October 2013, ’12, ’09, ’08, ’06…This month is filled with soo many memories. Ok, so let’s get back to the 1st topic of the blog— preview let me just make this post sweet & simple to the point, hey I’ll try, no promise…okie never mind I take my words back, just too lazy to delete it….

In life we go through a lot of phases & steps which makes us a better and stronger individual. If your a social individual you’ll end up meeting 1000’s of individuals, as I have, but that’s if your one of those who is always sweet and willing to make conversation. For those of you who know me, I think I’m one of those who can go up to any random aunty and start a conversation which ends up getting me into trouble, in no time she will ask ‘beta, tu kitla warah ni chai,’ then I realize oh no HIDE.

One thing I detest a lot is when people judge others, even in Islam and as being a Muslim we are prohibited from doing such actions, instead we should give the opposite person 70 excuses before judging. Let’s retaliate ourselves and bring this 70 excuses rules in our life Being judgmental is not me, as I mentioned I’ve met totaling of over 1000’s if not more individuals from a different range of Kids, Students, Friends, Teachers, Peers, Elders, Workers, Auntys-old & young, etc.  YES! As an individual I love analyzing the person in front of me, after I meet anyone I try to figure out their character, & figure of speech, see how they were dressed, their behaviors, actions etc, I take all this into consideration and I assess myself as to what I’d like to have inside of me, and what things should I avoid to have in me. Likewise, we strive to become a better person as a whole. We should learn from others mistakes. Every person we meet should get us closer to Allaah, a true friend will make our Imaan rise, we should take benefit of every person we come across; whilst in return our friendship should benefit them in some way or the other.

With all that said… I’ve become this certain person with characteristics all combined from others after going through struggles, afflictions, adversity’s, trials & tests…Over the journey of my life I’ve had joined flocks of sisters for ‘Tee Jay’ all over the country… in different Madressa’s from Cambridge- Etobicoke- Bowmanville- Scarborough- South Africa..this traveling was only for the sake of Allaah on a quest of Religious Knowledge… We’ll be going though each phase… “It’s very easy to please Allaah but we humans don’t realize, that’s why Allaahs punishment is coming everywhere, and he is taking the souls of those individuals, in these blessed days.” Mama said.

….I will walk you through the market of characteristics of those certain individuals who’s characteristics are worth being sold in the market more than the others, and we should go and purchase it for eternity. Subhanallah! I’ve met soo many beautiful women out there who are worth speaking about, they should really go out & speak, Allaah has bestowed them with amazing qualities. So beautifully said that in Jannah we will have markets of features…as in we will walk in and we will be shown different types of faces-shapes, and we can choose whatever we want to look like from the eyes to nose to hair to color of each, etc. Inshallah, but let’s make our character worth our entry into Jannah.

…..It’s going to start from 1900’s or somewhere after that. So I need to go to each member of our parliament (family-uncles&aunty’s) and interrogate them like I’m the FBI- not for the criminal crime..but regarding their history that made them criminals…to the extent that they can’t even remember their own birthday!!! Like seriously…how will you expect your grandkids to know your name. Simple I only wanted just the basics: name, birthday and parents names- and their birthday if remembered… When I asked the WSG to do it..they FLOPPED…Jee, in other words FAMILY TREE…

….”SAMOOSA RUN” ever heard of that….???
The Journey of a girl in quest of knowledge & then Lo√ع ..the second part Lo√ع its when you have a whole checklist of requirements of how this ‘Prince Charming’ / ‘مولانا’ has to tick in! Maybe he has to be brought forward from the back of my mind, from around a dozen years ago! Btw…your in for it, big time….thob tari waat thai. You know who I’m talking about from the WSG! …do you remember this:
“Stop waiting for Prince
Charming. Get up and
find him. The poor
idiot may be stuck in a
tree or something.”
– Jul/19/1:10am

…Some very special dreams will be shared…btw, 6th Sense is kicking in…WSG, don’t tell me I never warned u…I’m scared & afraid…hopefully everything goes well…when I think about it the hair on my body stands! Who is it? May Allaah make everything easy. Ameen!

…..This much is enough for you to wander away in the “Diary Of An Overworked Canadian Guji Gal!” Stay updated…the blog will be up & running shortly in no time! 

Date: Oct/13/13