummylicious food!

    Nurse: “On the scale of 1-10 (10 being worst) what’s your pain like”
    Me: “9!” 
    Nurse: “…and if u were told to move around” 
    Me: “l0, ish, I can’t move my head”
    Nurse:  “Ok, I’ll put you on priority, we will call you in shortly” 

    “Shortly!” I was getting all happy, when I ended up sitting for more than 2 & a half hours, went through 3 different nurses. Finally got called in, I sat on the bed.
    Nurse: “Explain what happened”
    Me: “I woke up more than 34hrs ago, to a pain in my neck, because of which I can’t move my head…OUCH!!.”

    I was still explaining, when she stood up and touched my neck, I yelled, and felt like strangling her.

    Nurse: “look, up, up, more up, ok now down, right left, left LEFT!”
    Allaahu akbar, I was in soo much pain.
    Me: “I can’t”

    She took my head and was trying to turn it. She took some sort of machine and checked my neck… She left, few mins later she came back she said my muscle is tensed, I’ve got a muscle pull, and there is inflation in one of the veins… So now I have to take drugs, lol I mean medicine 6 in a day-1 for inflation so it can get better & second a very strong pain killer, when I take these 2, 3x a day, I get knocked out to lala land! Also I have to go for physiotherapy and massage therapy, but ish it is soo expensive, you know after all. I am a Guji. We do it the Indian way, put balm on, chinese oil and use a heat bag you know heat up the water and put it in the red heat bag…desi all the way!!! 

    I went for a dawat few hours later, and I was teased soo much, just cuz I couldn’t move my head. then one aunt she massaged some balm on, and being a typical guji, ‘Maa’ she used a VELAN on my neck, now I felt like it was paining more, the vein would keep pulling, it would kill. The best was the heat bag, it felt soo good. Khair Alhumdulillah, I’m feeling better, still in loads of pain, but its said when we get sick Allaah forgives our sins & accepts every duaa of ours. As said: Lifes tough handle it with prayer! This is why we are told in a hadeeth to take 5 before 5- one is good health before sickness. 

    I’m So Drained Out Right Now! And to make things clear, NO, it didn’t happen because of blogging. Allaah just is testing me, so I can become a stronger individual, Inshallah! Thursday, Friday & Saturday…were the painful days! Indeed after hardship comes twice the ease. These days are worth remembering, I didn’t just blog this to express my pain but I felt like let me share, so we can all learn that let’s try to do as much as good as we can, just in case (may Allaah save us) we get sick tomorrow, then we will regret we didn’t do much yesterday, thank Allaah every moment for good health, we never know what’s coming next .. May Allaah not give this pain to anyone else. Aameen!

    Remember me all your pious duaas! And Jazakallaahu khairun, to all who have care about me soo much &  made duaas for me from their heart, may Allaah accept all your duaas, always. Aameen.