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I don’t only want to use my blog for my self but instead to help each individual out towards success and our eternal destination….

“Sail on the Ship of Da’wah,
Anchor in the Harbour of Jannah,
If we don’t meet in this world,
Then we will meet in this future Address:
‘P.O. Box 786
7th Heaven'”

“It’s Cost…
Reading with Understanding.
It’s Value…
Putting it’s Contents into Practice.
It’s Price…
Preserving it for Future Reference.”

Very emotional LBlack heart (cards)√ع story:
Ek Bakri Ne Bakre Se Kaha:
“I Love You”
Bakre Ne Kaha:
Kya Faida
Ab To Eid Aane Wali Hai….

Therefore, since only few days left till Bakra Eid/ Eidul-Adha, I decided let me share this…. Alhumdulillah, ﷲ enabled me to comprise this Hajj Article from various different articles..If you have already read it, then you don’t need to..just the jist of it is this..
1) Let’s worship Allaah more in every way possible
2) Every fast is sunnah from 1st-8th, and reward will be past 1yrs sins will be forgiven
3) For those doing eid on WED…fasting on Tues will be mustahab/preferable (niyyah) and it will be a means of forgiveness for 1 yrs past & 1yrs coming sins…let’s try to fast, say Inshallah! 
4) Day before eid pray 4th Kalima & make duaas
5) Pray takbeer (see below 4 details) from 9th (day bfor eid) to 13th so for 5days after every fard salah
6) Follow the Sunnahs of eid…

So why do we miss this golden opportunity? Seize the chance NOW and expose ourselves to His Divine Generosity and Mercy, ask Him to forgive us and guide us and set things aright. He will surely listen.

{Attached is the Hajj Article}