Happy Birthday to you…
You live in a Jungle…
You look like a Monkey…
And smell like one too…
Lol.. Can anyone guess who’s birthday it is..he is living in a Jungle right now according to the typical Guji ppl! ‘Kaarya loko Maari laak hai’ only thing they don’t realize is that people are killing each other in every county. Khair! Yes, we don’t celebrate birthdays, but just on a fun notion we tend to remember and send our duaas,etc… So brother on the other side of the globe-its 6pm here so 12am-OCT 16, in South Africa!!!…yes none other than Hafiz and in less than 3yrs time Moulana then maybe Mufti (who knows) Momla- who is 19 now! -hey for some reason I have this very distinctive LBlack heart (cards)√ع  for people who are Mufti. (We will come to it later)..so Momla bhai… We know that your never here on your birthday, but just enjoy your lekker cakes, and desserts on our behalf too, especially since its EID! On behalf of the family, especially WSG: I’d like to wish you all the best in both the worlds, and may Allaah grant all your wishes & dreams and fulfill all your duaas. And give u a bo haari rupaari poiri, Ameen! Have an amazing day!

Day: “Sunday”-, which means ‘Taleem Day’- 1hr every Sunday; nothing comes between me and Taleem, I don’t remember the last time I missed it…oh wait, that day I went to Toronto with nana & family when I met that aunty who has the same name as my mummy…very much freaky! And although knowing who she was I asked my Cousin who they were, who laughed and said “___________’s parents, btw he still wants to get married to you!” Was the reply I got…so yea it was someone’s parents who’s family wanted me to get married to him, which I never even knew of, and my family had already declined it; because he wasn’t Haafiz or Alim. Who he was & is…??? Sorry don’t want to mention names…oh btw so speaking about names…and wait the time before this Sunday I missed Taleem a year ago on Oct 7…why??? (don’t ask but I love remembering dates,TBC)

Ok so speaking about names, I went Taleem and Subhanallah, sometimes when your not in the mood of stuff, Allaah just gives you that hope and brings out that smile, so on the way there it took like 10mins, was raining-which in fact is Rahmah/Mercy of Allaah descending, therefore, any duaa that’s made is always accepted, so without the lips moving was making duaa from my heart, wishing for ‘Prince Charming’…-Whoever he is, wherever he is…..all I can say is that I need to take my nanis VELAN (rolling pin) which she makes roti with and hit him hard…and say “WHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE YOU…??? WHAT TOOK YOU SOO LONG???”

Khair, so I was making duaa, meanwhile, we reached, the house sister told me to pray from the kitaab; even though it wasn’t my turn, so I felt special. As I prayed Durood while opening the kitaab- key point to remember, whenever your in a gathering and you have to discuss regarding an issue, give a speech, 6 points, or merely even praying from the kitaab, what we should do, is pray Durood Shareef even as short as (Salallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) a few times and then start speaking or open up the kitaab and whatever page its on pray from there, and Inshallah, Allaah will make you speak out with your tongues that which is relevant to the people who is being addressed to. Subhanallah! Its sooo amazing, Allaah will make us speak out those things that will not only make us but even the one in front of us happy. 

When soo many beautiful names are mentioned of the Sahabah and pious predecessors, they all just run through your mind and you think and wonder what is the name of my مولانا ? Then you start praying on the poems of the Ishke-Ilaahi (love of Allaah) amazing words can’t even explain, we thinking only males were so pious but nay, the women were as pious as any other, they say “behind every great man is a women” these women were madly in love with Allaah, who use to find ecstasy whilst uttering the name of Allaah, and here I was, shame fantasizing مولانا’s name! Some names just seemed to stand out more, as in I’d be saying certain names more often, I read from 5 different sections and from there 3 had the same name! Can that be مولانا’s name? So I thought to myself what non-sense, I’d rather make duaa, because at the end of the gatherings duaas are accepted. So I made duaa that Oh Allaah, I feel like these are all signs for me, but you the best of planners, whoever he is grant him to me soon! Ameen! And the best part was the 4th time I heard the name out of the mouth of the person who I’d always think had been opposing me with her master intelligence, seemed like I could never get the name out of her mouth, but Allaah made it come out! Sometimes I get into this imagination world, and imagine things, maybe I was just daydreaming? Let’s wait and see what the name was!

Day 6: A Dozen Followers…compared to 3 on Day 1! I actually wanted to stop writing for my blog, but people just won’t let me, “Yip very interesting…”…is what I was told, so because of this, I’ll continue. Now just debating of what should be the name of my blog. Here are some suggestions, email me back your thoughts, whether any of these, or mix and match the names or give your own, so here they are. Get back to me ASAP: