“Taqabbalal Laahu Minnaa Wa Minkum 
(‘May Allah accept it from us and you’)!”
“EID-ul-Adhaa Mubaarak!”

May Allaah accept our Sacrifices, Worship & Duaas, Aameen!

*What is the correct way of giving EID greetings?
“Jubair bin Nufair (RA), who said: The Companions of the Prophet (SAW) used to, when they met on the day of ‘Eid, say to each other: Taqabbalal Laahu Minnaa Wa Minkum. (‘May Allah accept it from us and you.”)’.”

*What to do when meeting another on the Day of Eid?

“Make sure don’t mention me on your blog, don’t expose me, hahaha, don’t even think about doing that, unless, unless something good….”

So long topic cut short– regarding saying Jumu’ah /Jummah Mubaarak is Bid’ah and hugging is also Bid’ah/Innovation.
“Aisha (RA) narrates that Zaid ibn Harisah (RA) came to Medina (to meet The Prophet (SAW)), and at that time The Prophet (SAW) was staying in my house. Zaid (RA) came and knocked at the door. The Prophet (SAW)  went out to meet him (hurriedly), trailing his cloak, and embraced and kissed him.” (So its Sunnah to do the above, at all occasions)

So I’m suppose to make this nice and CLEAR:
“Basically, that Hadeeth is absolutely fine, amm… There is nothing wrong with hugging after meeting someone after a long time. The problem is HUGGING at the time of Eid and at the time of Nikah!! Is THAT the occasion to hug? Because that’s when generally people confine their hugging to. The concept of hugging after meeting someone after a long time with love, etc, etc, there is no problem in that, okie! Only ishkaal is Eid Time.” {Btw the above is also mentioned something to the effect in “Fatawa Rashidiyah P138”}

“Same as hugging on occasions such as Eid and Nikaahs! Darul Ifta, Azadville says its Bid’ah, to say Jummah Mubaarak..So we do say Jummah Mubaarak, here in Canada, England, America, we do it for love, but we shouldn’t do it so much that tomorrow the Salafi shall point a finger towards us, so we have to be careful who we send it to.” 
-This is what I was told!

8:05am: ‘Eid Namaz will be at half past 8’ Allaahu Akbar! How I’m missing Eid in South Africa
“….shame insha Allah, soon u will be come a citizen of S.A….!!!” -I was told… 
Aww how I wish…khair I can still hear Sheikh Suleman Moolla’s voice giving khutba, few streets away on the radio in the plain field of South Africa, in 09′ and 10′! Here in Canada, nothing is live, its like not even Eid. There is soo much we miss out on. Yea, except those very few out of the thousands who actually do Qurbani here, they really lucky! Eid is Finished in Saudi Arabia along with England (except the Brelwis), India and South Africa…we just got left behind. Here all these Africans and Indians are making the Canadians feel jealous…why just because they got all the fresh meat to eat, the yummy biryani and Lekker Braii! Hey Inshallah, Allaah will also give us the reward for our far away Qurbani. 

So me being the funny one after soaring my hands out typing about the Bid’ah part- went up to nana n greeted him with a hand shake and hug… I’m sure no salafis are in my house. 😀 Khair, Today is a ‘HOT LINE’ and also nana was doing his traditional calls to India and Toronto to Family & Friends saying EID MUBAARAK… something worth mentioning nana called his mama (His moms brother) remember this he is the reason why nana is in Canada! He is 93 years old, weak eyesight and hearing yet he has the strongest memory, after recognizing nanas voice he asked about my mom and ME!!! Wallah, how happy I got, that, Subhanallah! He remembered and asked about me, its because I always make sure when we at Thorncliffe, there is no way that I won’t go visit him. The one question he never seems to forget to ask is “Beta when are you going to get married?” May Allaah bless him always and make the rest of his years easy for him with health, and keep him happy! Aameen.

* What is the most special thing of this EID day?
‘Qurbaani’ in Urdu derived from the Arabic word ‘Qurban’ which means “an act performed to seek Allaah’s good pleasure” I’ve heard it soo beautifully from our local Mufti Saahib last Eid “Qurbani means to a have a spirit of total submission of Sacrificing something that you love for someone who you love, irrespective of how much you love it” Nowadays, Qurbani is confined to the sacrifice of an animal slaughtered for the sake of Allaah, which is a form of worship.

* Why can’t EID be a day of Festival just like how the Christians, have their Festivals, with holidays?
-Ish, people just love to debate with me, when they know ill get to the depts of it. In a country like Canada, its sad how students go to School, Colleges and University’s even on EID day, oh and not to mention, they go to work also! Whereas in a Hadeeth its mentioned something to the effect that there are 2 festivals of a Muslim; namely both the EID. So on these 2 occasions a Muslim should celebrate it with family and friends, enjoy, appreciate and make shukr/thanks to Allaah for such a blessed day. But sadly, in today’s era, in this Zamaana, and atmosphere we in we have to follow others, and go with the norm. My bro went today too to Babar college! Hehe, he is becoming a ajhem, people speak soo much, and yet still come to him for a hair cut! ….The worst was when I was told by my Bichari Sister (in Islam) that today she has a midterm exam at 8am, May Allaah make her pass with flying colors. Aameen. Same with work, bichare, I only feel for those who have no choice but to go to work on Eid, but hey those who can take a day off then why not take it, and celebrate! May Allaah give us all Hidaayah, Aameen.

*So how is EID spent in Canada in my family?
Ammm, nothing special, you wake up Brothers go to the masjid to pray Eid salaah- many are Jumma to Jumma or Eid to Eid- again we are no one to judge! And most times the women are preparing frozen Gosht Biryani, and girls just might still be in bed, like I called my cousin today at like 9ish and she was sleeping! Like really! This is how it is, then we get ready and make our rounds to each families house, and night is pot-luck Dinner at one of the homes! For me, morning at nanas till evening then I join the Dinner! Pretty Boring! Yet we have fun chit-chatting away! Anyways maybe I should just enjoy it for now, cuz when I’ll get married, who knows if ill be able to join in or not!

“Spend each day better than the one gone by.”
Listening to: “Baarakal llaahu Lakuma”

I’ll be posting more later today, down memory lane of Eids! Keep checking and have a blast Eid!

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